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Face-Up Cards Only: The Mumbad Const. Co. Story


oh, right. derp.

getting into weird hypotheticals of potential card abilities, i should probably reread the cards before commenting :stuck_out_tongue:


Right? I had this whole “Let’s get all 7 points out of hand with no clot window!” post written up, but then I realized that, no, that doesn’t work. But I think it does with 3 Mumba Construction Co’s? So you rez them at the end of the runner’s turn so they all have a token. The runner can just clot here, but let’s ignore that for the sake of fun. So you install New Construction click 1. You then move 1 counter onto it (1), installing Hollywood. You then use the second Mumba to advance Hollywood (1) to advance New Construction (2) to install the second Hollywood. Yeah, I think we got this. You then use the third Mumba to advance Hollywood, chaining back and forth between the Hollywoods until they are each at (5), then chain the final one to (6), advancing New Construction (4). Then score 8 points. Easy!

Assuming no help rezzing things or paying for crap, that took 12 cash for the Mumba rez’s, and 6 to move off the counters, for a total of 18c. Not bad for 8 points out of nowhere?

I spent way too much time thinking about this completely hypothetical situation that will never actually exist in real life.


haha. i had a post in the Mumbad Construction Corp. thread where i went on this lengthy ‘omg it costs a lot of money, but you can FA out 3 points with just Hollywood Reno and MCC!’

then i realised that MCC isn’t advanceable, it just builds advancement tokens.


Just to clarify for the case of traps: if the runner goes for a face down junebug, can they smc or clone chip out a deus ex after the rez/counter transfer and before access? I think, probably since both players get to do stuff in that window?


after committing to access, there is a paid ability window in which rezzing and paid abilites can occur.

runner would do theirs first, then corp. after the corp has used any paid abilities, the runner would have another chance to respond (and so on)

after that, it’s all over though. no paid ability during the access step itself

EDIT: and since the junebug would need to be faceup, there’s no sure-fire way to really surprise a runner with it if they have Deus X or something


I think the Ronin kill is probably the way to go. Anything else seems to be jumping through too many hoops. EBC is an easy splash and can fetch the other complimentary pieces for IG too, such as Hostile Infrastructure and even the Ronins.




In the scenario you describe: are you relying on the Mumba Construction Co. counters to trigger the public agenda abilities (New Construction installing Hollywood, Hollywood to advance other agendas)? Because my understanding of the card prevents the public agenda abilities to fire with those counters. You’d need to use actual clicks to advance and get the abilities. Ex. You can score Oaktown Renovation out of hand with a Mumbad Construction Co. rezzed with two counters and still gain money from the first two advancements. Click 1: Install Oaktown, 2: Adv (gain money) 3: Adv (gain money), and then pay 4 to move the two counters over and score.


We were talking about a hypothetical Weyland ID that makes placing an advancement counter the same as advancing an agenda. We realized that would allow for some broken as shit interactions, so I decided to try and find the most broken. Obviously none of that shit can happen in the real game of Netrunner as we know it. Gotta read the previous posts for context :wink:


I see. Glad I at least phrased it as a question, then. I really hope Weyland gets an ID this cycle with a similar ability to what you and others theorize. At the very least, have it interact with the public agendas.


Here’s my Mumbad Construction Co. Deck:


See the write-up there for how to play it. Not Tier 1 or anything, but functional in it’s way. :stuck_out_tongue:


Server Diagnostics is interesting with Blue Sun, but I’m not sure how that deck would win.


It focuses all its energy on constructing and defending a remote with MCC / ITD / Diagnostics on Worlds Plaza. Over time, money accumulates in the corp’s credit pool and advancement tokens accumulate on MCC. When there is enough of both, it scores a face-up agenda from hand. It repeats this process until either 1. it wins, 2. it loses on centrals, or 3. the runner gets into the remote and trashes all the crap (at which point it loses quickly).

If you already understood all that, then, “slowly and precariously”.


Here is my take on this. AAL can make it harder to pre-trash MCC



May I suggest “MumCoCo” as an alternative to MCC?

So, does anyone else feel like this card would have been just fine and not overpowered if it could advance face down cards as well? I mean, the only in faction 3/2 is Atlas. Posted Bounty/Scorch would still be expensive and require a MumCoCo out for at least a turn or more. Using it on space ice would only be saving a single credit. I’m just having a hard time imagining a scenario where this would be over powered if it could advance face down too. Why restrict it to just face up cards, except to support a underwhelming Weyland mechanic?

Also, my first Stimhack post. Hello all! :slight_smile:


[quote=“WayneMcPain, post:75, topic:7063”]
I’m just having a hard time imagining a scenario where this would be over powered if it could advance face down too.[/quote]Dedication Ceremony - allows to FA 5/3s.


"You cannot score that card until your next turn begins. "


Dedicating the MumCoCo subverts that though. But still, that would be a 3 card combo that requires MumCoCo stay protected for a turn and you need 14 creds. That leaves you extremely vulnerable.


Oh, I see. Well, you can still FA 5/3s - Holywood Renovation. You can Casting Call a Government Takeover if you like and score it via MCC.


[quote=“Dragar, post:79, topic:7063”]
you can still FA 5/3s - Holywood Renovation. You can Casting Call[/quote]
So you have to either FA a blank 5/3 which is limited to 3 copies per deck, or add another combo piece which is out of faction, making the combo way harder to pull off (as it should be, as the payoff can be huge, if for example you play TItan and your 5/3 is HRI).

[quote=“WayneMcPain, post:78, topic:7063”]
that would be a 3 card combo that requires MumCoCo stay protected for a turn and you need 14 creds[/quote]Protected unrezzed and unadvanced, you rarely run such cards in Weyland remotes, so should not be so hard. And 4 clicks + 14 credits is not that much more than 6 clicks + 5 credits for scoring that 5/3 the hard way, especially when you add the cost for the runner to get rid of your MCC after you score.