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Full Text Spoiler for First Contact

From snow-jax, so it’s probably legit. I’ll put up my thoughts in a minute or two, but there’re some interesting things here.

41: “IQ” (HB ICE [Code Gate], 2 inf). Cost X, Strength X.
X is equal to the number of cards in HQ.
->End the run.

42: “:diamonds: Eliza’s Toybox” (HB Asset [Ritzy], 2 inf). Cost 2, trash 4.
[Click],[Click],[Click]: Rez a card, ignoring all costs.

43: “Kitsune” (Jinteki ICE[Mythic-Trap], 2 inf). Cost 2, strength 3.
->The Corp may choose a card in HQ. The Runner accesses that card. If she does, trash Kitsune.

44: “Port Anson Grid” (Jinteki Upgrade[Region], 2 inf). Cost 2, trash 5.
The Runner cannot jack out while running on this server unless she trashes 1 installed program.
Limit 1 region per server.

45: “The News Now Hour” (NBN Asset[Cast], 3 inf). Cost 0, trash 4.
The Runner cannot play current events.

46: “Manhunt” (NBN Operation[Current], 3 inf). Cost 3.
This card is not trashed until another current is played or an agenda is stolen.
The first time the runner makes a successful run each turn, trace(2). If successful, give the Runner 1 tag.

47: “Wendigo” (Weyland ICE[Code Gate,Morph], 2 inf). Cost 2, strength 4.
Wendigo can be advanced.
While Wendigo has an odd number of advancement tokens on it, it gains barrier and loses code gate.
-> Choose a program. The Runner cannot use the chosen program for the remainder of the run.

48: “Crisium Grid” (Weyland Upgrade[Region], 1 inf). Cost 3, trash 5.
Successful runs against this server are not considered to be successful or unsuccessful for the purposes of card abilities.
Limit 1 region per server.

49: “Chronos Project” (Neutral Agenda[Research], 0 inf). Cost 3, 1 point.
When you score Chronos Project, the Runner removes all cards in her heap from the game.

50: “Shattered Remains” (Neutral Asset[Ambush]). Cost 0, trash 0.
Shattered Remains can be advanced.
If you pay 1c when the Runner accesses Shattered Remains, trash 1 piece of hardware for each advancement token on Shattered Remains.

51: “Lancelot” (Neutral ICE[Sentry-Grail-Destroyer], 1 inf). Cost 4, strength 2
When the Runner encounters Lancelot, you may reveal up to 2 grail ICE from HQ. For the remainder of this run, Lancelot gains the subroutines of the revealed ICE in the order of your choice.
->Trash 1 program.

52: “Quetzal” (Anarch Identity[G-mod], 45/15)
Once per turn, break 1 barrier subroutine.

53: “BlacKat” (Anarch Program[ICEbreaker-Fracter], 3 inf). Cost 4, mem 1, strength 3.
1c: Break 1 barrier subroutine (or up to 3 subroutines if you spent a credit from a stealth card).
2c: +1 strength (or +2 strength if you spent at least 1 credit from a stealth card).

54: “:diamonds: Duggar’s” (Anarch Resource[Location-Seedy], 4 inf). Cost 2.
[Click],[Click],[Click],[Click]: Draw 10 cards.

55: “:diamonds: BOX-E” (Criminal Hardware[Console], 1 inf). Cost 4.
+2 memory.
Your maximum handsize is increased by 2.
Limit 1 console per player.

56: “:diamonds: The Supplier” (Criminal Resource[Connection], 2 inf). Cost 3.
[Click]: Host a resource or piece of hardware from your grip on The Supplier.
When your turn begins, you may install a hosted card, lowering the play cost by 2.

57: “Refractor” (Shaper Program[ICEbreaker-Decoder], 2 inf). Cost 1, mem 1, strength 2.
1c: Break code gate subroutine.
1c: +3 strength. Use this ability only if you spent at least 1 credit from a stealth card.

58: “:diamonds: Order of Sol” (Shaper Resource[Location], 1 inf). Cost 2.
The first time each turn you have no credits in your credit pool, gain 1c.

59: ":diamonds: Hades Shard” (Neutral Resource[Virtual-Source], 1 inf). Cost 7.
Whenever you make a successful run on Archives, you may install Hades Shard from your grip instead of accessing cards, ignoring all costs.
[Trash]: Access all cards in Archives.
Limit 1 per deck.

