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Flashpoint Cycle!

There’s also lots of new, neutral resource hate cards that can slow the runner down long enough for you to get the credits to trash wnp etc.

Yep. It is too bad hellion beta test doesn’t also trigger off of any trashed corp card, but that’s alright.

I think ice is getting big enough that it is a problem for the deck, especially sans David. Rumor mill is more the problem if you ask me.

It is winnable, but it’s very difficult, similar to the classic Noise Faust match-up (not in approach). The issue is the speed at which MaxX DLR can set up, and the need to ICE HQ, which otherwise you don’t want to do when rushing in BS, like you have to against Shaper.

The only problem with this, is that occasionally I’ll make a deck with cards that are not the ones you mentioned.

Hey, that’s fine, there is no reason to include hate cards for an archetype that isn’t significant in the meta.

At this point I think whizz would struggle in enough match-ups that he would need to change significantly to remain effective.

Yeah, on second thought that came off as kind of mean, I just don’t enjoy the matchup. In fact, I’ll indiscriminately comment on every dumblefork post.

(Bows apologetically while walking away)

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This is a public service announcement.

Scarcity of Resources is really good and you should play it.

This concludes our public service announcement.




Pretty much yeah. I would argue it is probably better than ELP in some builds.

The tempo hit is really that powerful, eh? I’m tempted to make a deck with it, but I feel like I’m making a deck built around it, but it’s too general of a card. I don’t know if that makes sense?

You should not build a deck around it, same way you don’t built a deck around clot. Just swap your anti-meta cards (Crisium, Cyberdex) for these I think.

You could build a deck around Clot, though. Permaclot + camp remote with a HQ multiaccess run in the end is a valid strategy.

Same way you could build a deck around Scarcity of Resources, for maybe Spark to really try to keep the runner poor…

I agree though, it’s something you don’t need to build around, it’s good almost anywhere, depending on meta.

I’d argue you can’t build a deck around silver bullets though. “Camp remote and don’t let the corp score” is a valid strategy that clot can support. “Deny the runner resources” is not a valid scoring plan for the corp, same as “have permanent clot” is not a valid strategy on its own.

I’m playing a Palana deck and it’s a fairl good matchup for two reasons:

  1. 3x Scarcity of Resources (Great on its own, since it wrecks 75% of Runner decks and massively slows down the other 25%)
  2. 2x Executive Boot Camp (It fetches Sundew, Jackson and a singleton copy of Sandburg, so it only hurts influence-wise)
  3. High ICE count (Must in the post-Temujin world we live in)

The problem for me is not the matchup but that you forced to play Executive Boot Camp on so many decks because Blackmail+Rumor Mill is stupidly bad design.

Blackmail wouldn’t be nearly as annoying if the runner at least had to do something to land the bad pub in the first place. My problem is Val just gets it for free, and rides it out for the entire game without doing anything but draw a lot of cards.

I do feel like the deck you describe here is a strong counter to it, but games often feel like a desperate attempt to get any ICE rezzed.


I’m fine with Valencia being able to do that, since Blackmail is her whole Raison d’être and there are easy, common ways to get around it.

The problem is that all those ways are hard-counter by Rumor Mill. Caprice, Ash, Jackson for Accelerated Beta Test, Elizabeth Mills to remove the Bad Pub…none of them work. Only Executive Boot Camp prevails and it’s a one-influence card so if you want to play Glacier, you have an effective influence of 10.

Rumor Mill and Blackmail also highlight the massive levels of recursion in the game. Valencia plays 3 Same Old Things and one or two Deja Vus,making counterplay extremely difficult compared to just playing NBN.

I think the biggest problem with the game is that the designers didn’t think through the ways their new, powerful cards limit the possible variety of the meta. Cards like Sandburg, Beth or Rumor Mill deserved a second or third look but didn’t get it.


How about Restoring Face?

Why does Elizabeth Mills not work?

She doesn’t work while Rumor Mill is active, but I guess since you can use her any time, you could do it on the first turn or just after you played a current of your own

For NBN I personally really like 1xBootcamp, 1xExpose for a Val matchup. Only one inf, reliable, no fear of Rumor Mill and because I like a more Glacier NBN than mere asset spam, the Expose easily works as a bluff against anyone when using a single advance. Behind a tollboooth that’s usually pretty great. Expose is not worth the one for other factions, though. :slight_smile: