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Getting back into Netrunner

When it comes to Shaper, this forum is very PPVP/Kate-centric and most people pretend there are no other green decks which are playable :wink: Don’t know much about Kit (though I guess you can build strong decks out of her), but IMO definitely at least Chaos Theory Opus/Stimshop deck is tier 1,5 (a bit weak NEH matchup but very strong against any glacier)

No more posting about conquest here. Use the thread I just spawned off of this. In general please make use of the handy ability to Reply as a linked topic!

Thanks folks.


Sorry about that.


This, by the way, is where the Competitive Meta at—thanks to Matt Dawkins for the underlying data:


Gives you an interesting perspective on identities that are sealing the deal per showing:

Points to the following IDs potentially being underplayed: Val, Whiz, MaxX, & Ken (suspect since only 1 showing)

And corps are much less interesting right now:

Runner’s game it seems.


So maybe I wasn’t too far wrong, back at the end of January!

D4v1d, Eater, Lady and Net Ready Eyes. Strong cards, and not much to compare corp side.


Back in January I think corps in general had a better game. With the threat of NEH it was so much easier to do other things. But now that decks can slot the clot and play a slower game, corps have indeed suffered. The interesting note here is that NEH is still a powerhouse to be contended with. It has some of the best showings which means runners probably aren’t actually teching for it all that often, but still went a bit a slower and hated out glacier because of RP’s prominence.

The other potential is that NEH drove runners to just get better at this game and the need to set up fast, have tons of money and disruption may be hurting other corps more than NEH. Basically, NEH may have trained us all to be better runners hurting other potentially weaker decks in the process.

Multiple ways to read this; all of them interesting, but all of them concluding basically the same thing. You can win as corp, but you’re probably not going to be doing too much interesting while doing it.


My take here is just that NEH is nowhere near as strong as it used to be - certainly it’s not the same. Compare the Scorched Earth based NEH numbers back then to now, for example.

But people are way less teched against it. Back in January, you could hardly afford to put Professional Contacts in your Kate deck, or Vamp. And yet we’re seeing these cards appear all over the place. NEH is massively weaker, but it turns out that when the entire field isn’t running decks purely to beat you, you can still do okay, or even really well. That’s the same reason non-NEH decks were doing so well back then. Not so any more.

Kate still has above average conversion of a top 8 position into a victory (expected value would be 12.5%) so it makes me wonder if the other runners who have a high conversion rate are partly just coincidental since there is not enough data to get a solid trend. (If there are multiple Kates in the top 8 of a tournament, only one of them can win). It would be more interesting if we could compare number of top 8s or number of wins to the total number of each runner being played in the tournament, regardless of how well they went.

That’s a very solid point. Which means the “underperformers” are really only, Leela and all the runners who made it to a top 8 but didn’t get a win. Since Leela is still winning a portion, it might be possible to assume that the pilot matters a ton more than the Identity in her case. Playing her perfectly is apparently harder than playing Andromeda who is according to these numbers a better ID to have in the top 8.

Val & Whiz are the most interesting to me though. Simply because once you’re in the top 8, they’re performing the best. And I think that makes sence. Whiz has a crazy economical advantage with all of this high trash cost stuff running around. And Val has the best economical advantage of any runner to date. 4 free credits a turn is nothing to sneeze at.


Val’s ability is rarely this, though it has the potential to be. The Super Inside Job is a bigger deal.

Agree on the blackmail; Val would love a credit dump in faction. And anarch has none. There were some early workshop builds, but 12 inf for 3x workshop seems greedy to me. If you did go this route, archives would be a serious threat vs non RP builds. Spamming installs off the workshop while collecting suckers…

Add a Wyrm and let your mid-run Parasites act like cutlery.

It’s also a good deck for wyld pancakes since anything you can’t afford to cast just gets thrown on the personal workshop.

Edit - has already been done (without the Wyrm) http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/19769/horchata-de-cayambe-gnk-winner-regional-5th-6th-

can sort of use the upcoming Street Peddler mid-run to get a 2-credit discount (and the draw is great too)

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I think your numbers for Val are wrong. She has 4 wins out of 14 top eights which is 29%.
Edit - a few of the numbers seem wrong, maybe you’re using slightly different data than the other spreadsheet or maybe there’s some missing information.

I have heard that anarch are the hardest faction to play which would support the theory that the pilot is the most important factor in converting those few top eights into several overall wins. Plus the “rogue factor” that when you show up in a top 8 with Whizzard no one knows exactly what cards are in your deck unlike the more popular decks.

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Val (anarch good stuff with desperado) has won multiple regionals in the last few weeks and done well in others, so I would humbly put her above Whizzard in the Tier 1.5/1 list (although who doesn’t pull for the Master Gamer in their heart?).

As for the question on taxing multi-sub ice, I’d say that those two examples are rapidly diminishing in popularity because of the surge of parasites that have come into the meta. Now-a-days, if I only lose 3 ice in a game to insta-parasite death I’m pretty happy. Tsurgui and Komaini will get generally get taken down like a wilderbeast in stumbling into the Amazon river.

What data exactly is under those results?

It’s as much info on top-8s as could be found from regionals in 2015 (to date).

Looks like I connected some dots wrong; should be more accurate now.

I see there’s no data from the Bydgoszcz Regionals (as CT is not on the winning IDs list), if it’s because full top 8 breakdown is not available, I’ll paste it below together with top 8 of the other Regionals I attended in case you didn’t have it as well.

Bydgoszcz (22 players)
2 Andy/EtF
3 MaxX/RP
4 Hayley/EtF
5 Kit/Blue Sun
6 Noise/NEH
7 Reina/RP
8 MaxX/RP

Warszawa (27 players)
1 Kate/EtF
2 Whizzard/NEH
3 Reina/EtF
5 Andy/EtF
6 Kate/RP
7 Reina/Argus
8 Leela/Blue Sun

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