Full Art Worlds Decks

I’m buying this. Are you? Do you think it’s a good idea? What’s your favorite art?



I guess WNP won’t come errata’d as Unique? Would be weird otherwise.

I love this idea, but mostly it’s because I love the minimalist full-art frames on cards. Would buy just for that.

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Daily Casts looks amazing.


Such a silly luxury item…but I want it anyway

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I’m buying this.No question.
And no sleeves.

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Not only is the full art amazing, but this is a brilliant move by FFG to lower the barrier of entry for people who want to try out competitive decks without diving into the deep end of the card pool.


These card should come with a coating that makes them slide right out of sleeves.


Triple insta-buy. These are beautiful. I don’t even care that ETF won’t be legal.

I’ll use the leftovers for tourney prizes.

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These might be the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen! Great marketing as well. Will probably buy just for the jacksons and hedge funds.

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That’s beautiful.
I’m mildly sad that it’s just the original art blown up, but I love the look of the cards…!

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I do assume that late first quarter must actually mean get them early at next years Worlds though.


Even if they had the original art overlayed by the champ’s signature as Pokemon TCG did, this would be really cool and I would probably buy it. Considering the decks contain full-bleed of all cards, I am ALL over this :smiley:

Buying for the Elis.

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It’s going to be great to have more than 3 copies of cards like Faust and Global Food Initiative and Eli and NAPD (Maybe not as ubiquitous post MWL), but it’s still nice.


only 2 copies of GFI

So these look amazing.

However, if these come out before Kala Goda I swear…

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This is one of the best things FFG could have done for the game. Not only are these sweet for experienced players, meaning stores have a reason to get them in, they act as a much-needed entry point to the increasingly intimidating pile of datapacks. Honestly, massive props to FFG, and it’s a really good solution for getting new players an upgradable, competitive deck for cheap.


I full heartedly agree. I think this is where we all wanted to see them go.

Also, buying 3x Each of these as soon as they come out. I hope they print a ton of them!

They’re neat to be sure and I’ll probably buy them but it’s so weird to have two decks you can’t play in any tournament. I’m worried new players will get the very wrong impression from these.