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Face-Up Cards Only: The Mumbad Const. Co. Story


I think Weyland could use some more assets that force the runner to be aggressive, tbh. You may be right that it would be too strong with 5/3s, but I would figure Runners would learn very quickly to adjust play to counter those kind of power plays. It couldn’t possibly be as strong as Fastrobiotics is already and it would be much more expensive. Just wishful thinking. As it is this card needs massive catering to work and at it’s best it’s just kinda meh. I like it better for turning unadvanced Junebugs and Overwriters on than for FA.


I disagree with it being much weaker than fastro if it allowed face down cards. Unlike NBN fastro where there is only really one problematic agenda (astrobiotics), Weyland agendas are some of its best gas. They have the ability to steam roll in a way that NBN can’t, as an astro train requires some luck. In titan all it would require is one remote to protect MCC, 16 credits (only 6 more than a full astro-train with sansan, or 8 less with no sansan) and 4 turns to win. And that is possible from ~turn 4 reasonably and starting turn 3 with a hand with lots of econ, or having an agenda in hand. That is much more consistent than fastro if you can’t get in to the server quickly.

As it stands it is a great card for forcing a run thru a remote, threatening to do what weyland does worst, being closing a game out. If Weyland ever got a 3/2 public agenda then you might see a real Titan FA deck. Of course having to blow thru an remote before you’re ready opens you up to sea source…


Idle thought: how would Weyland do with a blank public 3/2?


I’d say pretty good, since they have realized 3/2s are really good. After all…

This thing is not only a blank 3/2, it gives an additional point to the runner, and costs influence.


This is clearly a sign to me that they will not be reprinting 3/2s like the project cards post rotation.

There will probably be new 3/2s that are playable, but I think they will be in the vein of the upcoming 4/3. The designers realized that fast advance needs to pay just a little extra. In this case, it is influence and a draw back.


Being only playable in Weyland is a drawback


I’m in looooovve with MumCoCo


You go Mum CoCo


If only it was a 3/3 worth -1 agenda in the corp’s score area. Then the agenda density could be much lower with this thing. As it is, looks like garbage, unless Punitive becomes a thing again.


So you’re saying a three-card combo to score 3 points, that has to be protected for a turn, and costs 14 credits is untenable?

You’re right, I suppose NEH could use some nerfs… (Sansan + Biotic Labor + GFI + Astro token. That’s 13 credits + Astro, which can be between 3-8 credits.)

To be fair, Weyland has some really good abilities on 5/3’s…


As many people have started to figure out, Mumbad City Hall is busted to pieces. Here’s an attempt at putting that to work for the Gagarin Temple list with added Mumbad Construction Co. zest: http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/33778/hall-of-mirrors

The synergies are incredible. Mumbad City Hall fetches several Museums, which make it really dispiriting to the runner to trash them all; then it helps you filter agendas out and economy up with Heritage Committee, and pays out huge bucks in tandem with Turtlebacks; and then you can stick an MCC behind a Tour Guide and/or Hive and ride it to the top after they give up on controlling your spread.


I really like it.

Has 3 Hive been working well for you?


It’s very good. Like I noted in the writeup, a Hive with 4 or 5 subs is absolutely awful for a Faust to break, and many runners aren’t willing to play that game with you. It makes it easier to, say, sit back and let your MCCs tick. (Most of my wins have been jumps from 3 to 7 off one or two MCCs.)

Besides better ice, Gagarin has the nice advantage of always taxing out Whizzard and Noise for 1 credit, where IG is variable (i.e. does nothing against Imp, and can be disabled by running Archives or decimated by Archives Interface). But I need more testing to tell whether this is actually a fluke or not; I definitely have been drawing MCH more than likely in the early game.


As far as I can tell, Gagarin is specifically built to hate Faust. If the Runner you’re against isn’t running Faust, you generally have a harder time than not. Gagarin is also the only one of the three to have a ‘Traditional’ gameplan of Score 7 Points.

IG, as far as I can tell, cares if you have Archives Interface/Imp. They only rarely score out, preferring to just kill the Runner with attrition.

NEH cares if you have Clot. They have a Traditional NBN gameplan of ‘Score points that they can’t run on’.

All three put out new assets too quickly for Whizzard to kill all of them. All three prefer not to see Noise.


So far I’ve had success with a Blue Sun list with MCC. Basically:

1 Hostile Takeover
2 Project Atlas
3 Oaktown Renovation
2 Global Food Initiative (2inf)
1 Hollywood Renovation

3 Mumbad Construction Company
3 GRNDL Refinery
2 Dedication Ceremony
1 Casting Call (2inf)

2 Ash 2X (4inf)

The problem I have with it is that it takes ages to get the ball rolling. You need money to make money and there are not a lot of ways to get it soon unless you are lucky with Oversight AI or GRNDL/Dedication Ceremony.

Other than that, it’s fantastic. You always have a threat in the remote and lots of fun plays that take pressure away from your expensive centrals :slight_smile:


Would love to see a full list @ErikTwice


Tried the list and really like it.

A few things I would try.

1.) I feel like you really want x3 MumCoCo OR
2.) 1-x2 Dedication Ceremony in the deck. They really let you “sweep the leg” and pull off some crazy double scores.
3.) Finally, Why not x1 Trick of Light? It would basically function as the x1 Biotic in a traditional fast advance deck. Especially if you run Ice Walls or Hadrians or something.
4.) Finally, no Assassins?

Thanks again for the list.


Thanks for the feedback. (Sadly, can’t play Trick of Light without cutting either a Swordsman or a Hostile Infrastructure, along with one or both of the NAPDs; being in Gagarin instead of IG means we actually need Jinteki alliance.)

My current list is somewhat revised from the one I posted:

+2 Executive Boot Camp
(this started at 1 as a “fourth Mumbad City Hall”, but I quickly realized how amazing it is once you’ve actually got the Museum cycle going for searching up all your other assets when you want them. Once you get a couple of Turtlebacks out with it, it even starts making you money just for showing up to tutor. Plus it paradoxically helps with round time management, since even with all the cards you see it’s entirely possible playing this deck to never find a Mumbad Construction Co. And you can even use it to pre-rez your ice if you have nothing better to do with Mumba Temple because the runner is sitting back.)

+1 Dedication Ceremony
(for exactly the reason you described, plus I think it’s actually necessary against Switchblade Andy if she locks up your “scoring remote”)

+1 Spiderweb
(Hive’s little brother)

+1 Assassin
(I was a little hesitant about adding a 5-str ice, since blanking D4v1d sounds quite thrilling, but I appreciate that a well-timed Assassin rez often can do more damage than they could make back by being able to break it going forward)

-2 PAD Campaign
-1 Public Support
-1 Changeling
-1 Meru Mati

The ice mix is still pretty fungible besides 3 Hive and 3 Tour Guide (and 1 Swordsman, for alliance). Sadly, Weyland’s ice is still rather easy to face-check without serious consequences. My current mix (those plus Meru Mati, Spiderweb, 2 Enigma, 3 Caduceus, and 1 Assassin) tends toward the early-game to shore up that vulnerability. But I could see a perfectly valid argument for going midgame instead. Also, it’s possible Datapike is better than Enigma.


You should play Bankers’ Group. It is insane with this econ engine. If you have one of Turtlebacks or Temple out, it’s a Beanstalk that threatens to drip 3 until dealt with, and between EBC and Museum it is not easy for your opponent to keep them under control.


I’m waiting till Jeeves hits to try Bankers’ Group personally. I feel it would be better with the threat of team sponsorship to reinstall, and hopefully tax the runner out more.