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Face-Up Cards Only: The Mumbad Const. Co. Story


Stimhack needs a dislike button…


Would a similar agenda suite to Foodcoats work here? Except replace ABT and Vitruvius with Oaktown and the new public agenda.

And why can’t you just Rez an agenda to make it face up?


Rulebook Page 8: “Agendas cannot be rezzed and are only active while in a score area.”


Hypothetical Next Weyland ID:

Trump Towers: We’re gonna make Weyland great again
Install all agendas faceup

“Govt takeover for the win”


10/10 would make Weyland great again


Trump Towers should make the Runner pay for barrier rezzes but I digress. All agendas faceup sounds like a neat idea and I honestly suspect there’s going to be some sort of support for that.


Going back to the subject of the rez status of agendas because it gets a bit fiddly with the public ones.

From page 12: The Corporation’s installed cards have two play states: rezzed, which means that the card is faceup and active, and unrezzed, which means that the card is facedown and inactive

Public agendas are neither unrezzed (as they are faceup)
nor rezzed (because agendas cannot be rezzed)

Hence Leela cannot bounce a public agenda


Removing the Trump bit, I’d love to see that in the game. Could be really interesting, and really fits Weyland. Just needs a bit more support.


triple dedicate an mcc behind a woodcutter (extra jank points for sourcing them via a localised product line), smile at your credit pool and then at your hand and say come at me bro.


Oh yeah, you could dedicate it. Cool!


Or Shipment from Kaguya.

It’s a little more fiddly since you’d need a Mumbad Construction Corp pre-installed, but Shipment from Kaguya becomes like an in-faction Biotic Labour. (Biotic and advance twice is six credits and one click; rez MCC, Shipment from Kaguya onto an agenda and MCC and then switch the counter to the agenda is also six credits and one click.) In return for the fiddliness you get to keep an MCC hanging around afterwards.

Of course, if this was your plan for the turn, you would rez MCC at the end of the Runner’s turn, getting a token on it already and enabling you to fast advance four-cost agendas for nine credits total (Project Atlas with a counter is a four-cost agenda!).


You cannot use Shipment From Kaguya to put advancement counters onto MCC, because MCC cannot be advanced.


Hmm, yeah. Scratch that then!


So I’ve thought about this, and I think it’s bad still. Scoring 4/2s is so awful - especially when they do nothing.

Give me an agenda that does something when I score it and I’ll look at this card again.


Are you saying you don’t hate yourself enough to slam out Corporate Sales Team for almost as much money as it’ll make you?


if im gonna 3 card combo agendas into play I would rather do it with yellow.

edit: re-named the topic for clarity.


Psh, good cards? Weyland isn’t allowed to have those. That’s why anyone’s talking about this thing.


It is kind of weird that the first two cards that support the use of public agendas - Dedication Ceremony and MCC - effectively blank their text. Obviously, there are balance reasons for that (for example, Hollywood Renovation would be stupid otherwise), but it is a design choice that is frustrating.

The build that I’m bouncing around in my head is basically a Blue Sun bootcamp build, but with MCC instead of Public Support, and all public agendas. Maybe the build could get away with less ice due to one remote and throw in a Worlds Plaza and another Ash (since no GFIs). A - 2 cost, +2 trash MCC with an Ash through a Blue Sun gross-remote wouldn’t be fun for most runners.

It would be interesting to see how runners will react to it being rezzed. The constant threat of FAing out basically requires a trash, much more so than Public Support “oh whatever take your point”, and that could open up windows for regular advancing that PS rarely creates. But there is the whole clot issue, which would be problematic on a one remote plan.

Fun notes : using it on Hollywood Renovation with Blue Sun could only cost two if you have an Orion (only advanceable worth it IMO) out (eventually rez and bounce); Oaktown costs you net 2 to FA out; and everything else is… terrible. sigh

Edit: derp, advancing ice does no such thing. Haven’t bothered to do so in a while, forgot.


couldn’t you use this to kill someone with woodcutter? 'cause obviously that’s what needs to happen if people are to achieve enlightenment.

awww heck it’d take too long or be super combo-y. ah well.


Interesting ideas here. Just one thing on blue sun and space ice - if the have counters on them you only receive the discounted rez cost back, so if you are using hollywood to advance orion, you are best just leaving it there