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Going Against the Grain: Reg-Ass Maxx

Funny thing was after the games I found myself thinking “man I wish I HAD been playing Eaterhole”.

Eaterhole got slightly better with the new current too. Maybe its worth revisiting. If nothing else than to get some perspective on how far the meta has come since O&C.

please no.


The name or the deck?


10 char

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We tested that a little too, and it’s certainly relevant especially when you play with the grail ICE. If they make a foolish run, you can kill them (I did that with Merlin for the first time ever when his Gordian was in the bin) or set them back 3 turns by blowing up their rig.

If they play it safe, it slows them down a lot in the setting up stage. If they are counting on CC to get back SMX to save them from whatever, they’re in for a bad time. If they play it slow and steady, they risk the NEH player scoring. If they clot, well, they just used one of their now precious SMCs and I plan on making it difficult for you to get that clot back. It also puts a hurt on Lady tokens if you manage to get a couple Galahads out since Blacklist stops scavenge. Overall, it’s noticeably less good against Kate than it is vs Maxx but that’s because it’s fantastic against Maxx and it’s still super relevant vs Kate. Crim is the only matchup where it might not pull it’s weight but it does stop SOT Legworks and Siphons. At the very least it draws a card and invites the runner to waste a click on checking.

Putting it behind a code gate can buy a lot of time against Calimsha Kate. But I think it’s only worth playing if you want to combat Clot.

edit: you can build a deck with Grails and stuff that can really mess with certain runners, but then when you play against not one of those runners your deck is a terrible pile.

This has been my experience with Reg-Ass as of late. I really hate how fidgety Kati and LA are when paired together. It always feels like Daily Casts is not getting me my money fast enough or it is gone too soon. Its been great vs glacier, which many people are playing, but I am having some troubles with it too.

I’ve found that Grail holds up well versus all matchups. It’s a pain for everyone, really. They need to make it worth the 9 inf investment and I think they’ve done so.

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Grails are fine. I mean if you build your entire deck around the theme of using Blacklist to fight Calimsha Kate / Reg MaxX.

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It’s really terribly important that you just never go broke. Reg ass has to sit back a lot of the time and just let shit go to ensure that econ stays good for the rest of the game. The fact that Medium dig pretty much trumps everything corps can do later is pretty important.

Also, grails kind of suck vs Reg Ass because of all the Parasiting.

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Starting to hate blacklist more and more, from a card design perspective. The last time they printed a card with the possibility to 100% lock a runner out, at least it took so long to win games that nobody would ever bring it to a timed tournament.


I like it, but I also kind of wonder what Shaper and Anarch are “supposed to be doing” if recursion has gotten to the point that it warrants a hate card.

Shapers can run less off of recursion, but most Anarch decks are all about throwing stuff in the garbage and pulling it back.

It usually will only “lock out” MaxX, but it will slow down other runners quite a bit. Which really bites!

Its definitely the card I underestimated the most out of Breaker Bay.

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All these hate cards are incredibly dull. “The runner cannot”, “The corp cannot.”

It’s like they’ve injected an overzealous referee into the cards themselves. Just let us play the game, thank you.


I don’t mind it from a design perspective as much as I mind how it effects the metagame. Every decent hate card that comes out makes me feel like that’s one more thing you should just completely avoid playing. Kate/RP it is…


Something @vinegarymink brought up with me was that instead of hate cards, they could be printing cards that enable more archetypes instead of printing cards that hose other ones and the game would probably be healthier.


you of all people should know that it’s Andy and RP that they want us to play. Blacklist isn’t friendly to Kate.

Just wait until I figure out how to make Unregistered S&W work.

Combo it with Drive By.

Someday, Drive By will be here. Until then, we are stuck with trying to combo it with Blackguard/Silhouette. :stuck_out_tongue:

You could also just gain a click or something.