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[Full Spoiler] The Spaces Between

The full text spoiler for The Spaces Between has been posted on reddit by snow-jax, who also gave us the Upstalk text spoiler. Here it is!

21: “The Foundry” (HB Identity [Division], 45/15)
The first time you rez a piece of ICE each turn, you may search R&D for another copy of that ICE, reveal it, and add it to HQ. Shuffle R&D.

22: “Enhanced Login Protocol” (HB Operation [Current], 2 inf). Cost 2.
This card is not trashed until another current is played or an agenda is stolen.
As an additional cost to make the first run not made through a card ability on his or her turn, the Runner must spend [click].

23: “Heinlein Grid” (HB Upgrade[Region], 2 inf). Cost 3, trash 3.
If the Runner loses or spends a click during a run on this server, he or she loses all credits in his or her credit pool.
Limit 1 region per server.

24: “Encrypted Portals” (Jinteki Agenda[Security]). Cost 3, 1 point.
All code gate ICE have +1 strength.
When you score Encrypted Portals, gain 1[credit] for each rezzed code gate.

25: “Cerebral Static” (Jinteki Operation[Current], 2 inf). Cost 2.
This card is not trashed until another current is played or an agenda is stolen.
The runner’s identity text box is blank.

26: “Targeted Marketing” (NBN Operation[Current], 1 inf). Cost 0.
This card is not trashed until another current is played or an agenda is stolen.
Name a card. Gain 10[credits] whenever the Runner plays or installs a copy of that card.

27: “Information Overload” (NBN ICE[Sentry,Tracer], 2 inf). Cost 6, strength 4.
When the runner encounters Information Overload, trace1 - if successful, give the runner 1 tag.
Information Overload gains “-> The Runner trashes 1 of his or her installed cards.” for each tag the runner has.

28: “Paywall Implementation” (Weyland Operation[Current], 2 inf). Cost 0.
This card is not trashed until another current is played or an agenda is stolen.
Gain 1[credit] whenever the Runner makes a successful run.

29: “Sealed Vault” (Weyland Asset[Facility], 1 inf). Cost 0, trash 8.
1[credit]: Move any number of credits from your credit pool to Sealed Vault.
[Click] or [trash]: Move any number of credits from Sealed Vault to your credit pool.

30: “Eden Fragment” (Neutral Agenda[Source]). Cost 5, 3 points.
Ignore the install cost of the first piece of ICE you install each turn.
Limit 1 per deck.

31: “Lag Time” (Neutral Operation[Current], 0 inf). Cost 2.
This card is not trashed until another current is played or an agenda is stolen.
All ICE have +1 strength.

32: “Will-O’-The-Wisp” (Neutral Upgrade, 0 inf). Cost 4, trash 1.
Whenever there is a successful run on this server, you may trash Will-o’-the-Wisp. If you do, choose an icebreaker that was used to break at least 1 subroutine during this run. The Runner adds that icebreaker to the bottom of his or her stack.

33:“D4V1D” (Anarch Program, 4 inf). Cost 3, mem 1.
Place 3 power counters on D4v1d when it is installed.
Hosted power counter: Break ICE subroutine on a piece of ICE that has a strength of 5 or greater.

34: “Scrubbed” (Anarch Event[Current], 2 inf). Cost 2.
This card is not trashed until another current is played or an agenda is scored.
The first piece of ice encountered each turn has -2 strength for the remainder of the run.

35: “Three Steps Ahead” (Criminal Event[Priority], 2 inf). Cost 1.
Play only as your first [click].
When this turn ends, gain 2[credits] for each successful run you made during it.

36: “Unscheduled Maintenance” (Criminal Event[Current], 2 inf). Cost 1.
This card is not trashed until another current is played or an agenda is scored.
The Corp cannot install more than 1 piece of ICE each turn.

37: “Cache” (Criminal Program[Virus], 1 inf). Cost 1, mem 1.
Place 3 virus counters on Cache when it is installed.
Hosted virus counter: Gain 1 [credit].

38: “Net Celebrity” (Shaper Event[Current], 1 inf). Cost 1.
This card is not trashed until another current is played or an agenda is scored.
1 [recurring credit].
Use this credit during a run.

39: “LLDS Energy Regulator” (Shaper Program, 1 inf). Cost 0, mem 1.
3[credits] or [trash]: Prevent an installed piece of hardware from being trashed.

