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Flashpoint Cycle!

Reporting to say that after playing with Fairchild 3.0, I’m confirming this cards bonkers status. Used to run 2 Tollbooth in HB, those days are gone, it has been entirely replaced for me by Fairchild 3.0 (in HB of course). With the saved 4 influence I put in a SanSan. I had forgotten how nuts SanSan is in HB, with 6 3-2’s and being able to have it behind like, Ichi Fairchild.


Rename thousand cuts to 500 cuts

This is something I designed before ark lockdown was spoiled. It’s trying to hit things selectively off the top of deck or in the hand - you can choose the order of agroplex and kgrt triggers based on what kind of attack you want to use - but probably won’t work well.

Looking for Trouble

Jinteki: Potential Unleashed

Agenda (10)
3x Fetal AI
3x House of Knives
1x Philotic Entanglement
3x The Future Perfect

Asset (16)
1x Blacklist ●
3x Jackson Howard ●●●
3x Kala Ghoda Real TV ●●●
1x Mumbad City Hall ●
2x Pālanā Agroplex
3x Shock!
3x Snare!

Upgrade (3)
3x Hokusai Grid

Operation (12)
3x Hedge Fund
3x Neural EMP
2x Reclamation Order ●●●●
3x Salem’s Hospitality ○○○○○ ○○○○○ ○○
1x Voter Intimidation

Code Gate (3)
3x Lotus Field

Sentry (2)
2x Swordsman

Other (3)
3x Chimera

Given you have 3x Shock and 3x Snare, why focus on ETR ICE? Play PE-style with porous damaging ICE. Especially Komainu, it has a habit of hitting anarchs for at a few damage every now and then.

Another option to consider is going IG-49 style and running Hostile Infrastructure, BioEthics, and Genetics Pavilion. Psychic Field may be a good fit as well (possibly over Snare!) since the deck seems a bit light on money.

Speaking of money, with 9 cards that do net damage when accessed from HQ, Celebrity Gift isn’t necessarily a bad econ option.

The ETR ice is because you might be able to stop the runner from drawing or installing their icebreakers. Bio ethics does seem like a good suggestion though, maybe replacing snare.

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Kind of surprised not to see Ark Lockdown in a deck like this.

I’ve tried Ark Lockdown PU. Unfortunately, rigs these days are too resilient, and people have too much money to use Enforcing Loyalty as a crypto-Power Shutdown.

Net Mercur and Temujin Contract have really crippled my interest in designing corp decks. Even moreso than Dumblefork ever did.

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If I ever play a Faust deck with Temujin, I quit.


That would have been possible prior to the last MWL bomb, but now the whole rig plus hate cards takes waaaay too much Influence. So, unless MWL goes, I don’t see this happening.

Crim with drug dealer, Faust and temujin?

Shhhhhh, don’t give anyone ideas.
Andyfork ruling the meta is the last thing we need.

/i hope

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Someone played VS ME with PU using a Martini engine (IUSE+Subliminals, neutral ices).



I lost :confused:

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One of the greatest decks I’ve ever seen

well now let us fly to the moon äh mars and back :wink:

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Yeah, let’s hope red planet is red. And orange.

(8)Flyyyy me to the moon…(8)

Let’s get the rest of the spoilers so we can focus on Mars now. Netrunner FOREVER

So, people still complain about Faust, but I think we’d find Dumblefork struggling against the amount of DNA tracker, Sherlock 2, and Fairchild 2/3 we see in a post-escalation meta.

I think Faust got taken out to the woodshed before the meta got some new cards that seem purpose-built to counter it.



Faust is actually pretty poor in the meta right now. Ice destruction is always good, but with the MWL hit I don’t see how Dumblefork can really do much of anything.

I fully expect Stealth to be the runner deck to beat after next pack.

And should we ever get a good defensive upgrade, glacier is totally back on the menu after all these taxing code gates.

I wonder what barriers will look like when they get around to making more good ones.

If glacier gets good you just play DLR. I don’t think glacier can truly return until post-rotation. Midrange Sol can skate by on power of BN and News Hound, and HB Glacier is always somewhat viable, but I still don’t see any Weyland or Jinteki glacier being able to reliably beat DLR strategies.

I kinda think that BS running 2x bootcamp is okay vs DLR, because you also have the 3x OAIs to help keep them out of your servers as well. You also have the ability to gain enough money to trash key pieces when you need to, and to tutor up Jacksons when needed as well. The version of DLR that Dan and Kenny ran at Gencon doesn’t even have a d4v1d in it, and there’s barely even room to include a single copy. That seems like a pretty winnable scenario to me.

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