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Grip, not Hand: Yes We Khan!


Yeah, it seems like she ought to come with some kind of support.

But with the 40-card limit, is there maybe some kind of argument for a super-explosive deck with 3 copies each of cards like Account Siphon, Inside Job, Run Amok, Feint, Emergency Shutdown, High Stakes Job and just use the ability to save clicks and credits also getting your breakers installed in the period before the Corp can get round to stabilising?

(Do you reckon this cycle is going to have a vague Mongol theme, what with Khan with her hunting eagle and Temujin Contract among the spoiled cards?)


They should have called it the The Khantract.


seems like a solid ID to leverage brahman? definitely expecting this ID to have a highly synergystic console/set of cards/etc. in this cycle. I also like how well the ability couple with special order; makes that card feel a lot better to play.


Even if you want to do this deck, I think Silhouette’s extra 3 influence and ability to help land Siphons is going to be better than saving a couple of clicks and credits.


Maybe she can London Library some Femmes and install Brahman? Autoscripter in case you need to pull Femme off the Library?


I put together a Khan deck that uses Brahman as the primary breaker, fueled by run economy (including the spoiled resource Temujin contract).

Brahman Khan

Khan: Savy Skiptracer

Event (11)
3x Account Siphon
3x Dirty Laundry
2x Special Order
3x Sure Gamble

Hardware (5)
2x Autoscripter
3x Desperado ☆☆☆

Resource (12)
1x Enhanced Vision
2x John Masanori
2x Sacrificial Construct ••
3x Security Testing
3x Temujin Contract
1x The Turning Wheel •

Icebreaker (8)
1x Brahman •••
2x Crowbar
3x Faerie
1x Passport
1x Spike

Program (4)
1x Crescentus
3x Scheherazade •••

9 influence spent (max 12-3☆=9)
40 cards (min 40)
Cards up to Blood Money

Deck built on https://netrunnerdb.com.

The logic behind the deck is that Khan’s ability is an extra bonus on the typical criminal run economy, that prolongs the value of the run economy after the corp starts laying down some ice. Khan’s 40 card limit aids consistency in finding all the moving parts. Installing an extra icebreaker by itself is fairly underwhelming unless you can get good value out of extra installs. Autoscripter and scheherazade use the install to give an additional click and credit on top of the usual run economy. The installed breakers themselves are used mostly to fuel Brahman, though you can also use them like burst economy on a critical run.

Typical breaker suites are too slow nowadays, and an AI breaker lets you land those early siphons. Brahman has great stats for a breaker, apart from very high strength ice. One copy of crescentus helps deal with that, and hopefully your siphons are hitting often enough to prevent the corp from rezzing big ice in the first place. Like usual, criminals hate program trashing, so sacrificial construct keeps Brahman safe. Sacrificial construct can also prevent autoscripter from trashing itself, or act like extra copies of faerie.

A drawback of Brahman is that it only lets you pass as many ice as you have programs installed. Khan mitigates this drawback, letting you install one more program on the fly, and Scheherazade costs 0 memory, letting you use extra copies to fuel Brahman.

This deck is about credit denial. Open servers are easy money. Servers with a single ice turn on Khan’s ability, and are still likely to be profitable. It takes two ice rezzed over every server to deny this deck money (depending on the ice). Use that money to trash the corp’s assets. Siphon the corp to death. Prevent them from ever having enough money to rez the ice on their scoring server, or fast-advancing their agenda.


Calling it now. Her console should be named Ghengis.


Has to be an Icebreaker that you install with her ability…


Hah! Reading skills are important.:blush:


Temüdjin is allready the original birth name for Gengis Khan. Temüdjin Contracts is the name of a card of the same datapack. Temüdjin means “blacksmith”, or “best iron”.

I would say titles are nothing without a horse, and Gengis Khan had two preferred horses. :wink:


It’ll be a bit sad if that’s the case, since Genghis Khan is a Persianised version of his name. The Mongol is closer to Chingis Xaan. Netrunner is normally reasonably good about that sort of thing.


“That’s a little too on-the-nose,” I said to myself, milliseconds before remembering the name of Hayley’s console :stuck_out_tongue:


Would be interesting maybe to see an efficient icebreaker for criminals that returns to your hand after breaking subroutines (like how Faerie trashes or Brahman returns a card to deck). So Khan could break two pieces of ICE on one run with it?


Her pet bird seems like a likely candidate for this…


Ah, that does seem more likely than my idea of it being a Console. I was thinking that breakers returning themselves to hand was already done with Chameleon in Shaper, but if you make it a per-ice condition instead of a per-turn condition then the breaker feels a lot more like a Criminal card. It’s perfect for a hunting bird.


I agree that the bird could be her console just as Dinosaurus was CTs console.


Dinosaurus is a physical stuffed toy.

The bird appears to be a digital construct, given that’s blue and glowy…


Considering Consiles are Harware then shouldn’t the blue glowy bird be a program instead.


Maybe an AI or other multipurpose icebreaker that returns to grip on use? That seems to fit a hawk/falcon-themed program.


Or maybe an ability on install…