40: “Ghost Runner” (Neutral Resource[Stealth-Virtual], 0 inf). Cost 1.
Place 3[credits] on Ghost Runner when it is installed. When there are no credits left on GHost Runner, trash it.
You can use the credits on Ghost Runner during a run.


Those corp cards look amazing.
“The Foundry” NEXT ICE anyone?

Standouts from the stuff we didn’t know about yet:

  • Heinlein Grid made me go “huhwhaa?” in a good way. Ash and Caprice absolutely love this, instantly evoking deck titles such as “Ash and Caprice are over the Moon”. (Royalties please.)

  • Sealed Vault is a very hard counter to Account Siphon in a way we haven’t really seen before. Not sure if it will see much play though, as Caprice decks don’t really need it, NBN has SanSan, Closed Accounts, and now Targeted Marketing in faction, and Weyland has other problems until Blue Sun arrives. Still, Weyland and even HB might use this, if they don’t want Closed Accounts instead. Could cause herd immunity if it does get played a lot.

  • Three Steps Ahead is quite impressive if you’ve got Desperado out and you’ve got a clear server, or you were gonna run three times anyway.


As for stuff we already knew about, I’ve been eagerly anticipating Cache ever since it was first spoiled, because it will greatly empower Aesop economy, whether in Grimoire Kate, Noise, or completely new archetypes. Cache is still the card I’m most excited about, even though there are many much flashier cards in this pack.

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At one inf this will see splash in any AS-heavy groups. For 1 cred I can protect my entire pool? With a trash cost of 8 it’ll be Imp’d more than anything else but decks that rely heavily on AS for econ will be challenged to spend any money trying to get it. And it can be used over and over until trashed. It’s a “Blue Sun” type of asset where for one click you can get a lot of moolah…

Cache is also exciting.

Heinlein grid may strengthen Stronger Together to serious playability. Clicking through? Go ahead and lose your creds. ASH, NAPD, Red Herrings, all become stronger in this server.



Heinlein grid in combination with False lead can be brutal with a powerfull sentry.
Lose your clicks, lose your money and damage/progam destruction


Of course NBN gets Targetted Marketing! What other corporation could be given a 1 influence potentially powerful card that might be able to counter ANY card of your choice that you name!

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Alex, do you really think targeted marketing is any good? I feel like it’s a bit sketchy.

It really depends on how currents are getting used.

Mostly I was making a joke about NBN getting an interesting 1 influence card. :wink:

It does have potential due to letting you name what you want to counter. So not just Account SIphon, but you oculd name Parasite. You could name Corroder, knowing that they need to drop a corroder to get through your wraparound, and then collect $10.

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Yeah, it certainly has potential. I’m just wary of currents in general because they can potentially do nothing at all.

The Foundry seems like it makes some of the Grail ICE worth using without going all-in on the theme. Merlin as a 4 Strength Code Gate with two ->2 net damage subroutines is respectable. Galahad with two End the Run subroutines taxes Corroder a little bit more than the other cheap Barriers.

Running 2 copies of Mother Goddess in a NEXT ICE deck becomes a bit less annoying, since the first one thins the second one out of your deck.

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Me too. I’m also wary of them as a set because it’s not like we were just rolling around looking for entirely new categories of things to shove into decks :). None of these look uber enough that they demand a response, though that Shaper 1c recurring is sneaky… like Marked Accounts.

IMO the most important thing about new HB identity is that it gives you extra deck slots. You tutor for ice so you just need enough to draw some that will carry you through first few turns. HB Glacier doesn’t really need those 20-21 pieces of ice, but it runs them to be sure it draws 10 it needs early enough. Now I think you should be able to build a decent glacier using 3x5 pieces of ice (and for sure 3x6 will be easily enough). Which means you have room for some extra tricks.


You’re spot on that this is a huge advantage. It’s also great for us deckbuilders who insist on actually having enough ICE and economy in our decks to allow them to win a majority of the time. It’s not as good as core HB’s ability just for that, but with the grails and NEXT to go with it, it could very well be a thing eventually.


But actually I should comment on SEALED VAULT.

Siphon Counter woo!

Do I need to play Netrunenr again now?

Maybe (in fact quite probably) I’m missing something, I don’t get the excitement. I know Siphon is strong and all, but Sealed Vault does nothing if you’re not facing it (or Vamp, although that sees much less play). I’d much rather run a counter like Caprice, who stops Siphon while also being really useful in other situations. Corp deck slots seem too valuable to include pure hate cards.

