Gear Check! Gauging the interest in a Stimhack store

Hey guys!

I came across an interesting opportunity recently. My friend works with a mint and is giving me the opportunity to make coins that we could sell for use in Netrunner Games. We could also potentially make a few sets of them out of silver to give away as prizes for OCTGN league and the in-the-works Stimhack store champion series. Aside from that, I could also get to work on making things like shirts to sell in a store on the website.

Basically, if I were to do any of this, I would be making a kickstarter first, but I wanted to ask all of you to take a poll to figure out what level of interest there would be in these things. Please take the poll and/or let me know what you think.

Link to poll:

Thanks in advance for your feedback!


I’m definitely interested in Stimhack-branded gear. I love the logo, although I preferred the old one with the logo on the left and the name on the right, rather than the split logo.

Shut up and take my money! :smile:


I’d definitely buy subtly branded clothing. Like no crazy hockey jerseys or anything, but a black shirt with the logo would be dope. Tokens and bits too. Good idea

If the price is right, sure. But I’m guessing shipping to Europe would be too expensive for me(as it is with most stuff from the other side of the ocean)

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I think it would probably be about $7-10

not counting the import taxes I may or may not have to pay(but that’s always a gamble), it seems pretty decent

I had been on the fence on making a topic about Stimhack shirts recently. my only ANR shirt so far is an awesome Mead Hall Games shirt with an End the Run subroutine on the front. I would definitely appreiciate and support anything Stimhack themed. with no local to speak of, this is my ANR scene and family


I had been ogling the team covenant tokens on and off. If the stimhack ones are similarly nice I would definitely buy them.


Whizzard’s shirt please.


yes yes yesssss

this is the thing I want most

what’s it say?

It Is
You Are
To Be
By A ???


Best idea I’ve seen today. Any way you can make money to pay for the site is cool. If we get to benefit (see: swag sales v. Patreon), bonus.



I’d be down for all of it. Hell, if the tokens were worth buying, maybe I’d even give up my controversial dice! :wink:

+1 for interested.

Talking about doing fine silver/gold plated silver for $1/$5 credit tokens. Probably around $200 for a set of 20 of them, maybe just to give away to league winners and stuff like that. I really hope we can get this done!

oh you fancy huh

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While I like the idea, getting that kind of tokens will need to come with a good storagebox with a dedicated slot molded for them, preferably that includes space for two decks and a few other tokens as well.