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Faust and unlimited/no MWL type tournaments

An interesting thing popped up when discussing doing a all cards legal no MWL type GNK.
You see where this is going I guess.
While everyone thinks it will be cool to play old decks, the question comes up is everyone just going to show up with anarch/Faust wild pancakes.
It’s probably to soon for people to have fun doing this format now, but will this threat effect the interest level in this style tournament in the future?

I don’t think everyone would play wyldcakes Faust. I suspect the threat of unhindered NEH, with 3 astros and the influence to splash Eli and Architect, is enough to keep Whizz somewhat in check. I’d guess that the most common runner deck would be prepaid Kate, actually. YMMV based on local meta, of course.

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It’s worth remembering that Prepaid Kate will be just as much of a threat. I actually have no idea what such a format would look like, but I think it would be a rough place for corps, as functional errata would presumably still be in play to take out fastro and MoH decks. Probably Foodcoats is the answer?

Yes PPK would be popular, the Astro is an interesting question though, I
The errata would prob have to stand.

Pre Paid Kate would definitely be one of the decks to beat. Remember, it’s seen a slight resurgence with the printing of Deuces Wild, even with MWL.

I agree with many others here that PPVP Kate would probably be a greater concern than Faust Whiz. A lot of the MWL targets NBN FA, so making that corp stronger would make access to clot more important. PPVP Kate was a beast at least on par with Faust Whizzard, it would be interesting to see a meta with both of them, as they are both strong against their opposite’s weakness (Kate strong vs FA, Whizz strong against glacier).

Interestingly, I think that an early Scarcity of Resources is a pretty cool counter to whizzard’s early game, since he needs Wyldside as early as possible (and to a lesser degree pancakes), and uses a decent bit of resource economy. 2c may not seem to be a big deal, but for a runner setting up and depending on so many resources, it is a pretty tough opening to work out from.

I’m gonna say that I actually really prefer building NBN with MWL - especially 1-of Astro. It makes it more interesting, more tense, less obvious; especially once Beale rotates out, it’ll be a brave new world.

But if all the super strong archetypes turn back on, they’ll balance to some extent - it’ll just be more like Legacy Magic where the ridiculous OTT-ness is part of the attraction.

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This is what we play. We also don’t treat astro as unique as we only accept errata for clarification sake, such as Pawn and E3 feedback. We will not accept errata for the sake of power nerfing. We do accept WNP as being unique as we agreed that it seemed like a geniuine printing error on FFGs part.