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Face-Up Cards Only: The Mumbad Const. Co. Story


100% agree. It’s frustrating to see cards that were obviously designed to work together have antisynergy. Also, not sure if I’m understanding the last part of your post correctly, but you don’t gain credits from bouncing Orion with Blue Sun if it’s advanced.


Hah, yeah forgot about that. It has been so long since I bothered advancing ice…


What? Aww, man, you could have at least come up with a better name!

Like… “Face Up Ass…”

Yeah, I got nothing.


The new article on the main page for Business First makes me really think that we’re getting a public agenda ID this cycle.

Not quite sure how to word it, but my current idea is to have public agendas, when scored, keep their advancement tokens on it’s way to the score pile. And then once per turn you can advance a scored public agenda, to trigger their ability.

Would make Dedication Ceremony make sense, since you can rush the agenda to be scored, and then use it at your leisure anytime afterwards.


That would be broken. A credit and a click for 3 creds isn’t bad, but a credit and a click to install and rez an upgrade or agenda would be very good. Heck a credit and a click to make someone mill the top two cards of the deck wouldn’t suck either.

Though I do agree that we will most likely see a public agenda ID this cycle (most likely in the next two packs).


How about:

Mumbad Public Renevation
The first time you place an advancement counter on a Public agenda each turn, place an advancement counter on a piece of ice.


Maybe “When you install Public agenda, you may spend 1c to advance that agenda?”. Lets you FA the 3/1, turns the 4/2 into a 3/2, and the 5/3 into a 4/3. Doesn’t seem that broken.


I generally judge whether a new idea is broken if I immediately would play it. Oaktown as a 3/2 that gains you two net credits? Yes please. It’d be humorously awesome FA Weyland.

I hope a face up ID comes out though.


i think the idea is MCC gives a way to give advancements on the ‘can only be advanced while rezzed’ ICE (which will all be rotating out soon and probably won’t be that great anyway, but better late then never, right? who even plays Weyland anymore? - FFG, probably)

anyway, as i said, i like it better with PAD Factory, since it saves you quite a bit of money in the long run and is a bit more stable (you can keep your advancements where you want them even if you trash the asset), even if you do telegraph that you likely put advancement tokens on something that could actually benefit from it

as a trap tool, i think it fits in a lot better in IG, since that deck just spams assets and makes MCC really painful to trash and really punishing if they check the wrong face-down card


I disagree, dedication in fact do the overadvancing features playable, and also mumbad co. now is viable for example do a FA of 5 agenda points (with money and shipment from mirrormorph) atlas and hollywood.


I mean, the ID could basically be,
"Whenever an advancement counter is placed on a public agenda, treat it as though it was advanced normally."
and it would see play. Shipment from Kaguya and Dedication Ceremony for everyone!


At that point Hollywood Renovation becomes fucking bonkers with 2 of them. You can use one to chain to the other one to chain back to the first, which advances the second… basically you can score 2 of them from hand on one credit. Seems pretty good.


How about this:

Weylandy Nonsense
Weyland ID - 45/15
Install all agendas faceup.
The first time you place an advancement token on a card each turn, you may trigger its “when you advance this card” ability.

Takes care of the out-of-hand combo stuff, but it still makes a powerful ID. It allows you to FA 3/2s if you leave out a Hollywood Renovation (install Atlas, advance HR twice, with the first advancement triggering HR twice). Gets you some money back from Oaktown with MCC. Dedication Ceremony can trigger stuff.


Anyone tried importing this into IG and using it with ronins (Or rezzing traps just before the runner hits them and guaranteeing a flatline)?


This is very close to how I feel the id should be. Though I would wish the install is a may ability.


Honestly, this might be one of the places where it could work best. Generally running Mushin’d shit is a bad idea vs IG, so one or two of these things in the deck might be cool. The problem, though, is that IG doesn’t generally play non-advanceable things you want to run on, since they usually just have 5/3 and 6/4 agendas, so there’s less reason for a runner to run an unadvanced remote.


And you can just Mushin your Ronins directly


Just to clarify, the point isn’t to take anything from 0 to deadly; it’s to quickly take 2 or 3 ronins from 2 or 3 to 4 without clicks. Same with traps; it’s to take a 2 or 3 overwriter to 6 or a junebug from painful to kill.

I think it would need support from Hostile infrastructure to reliably stay up or any savvy runner will money up to kill it or run archives and then kill it.


actually, with an ability like that, just one Hollywood Renovation advances itself into perpetuity (and anything else you want to advance) with just one advancement. install New Construction, Hollywood Renovation, and FA your entire hand full of agendas. who needs Jackson anymore?


The chain runs out as soon as you use Hollywood to advance anything other than another Hollywood, seeing as it can’t advance itself (“on another card that can be advanced”) =( With enough Mumba Construction Co counters, though, the sky’s the limit.