60: “:diamonds: Rachel Beckman” (Neutral Resource[Connection], 1 inf). Cost 8.
You have 1 additional click to spend each turn.
Trash Rachel Beckman if you are tagged.

EDIT: Bolding doesn’t seem to be working for me, tried to bold the new ones. Oh well.


What. The. F***? 20char

Hell yeah, Quetzal works with e3. The dream is real, boys!

Dear God let this be limit 1 per deck. Luckily, it’s also a 3/1. But damn, damn, damn. Is it a brutal 3/1.

I typed up a thing for all of them, with all the quoting and direct response, in-depth looks at each, and then accidentally refreshed and lost it. Oimoi.

Here’s a more brief look:

41- IQ seems incredibly good for early CI, but honestly a 5-cost 5-strength in-faction ETR Code Gate isn’t the worst thing, either.

42- Eliza’s is better than before with the Foundry, we’ll see if it’s better enough to be worth guarding as well as you’ll need to. Curious if the rez cost of “2” is a typo or a change on FFG’s part. If a typo… well, makes the whole spoiler a bit less concrete, though I’ve got some trust in snow-jax given that they’ve seemed on the ball so far. We’ll see.

43- Kitsune is a great way to hit someone with a Snare or Shi.Kyu they thought they’d be safe from. Not sure if it’s worth the space in every deck, but it’s neat – and hard to insta-parasite away.

44- Port Anson Grid has yet to cease being a thing of beauty for the corp. Painful punishment card in the right decks, many of which are in-faction.

45- News Now Hour is mediocre unless you want to cement your hold on things, and even then seems worse than an extra copy of the current you’ve got, right now.

46- Manhunt is nice in Making News, even if just as a way to drain credits over time. Honestly, seems better than Targeted Marketing, or at least more consistently effective.

47- Wendigo looks fun as a way to turn off Faerie, but I couldn’t tell you it was necessarily good.

48- Crisium Grid is actually pretty exciting. Datasucker, Account Siphon, Maker’s Eye, Legwork, Indexing, Desperado, Security Testing, Medium, Nerve Agent, Doppelganger, Sneakdoor Beta – all of these cease to function on a server with Crisium Grid. Emergency Shutdown might, as well. Blanks Masanori. Makes archive punishment better, makes hard-hitting central events worse. Easy to export. I can see this showing up in RP, if nothing else, but Tennin is where it really makes me worried. Expensive if it’s just a one-off thing, but painful to trash, too.


Okay, that might be a bit overblown, but less than I’d like. Goodbye, parasite recursion. All recursion, in fact. Good thing no Runner Decks rely on that, right? (Funnily enough, with NEH so dominant, there’s been talk of a shift away from recursion-heavy criminal… right as a card comes out to punish all recursion.) Eats Exile, pains Deja Vu-loving Anarchs, hurts Shapers that rely on Clone Chip or Scavenge or sometimes even Test Run. Scored in the right moment (after a surprise Archer, maybe?) could leave them without a breaker of any given type for the rest of the game.

If your deck runs a 3/1, it should probably be considering this (so long Encrypted Portals, lol). If your deck doesn’t run any 3/1s but could, you might want to consider it. Jesus fuck. Chronos Project is ridiculous.

This really kicks the teeth out of Prepaid Kate vs. Jinteki, I feel like, oof.

50- Shattered Remains still looks hilarious, especially in Weyland. Oh, did you want a Plascrete out? Too bad! Supermodernism’ll love this.

51- Lancelot and Galahad together might be decent, but they won’t be complete pre-Merlin. Still, chance to make barriers into destroyers (without the subtype)? Might be worth it, oog.

52- Quetzal looks amazing. 15 influence? Hell yeah! E3 Feedback Implants and a breaker-light facechecking policy (at least until Keyhole gets installed) in Anarch? Sign me up!

53- If you have lots of stealth credits, BlacKat is better than Corroder. If you don’t, it’s worse. Stealth credits eat up valuable deckspace, and it’s not that much better. Pass. Maybe the professor’ll like it, he seems to be the one it’s meant for (even if he can’t get the hardware for it).

54- Duggar’s is still funny and also still has potential, but that’s a far cry from being good just yet.

55- BOX-E is a bog-standard, solid console. Definitely worse than Desperado, but if there’s a memory-heavy Criminal deck you’ve wanted to try, might do well at it.

56- The Supplier will save you money, but cost you surprise. Is it worth it? You decide!

