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Gagarin Appreciation Thread

its a meme thats supposed to be a business guy musing before work

That would be an epic-scale Final Server :). I’ve either scored out behind Tour Guide + Assassin + Spiderweb or lost on centrals before I could even get there :).

Specifically against Stealth Andy? Hmm.

Guard could potentially be useful against dumblefork to protect archer from forked.

Don’t play Archer.

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if switchblade is your problem then archer is not the answer


I won the Camebridge Store Champs with Gagarin. Below is the link.


I see some skepticism about stealth andy in the thread. I played against one and stacked 4 sentries (including archer) on HQ. I was recurring crisums with interns and museum. My opponent ended up making only one or two HQ runs all game.


Very cool, congrats! What was your scoring remote?

Also, happy to report that I also won a Store Champ today. Gaga dropped one game to a Hades Shard that ninja’d eight points out of archives :expressionless:


Awesome! What did you bring? Gratz!

Apoc Kate and Museum Gaga. The decks I’ve been playing this entire season :slight_smile: All in all finished 4th out of 25, 5th out of 18, 8th out of … 30ish or so, and today first out of 17. Might have missed one, there have been so many of them o_O Planning to attend Cambridge on April 9.


Scoring remote was double spiderweb, ash, napd. Got some free public supports and snuck out a naked chronos project.

I am still not totally sold on this deck altogether. Way to many of my wins I barely squeezed out. I think I need to change the ice composition to better handle whizzard. Unless they faceplant my swordsman, I cant buy enough tempo to get ahead of them. Here are my thoughts…

-1 swordsman
-1 meru mati
-1 enigma
-1 caduceus

+2 rainbow
+1 assassin
+1 changeling

Whizzard - Rainbow is great protection vs cutlery. You will save your assassin/archer. Assassin and changeling are more taxing than the things I am cutting

Stealth andy - Rainbow and assassin can both be stacked on your “sentry only server.” They have to use stealth credits on rainbow or pay 3 with corroder. Changeling will always cost 3.

Shaper - Any Lady counters used on rainbow are lady counters that are not used on spiderweb. Changeling can become a sentry. Maybe they play atman at 4 but that means that assassin and archer get better.

Highly recommend Assassin. I have been tinkering with Rainbow, but haven’t really liked it all that much.

Mumbad City Hall has arrived. The future of Gagarin is here.


Not to disparage anyone’s success with the deck (I like the ID & played Gagarin Ash a lot upon first release) but I still am unconvinced by any Gagarin build. I will eat my words if it takes a Regionals or two, but I don’t foresee this deck consistently winning against good players playing good decks. People have said this deck has a good Geist match-up; I’ve even beaten it as Geist. I think I’ve lost once as Whizzard, my first time against the build. I don’t play Shaper but I can’t imagine losing if you have Shrike or Parasite in your deck. I’ve yet to see a build that could score quickly, and the deck inevitably loses one or two agendas from centrals early. Then the Runner waits to run RND in late game and wins. I’ve seen well-timed early Legworks end games, too.

Is anyone convinced this is tier one? Maybe no one is. I would say it’s decidedly tier two, but there are a plethora of tier two decks on both sides right now. If Regionals were this weekend would anyone play Gagarin Temple ? @CJFM? @IirionClaus would you play your GT Gagarin? Just curious; I’m happy to see Weyland success, I just don’t want people to think Weyland’s card pool is fixed because some Gagarins won Store Champs.

I would play mine, sure. I might be able to get to top 8, but I don’t think I’d be able to win it. Last time I got 15th/16th, but I had begrudgingly played butcher shop and performed terribly with it.

I do think that very skilled Criminals may have the deck’s number. Honestly, the question is whether you’re going to run up against Shapers with R&D Interfaces or Shapers with Maker’s Eyes. R&D Interfaces are how I most frequently lose, while my SC deck shuts down Maker’s Eye variants (because of that, it has a pretty damn good Geist matchup!. Also knowing to stack ice types is very strong against Geist.)