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Information Overload strikes me as a sneakily powerful thing that none of you have mentioned so far. Sure, it’s just a trace 1, but it’s not like NBN has shortage of recurring trace credits. NBN continues in the vein of getting both stupidly powerful things that others would kill for, and very very unpleasant encounter effects.

(also, holy fuck that’s some tag-float punishment, screw Bad Times)


I suspect Midway may have already done that, I just didn’t get around to testing it properly.


My thoughts on the spoiler, focusing mostly on the new cards:

Yeah, Grail and NEXT are both very nice things for the Foundry, I think. I don’t know that I’d go to 2-of on Grail, but that’s mostly because there’s benefit in having more. Then again, hand size is an issue. Eden Fragment will be a pretty nice addition to such a deck, too. Lets you pump out your hand more easily.

Being able to cut those three or four cards while still being able to do Glacier well is definitely a biiig advantage. If nothing else, would make room for ELP or another current without major losses in deck slots. You also get a bit of HQ protection if you rez Ice the same turn, drawing up another non-Agenda/non-trashable card to defend it with, though this is, again, a small thing. I feel like the Foundry has the most need to build around Atman, too, because you’ll be more likely to see more of the same stuff.

Heinlein Grid looks delightful. Makes Bioroids better, but also Enigma and Viper. Doesn’t trigger off of ELP, but the two of them together actually make Stronger Together rather significantly stronger (which is nice, as I’d like to do a decent deck in every ID, which ST and BWBI have been making tricky).

Nothing new for Jinteki, though I’m liking the look of Cerebral Static a bit more than I initially did. Still useless agianst Andy, but first turn against Kate would be good for a laugh. Still nothing too exciting for them in this pack.

Information Overload isn’t going to tag anyone outside of MN/Transmission Dish edge cases, but it looks good in Midseasons decks, that could become pretty ridiculously taxing. Lots of options on what to trash, but running without programs isn’t going to keep you safe. Also just makes Tag-Me against NBN entirely moronic if you want to have money/installed cards. (Of course, if Midway becomes worth running, it’d be even more worth running now. Short of Faerie or Switchblade (or Paper Tripping), you’ll be rather soundly taxed by the combination.)

Sealed Vault could be nice for CI, actually, to dodge Siphon/Vamp stuff there. I can’t think of many others that’d want the Siphon protection enough and not have any way of getting it themselves. Also, it trashes for the payoff of Bank Job, which is a lovely bit of flavour.

D4V1D is going to be a two-of in all of my Anarch decks for the foreseeable future, I think. Cache is still beautiful.

Three Steps Ahead is nicely named, and looks decent for decks with Doppelganger. Not sure about outside of that, but maybe. It’s more econ on undefended servers, at least.

I can’t see LLDS ER being played much. Maybe as Sacrificial Constructs 4-6 if you’re running Monolith or Toolbox, but it’s kind of… eh. Maybe if hardware trashing becomes more of a thing.

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Sealed Vault can also be insanely strong in a NEH Astrobiotic build. Just drop it in case of Siphon and you can still draw a card. Even against a deck who don’t play siphon, it will still net you a card

First up, HB get to laugh all the way to the bank. The Foundary is awesomely powerful for all the reasons everyone has mentioned and then some. Even without NEXT or Grail (rez Merlin fetching another Merlin…), rezing Eli and fetching another Eli is really good in itself. Enchanced Login is - for me - the best of the currents (and RP loves it too) and HB probably gets most use out of lag time too. Heinlein Grid I’m not so sure about. An upgrade heavy deck with it, Willow, ASH and Caprice might be fun if nothing else.

Weyland and Jinteki get currents that are a bit meh and their other cards don’t really convince me either. Weyland does the best out of Willow I think. CI might run secure vault but I think it’s too narrow for anyone else in these days of insanely tight decks. Information Overload is a whole different ball game because NBN really needed that boost :-). Targeted Marketing I think is ok but not stella. Dropping it turn 1 against Andy and naming Desperado is quite funny though :-).

And the runner cards…D4V1D is going to be big but probably not big enough to push Anarch into the top tier - I think SMC is going to crop up a lot more in Whizzard and Reina builds as a result. Cache is a massive boost to Noise as we all know. I actually think Unscheduled Maintenance is going to see some play alongside parasite recursion. Ghost Runner, Scrubbed and Three Steps Ahead all have potential too. But honestly I see HB Glacier, RP and NBN getting tools that are just better than anything the runners get.

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