57- Refractor (damn, but that name is confusing, ugh) is a decent and cheap decoder, so long as you have stealth credits. Gets through Tollbooth for 5 (including one stealth), which is about all anyone can ask for. (Ties with torch, aside from the requirement, but much cheaper to get out. Functions pretty well at 2-strength, too, breaking Enigma and the like without stealth credits required at all.)

58- Order of Sol is… interesting? If you go broke often (or have a way to do it on their turn it’ll net you a bunch of cash… but not all at once. EDIT: Someone on reddit just pointed out that it works very nicely with Nasir.

59- Hades Shard might as well just read “Fuck your Jackson, I’m looking in there now and you can’t stop me!” A must for Noise, I think.

60- If you’re rich and not worried about getting tagged, Rachel Beckman’ll be a pretty big asset… so long as you don’t rely on her for economy outright, since it’d be 5 turns of Opusing to make that profitable. Useful against Bioroids?

EDIT: To talk more about Crisium Grid… makes Off The Grid even more painful, since you have to trash Crisium and then run HQ again. Also hits Gabe and Silhouette, dunno how I missed them the first time when I caught what it does for Tennin. It does make runs not count for SEA-Source, but even so…

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So by the end of the cycle I think Corp win rate will be around 60% if the data packs continue this way.

Quetzal seems amazing for early aggression! Can’t wait to play him.

Chronos Protocol: because Jinteki needs more buffs.

Why Quetzal gotta be a he, Jerklin? She’s actually that weirdo gal on Inject.


The Supplier looks fun.
I think they made Rachel too expensive. Although I guess you can Sure Gamble into her turn 1. That seems pretty strong. Makes face-checking NBN scary, though.

I don’t understand the excitement about Quetzal. Looks massively underwhelming to me. Makes e3 implants walk through 1 barrier per turn. Saves 1 click vs Eli. I might be wrong, but it seems like a much worse idea for a generic Anarch ID (one you don’t have to build for) than Whizzard or Reina. I can’t get my head around how you would build for this ID.

I think Duggars would be pretty good if you could guarantee it in your first hand. I agree it is funny. Worth a go.

I’m terrified by Chronos Portals, seems totally unreasonable. I guess it’s a 1 of, but still.

Look at how many common, 1-subroutine ETR barriers there are, then back to Quetzal. Then ask yourself if semi-invalidating all of those isn’t worthwhile. Low-rig Anarch, while potentially tricky, would do very well with her in comparison to Whizzard or Reina, because she can Face-check all the more freely.

So, some decent corp cards, a super-hate card against a bunch of runner archetypes that aren’t Andromeda, more overcosted runner crap, and Refractor.

Seriously, who was asking for Chronos Project to be a card?


Chronos Protocol makes the Jinteki Fire deck look viable even against decks which pack Levy, which is nice. I’m actually more excited about Weyland, though - Wendigo gives them a really cheap strength 4 code gate which they (usually) have to break, and there’s also the potential for Chum-like shenanigans by putting it in front of your unrezzed Ice Wall and disabling their Faerie, I guess. Also Crisium Grid + Off the Grid = Crisium maybe please?

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Recursion is one of my favorite mechanics, so Chronos Project is such a huge bummer. Runners are already struggling right now and I would hate to see them encounter another hurdle. Fortunately it doesn’t really fit in any of the dominant T1 decks at the moment. It could slot well in a Jinteki PE Power Shutdown deck but, other than that, I don’t know.

its not the be all and end all, you just cant go all in, or you need to diversify and add some levies so you don’t loose so much in one hit.

i love recursion as well, but the way living card games go, (as a long time a game of thrones player) they are all ways adding cards that shake the meta up, which is good, gives life to the game, makes you re-evaluate old cards , “data dealer” any one.

giving its a one pointer, i think you wont see that many around unless people are specifically teching against recursion for some reason, so it could be a 2 of if a deck doesnt another 1 pointer which there are plenty of good ones!


A card that hits all good runner archetypes except the most dominant one, does the exact opposite of shaking up the meta.

I’m not saying the card is overpowered, or even that it’ll be played often, but from a metagame point of view, I think it’s a pile of steaming shit that nobody needed.

I’m interested to hear/see why the designers thought the shards needed to cost influence. They seem pretty ordinary even without it. 1 inf isn’t much but it is annoying.

The supplier makes liberated account pretty tasty.

not for the 2 inf to splash either piece.

New spoilers day, when everyone hates everything and knows exactly what to do.