I think if the meta settles down, and decks become more predictable, then Gagarin will do very well. If it’s still full of weird silver-bullet decks, then probably not so much.


Despite playing the game since release the tier system still eludes me. It seems to be some sort of weak mechanism to quantify a deck’s popularity. I have yet to see a clear definition and I’m guessing that the concept was imported from Magic: the Gathering. The differences are that 1) MtG has two decades of gameplay and theory, and 2) MtG has a caste of dedicated, professional players who play the game as their full time job and are capable of reducing the space of potential decks significantly. Android: Netrunner has neither. As such, I think that we (as a community) are very far from fully exploring the deck space, and tier definitions are mostly meaningless. Therefore I am not convinced that any Gagarin build is tier one, or that any tier one Netrunner decks even exist.

Regionals is not THIS weekend but it is actually in three weekends and I am planning to take either my Gagarin build or a comparable Industrial Genomics build (I still need to test Mumbad City Hall in IG). I have said this before, I will say it again: right now I’m planning to take Gagarin all the way to Worlds. I started playing this deck after Worlds. Since then FFG released Mumba Temple, Museum of History, and now Mumbad City Hall and Commercial Bankers Group. FFG has also spoiled Jeeves Model Bioroids, which promises to make this deck even stronger. Meanwhile no significant new counters to this style of play have been released.

I’m completely fine with being the only buffoon who brings Gagarin Deep Space to Minneapolis in November.

Weyland is fine. Weyland has been fine since Worlds. Yes, it is likely that Weyland has been the weakest Corp in November. Starting with Democracy and Dogma I no longer think this is the case. MCH opens up Gagarin and Clone Suffrage Movement promises to boost Blue Sun significantly. Corporate Sales Team is an important addition to rush decks, which Weyland can perform rather well.

There have been a couple of threads complaining that FFG has not spoiled any Weyland cards. Well, now we saw a bunch and they’re incredibly strong. In my opinion, the faction as a whole and Gagarin in particular are heading in the right direction.

Actually, wait, wait, no. No. I take everything back! Weyland is awful. Gagarin is awful. MCH is a crutch or a trap or whatever. Nothing to see here. Move along :wink:


Interesting opinions. I will certainly be pulling for you at Worlds if you make the Top 4 with Gagarin! I don’t personally see the power of any new Weyland cards so far, but I’ll be happily surprised if someone can demonstrate their power. As a heavy Blue Sun player, I’m not sure how Suffrage Movement helps BS at all, since it needs to be undefended. I don’t know the rules well enough to know whether you can bounce a rezzed ICE and then rez CSM to get its trigger. Even if this is possible, I’m not sure it’s better than Adonis. Returning Oversights seems good in theory but in the past 3 months of heavy BS play most of your money does not come from operations in BS Glacier. The Oversights are very unreliable these days, past the first few turns.

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The idea is to install + OAI an ice on top of it. Start of your turn, bounce the ice with BS, then use Suffrage to get OAI back. Rinse, repeat, wipe hands on pants.

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I feel like this type of thinking stems from the fact that Museum decks naturally attract new/inexperienced/casual players, and that makes test games against decks like Gagarin high variance when it comes to the caliber of opponent you are going against.

If you play against inexperienced players on this Gagarin deck and you are a highly capable Whizzard player, you are going to win a ton of games. But that can be true of any matchup, it’s hair the disparity in player skill that is skewing he results of your testing.

All this aside, my personal opinion is that @CJFM Gagarin is a viable deck that crumbles hard to tech cards. I would not be surprised if I saw it at regionals this year, but it’s not NEH fast advance. That said, this can all change with the next pack, which releases counters to the two most popular decks in the meta, which could give Gagarin a relative power boost.


I am curious, with the card pool as is, what are you planning on playing to satisfy the jeeves alliance cost.

Finding 6 HB cards can be tough!