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Feedback: New site banner and logo design

Hey guys, what do you think of the new site banner? Any suggestions or tips? I’m trying to make the logo bigger and a little easier to see as someone suggested last time.


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To be honest, I feel like the design has been getting worse and worse since the original blog.

How can we improve it?

The new site format feels much more cluttered to me; I’m not sure if there’s an easy fix there.

There are a few things that would make it look better though-- the main bar isn’t aligned correctly (compare “Tournament Winning Decklists” to the indents on the articles themselves), the font is bad, etc.

personally i like the new logo and banner

I like the design, but I guess not many people realize/understand that there are two seperate columns with twee functions: decklists and articles. I know the headers are pretty obvious, but it’s not that common for a website.

i like the current iteration. i really hope the stats compiled from the decklists get more extensive. id really like to see how people spend their influence.

The header in the mobile view is sqashed.

Yeah, it was squashed in the old design too, but it’s more obvious now. Not sure what to do about it. We need wp to serve up a separate page for mobile browsers, but I’m not sure how to do that with our current setup. I’m working on it.

Can’t you just set the width to 100% in the css?

I used a plugin to serve up a different site layout instead. What do you think of the mobile site now? It’ll need a bit of work, but it’s much more readable.

Edit: Apparently, that only applies to the main page. I’ll have to work on it later. It’s super late for me. Sorry, web design isn’t really my forte. I’ll try modifying the css manually later. Thanks for the feedback!

unfortunately i got similar thoughts. maybe u should get rid of black/gray colours in favour of something more readable (i dislike the green/blue titles a lot). font could be more neutral too, not that heavy/narrow.

on the other hand i have to say forum and content is top notch :wink: keep up the good work!

about site: live chat returns 404

I liked the darker background more, but I do really like the practical changes like giving decklists and articles their own columns!

@reboot” in cron has been really unreliable causing kiwiirc to not start up automatically sometimes after the server reboots. I just wrote a quick script that checks, every 10 minutes, whether kiwiirc is running. If it’s not, it starts it. That should fix the problem. Thanks for letting me know. Once I graduate in a few months, I plan to get a more thorough monitoring solution up and going.

How about the font now? If that doesn’t work, could you give me some examples of good fonts?

So overall, people seem to dislike the blue titles. We were going for a cyberpunk kind of feel so our color scheme was gray and white with hints of blue and red. What would be a better color for the titles? Or better yet, what would be a better color scheme?

i cant give examples, as im not into web development that much. i just see and think the way i said. it may be not much of a help, other than a vote in one way or another. altho when u search for ‘typography’ and ‘web’ u may find out some great examples of readable and nicely layed out pages. u may search for some inspiration there.

I think the current iteration is pretty decent. Wayyyy better then some of the previous efforts, so keep up the good work!

Right now two things bug me the most:

  1. Bad fonts
  2. Extremely white infos about the number of replies. Those stick out like they are the most important things on the page.


Good input (appreciate the picture too!) that will definitely be changed.