Grip, not Hand: Yes We Khan!

…also known as the “No, you Khannot”, also known as “Yes, bypass passes”, also known as “Can I hold a coreset box while playing her please” thread to discuss about the future of Flashpoint #27, Khan.

Khan, Savvy Skiptracer, Identity: Natural, 40/12, Link 0, “The first time you pass a piece of ice each turn, you may install an icebreaker from your hand, lowering the install cost by 1”.

So, this short deck ID seem to improve some cards like Special Order, Chameleon & Scheherazade (which is 4 inf the pair), Tech Writer, and her 40 card status & clic/credit sparing could make a good starting ID for a Rebirth (but on the other hand, 12 inf is meh).

Khan, to boot her rig, could benefit from antirez cards like at the moment Blackmail, red pie cards like Cyberthreat, DDoS and EMP Device, and bypass cards which are mostly in the blue pie.
False Echo could be also strange with her.

She doesn’t seem to be much OP from what we know about future cards of Flashpoint, mainly because of those little 12 inf she has, but could make a good use of a B&E suite preventing she could draw those cards with Drug Dealer and such.

Of course, I’m pretty sure you have better ideas than me, khan you show them to us ? :slight_smile:

Right now I vote we change the title to “I don’t think we Khan” until further evidence to the contrary.


Also she does work with bypassing. Bypassing alows you to pass a piece of ice without encountering it. Bypass | Android Netrunner Comprehensive Unofficial Rules Wiki | Fandom


Ok, thanks, I’m changing this in a sec :wink:

You’ll obviously want some sort of non-permanent breaker package as saving a max of 3 credits and 3 clicks a game doesn’t seem worthwhile as an ID choice. B&E breakers could make sense but having one in hand isn’t guaranteed.

Finally, my dreams of a Security Nexus w/B&E breakers have been realized.

Definitely seems like the ID ability has synergy with the B&E suite, but the 0 link is disappointing.

Probably best with Geist breakers.

Ooh man, I like the synergy with Autoscripter.

I personally have never been passing a piece of ICE and thought, boy I wish I could install a discounted ICE breaker right now.

This ID baffles me, which is why I expect her to receive some support like Geist did.


i love this @moistloaf


My gut is that her console will let you uninstall icebreakers, possibly earning you a partial refund like Blue Sun. Then you could use her with cards like Femme Fatale and Cyber Cipher and reposition them as needed.

But yeah, there needs to be some other support for her. Otherwise her only option is disposable breakers, but that’s Geist territory.


that would be a sweet console actually


I just realized stimhack is support. Makes me hate this new runner a bit less knowing you can do cool stimhack into femme stuff.


Yeah, maybe you just play weird shit like 3x Femme and 3x Stimhack and hand size increasers. I don’t know what the other 39 cards are that make this worth it (other than 3x Temujin Contracts, which will be a 3-of in any crim deck from here to the end of time), but maybe there’s some good ones there too =P

Btw Khan’s text says “hand”, shouldn’t that be “grip”?


Listen, buddy, a lot of text in this game should read certain things and doesn’t. It’s one of the great Mysteries of Netrunner and the reason @jakodrako’s life is so hard.


i think it’s too early to start speculating on how she will work without seeing all of her support cards. i have a feeling that she’ll have an almost required console and/or icebreaker program(s)

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Soo… Brahman + Passport (or other cheap breakers)? Gives you a chance to take some of the cost out of using Brahman, but we’re already in the faction with the weakest draw.

Can we again retitle the thread “Grip, not Hand: Yes We Khan!”