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[Great Lakes Circuit] - Milwaukee, WI - June 20th


Just a reminder that I will be hosting an ANRPC event for the GLC this Saturday. $10 entry. 11A registration, and 12P start. 5 rounds of Swiss, with a 6th if we manage to pull 32+. Tons of prize support, based on attendance, with unique mats to the Top 4. We will also be streaming all day, with live commentary.

Check it out!


Here’s the mat @aandries made for it.



I know @cranked is going to make it out; but I’ve got packing that has to happen for that move.

Good luck, though! I hope you get a great turn out.


I’ve tried to rile up the CHI meta, to lure them up, if practice for their Regional next weekend, if anything.

If I get 20+, I’ll be happy.

Good luck with the move! (into your new haus? Not leaving MSN, are you?)


@cranked and I are planning on coming from Madison.


I’ll be east side of MSN, which makes me about a half hour closer down the road for these sorts of things. Don’t move until July, but in the meantime someone has to put all of our stuff in boxes and/or garbage bags. I’m not convinced that if I weren’t part of the proceedings that a garbage bag wouldn’t be waiting for my netrunner collection. :o


Normally not a fan of non-FFG playmats… but this one is amazing!


The stream should go live about an hour before the event starts featuring myself, Spags and well anyone else who wants to pop on at 11AM.


Arrrrgghhhh, I’ll actually be in town…but I have a wedding to attend.

Dammit, I keep missing these events


Can we pop off on stream? It’s what I’m best at.


Thank goodness, your mic will be muted.


If I win, expect a pop off of this calibur.

@aandries can interview me, his name is close enough to Erin Andrews for it to count.


What a beautiful mat! We got 28 I believe for our most recent SMC event. Great to see these things getting so big!


Awesome work by @Spags and the whole ANRPC crew. So amazing to put together stuff like this for the community, getting the lads and ladies some more awesome tournaments to play. Excellent work.

And @aandries, that mat is frickin’ baller. The city definitely makes me think of cyberpunk. Excellent work.

Well done lads! Thanks for all your time and effort. :smile:


Just a reminder we’ll be streaming with live commentary tomorrow. 5 round Swiss, no cut. Stop on by!


Are you performing the commentary?


I may do some. I’m also running the tourney.


Any chance you could archive the stream somewhere? Can’t watch it live (timezone + family), but am dying to watch some games with your commentary!


It’s on Twitch. Should be available in ‘Past Broadcasts’.


Note that on Twitch, you have to manually enable that setting. It doesn’t auto-save broadcasts anymore unless you tell it to.