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Fetal.AI - Site/Updates thread

I recently launched a small site the other day (with help and contributions from the awesome @kim) that I hope you’ll check out: Fetal.AI

We aim to feature profiles of community members, their tips on improving play, interviews, interesting events that need signal-boosting, and other fun items. It’s light on content at the moment due to just launching – right now we have a profile with @HEacho and a convo with Lukas about spoilers – but we have some good stuff lined up for future posts.

Anyway, I’ll update this thread with any significant pieces we publish at Fetal.AI, which we should have more of soon.


Seems both really cool, and refreshingly different. Yet more of my time lost to Netrunner related content!


Looks really interesting, It’s blocked for me at work though :frowning:

Me two. Maybe the unusual domain?

I suppose I’m lucky, no blockage for me. Missing almost all the pictures, though.

Hey @eric_c, considering the “secret” of Geist (probably just the way it was colored/printed, but whatever), I was wondering if you might want to take look at the NBN ID, TWIY. In particular, the bit at the bottom

*Some restrictions may apply. Scan this card for details.

I always just figured it was normal corporate whatevers, but maybe they put something deeper when you examine the card under the right conditions? I’m not too good with the technical details. Just a thought I’ve had ever since I saw the card.

Nice to see the site. I’ll likely drop by from time to time. Good luck!


Doing god’s work.


So this is real!? I don’t have a blacklight!!

Has anyone tried it on Los Muertos or Gang sign? Also possibly drive by?

I just checked it on Gang member, Gang sign, Drive by. Doesn’t work, only Gang member’s tattoos start to glow a bit more intensely.

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Was going to say, they openly are tatted.

Maybe on Expose?

@Asclepius @lpoulter

Oh weird. Your work is likely blocking either the non-standard .AI domain or Tumblr (the platform this is hosted on) – I hope the site works fine for you on other systems! I’m not sure why the images wouldn’t be loading for @TheRedArmy, though once again that might be because the images are hosted on Tumblr.

@kim was the one who reblogged the awesome Geist stuff! The tattoos are already visible without a blacklight, but I noted earlier on Readdit: “[I] finally had a chance to compare it under direct sunlight and a blacklight myself! The tattoos do show up under direct sunlight (I could see a LOT more detail than i did with my office’s lighting). In the dark and with a blacklight, the details seem to pop a little bit more, especially the teeth painted over his lips.”

Anyway, I’m really glad people here are digging the content so far! We have another profile and a Lukas interview snippet coming up in the next couple of days.


I’m going to cosplay Mr. Robot at Worlds, but, this Geist outfit, complete with bioluminescent tats, intrigues me.

Time to work those abs!


Yeah it’s working well at home. My work has a weird filter, I think a keyword one, or yeah it could be the domain. Either way great stuff so far!

I’m not great with the technical stuff, so I can’t say for sure @eric_c, but I can say that, for instance here on Stimhack, I can access the forums just fine, but the little Stimhack symbol at the top-left-center-ish (where you can click and return to the front page), doesn’t show. I can still click it, it’s just the image.

I figure it’s because the site where the image is hosted from is blocked itself, so the image can’t load a result.

Two recent updates I wanted to highlight at Fetal.AI!

Hope you’re enjoying our original content!


My latest personal ANR hero. Don’t worry, @Webster, I still love you!

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I am! Please keep it coming :smiley:

That’s so weird, I can get to the first link on the computer at work but the second one is blocked. I like the Lukas piece a lot, the “sideboarding” idea most of all. Seems fun if not a bit unbalanced.

Oh hey that’s me. How did I earn such an honor?


Dunno about @spags, but that Siphon Haley deck looked totally awesome to me.