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Gagarin Appreciation Thread

There an HB card that gets literally no play but is really good: Experiential Data

Besides that, I wouldn’t bring this to a tournament if you have a lot of Stealth Andy in the meta. It’s the same case as not bringing RP to a tournament if there’s a ton of Noise.

Edit again: Adding the second Hadrians can help too, provided you can dodge Shutdowns…

Edit again, again: Maybe it’s time for Power Grid Overload?


Oh, and @CodeMarvelous, the image in the back of Diversified Portfolio is Fringe Applications


I was thinking Midway Station Grid, but it’s 4 influence.

Don’t really see how +1 strength helps vs. Switchblade? It’s not like we have str 7 sentries in, right? :slight_smile:

Power shutdown seems legit. Interesting–could include some in place of the diversified portfolios.

It costs 2 stealth to get through 1 Tour Guide, which is not insignificant.


fair, but even then that means we have to start stacking sentries 2-deep, which is rough out of a 54-card, 7-sentry deck with only 3 sentries that have hard etrs. Maybe I should start running guard or something.

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I have no idea what that image is supposed to mean :slight_smile:

Guard is okay to stop the Inside Job, but I don’t like that it sucks in every other matchup, and we really want high-impact ICE. I usually stack Sentries against Criminal anyway to play around Faerie + Inside Job. A good final server would have something like Tour Guide + Tour Guide + Caduceus + Assassin + Spiderweb. I mean, if you add an Experiential Data, that costs 8 Stealth credits. (Best case scenario)

But yeah, the reason this deck works well is because there’s no Stealth right now.


its a meme thats supposed to be a business guy musing before work

That would be an epic-scale Final Server :). I’ve either scored out behind Tour Guide + Assassin + Spiderweb or lost on centrals before I could even get there :).

Specifically against Stealth Andy? Hmm.

Guard could potentially be useful against dumblefork to protect archer from forked.

Don’t play Archer.

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if switchblade is your problem then archer is not the answer


I won the Camebridge Store Champs with Gagarin. Below is the link.


I see some skepticism about stealth andy in the thread. I played against one and stacked 4 sentries (including archer) on HQ. I was recurring crisums with interns and museum. My opponent ended up making only one or two HQ runs all game.


Very cool, congrats! What was your scoring remote?

Also, happy to report that I also won a Store Champ today. Gaga dropped one game to a Hades Shard that ninja’d eight points out of archives :expressionless:


Awesome! What did you bring? Gratz!

Apoc Kate and Museum Gaga. The decks I’ve been playing this entire season :slight_smile: All in all finished 4th out of 25, 5th out of 18, 8th out of … 30ish or so, and today first out of 17. Might have missed one, there have been so many of them o_O Planning to attend Cambridge on April 9.


Scoring remote was double spiderweb, ash, napd. Got some free public supports and snuck out a naked chronos project.

I am still not totally sold on this deck altogether. Way to many of my wins I barely squeezed out. I think I need to change the ice composition to better handle whizzard. Unless they faceplant my swordsman, I cant buy enough tempo to get ahead of them. Here are my thoughts…

-1 swordsman
-1 meru mati
-1 enigma
-1 caduceus

+2 rainbow
+1 assassin
+1 changeling

Whizzard - Rainbow is great protection vs cutlery. You will save your assassin/archer. Assassin and changeling are more taxing than the things I am cutting

Stealth andy - Rainbow and assassin can both be stacked on your “sentry only server.” They have to use stealth credits on rainbow or pay 3 with corroder. Changeling will always cost 3.

Shaper - Any Lady counters used on rainbow are lady counters that are not used on spiderweb. Changeling can become a sentry. Maybe they play atman at 4 but that means that assassin and archer get better.

Highly recommend Assassin. I have been tinkering with Rainbow, but haven’t really liked it all that much.

Mumbad City Hall has arrived. The future of Gagarin is here.