Hacktivist Meeting in an Asset-heavy meta

Starting a discussion about arguably the best Runner current in the game, released in this most recent pack. With RP, EtF, and NEH Kill/FA hybrid representing the most competitive decks in this Regionals season, I am curious how this nicely costed current will see play.

Assuming this is played as a remotely intelligent window, this card can wreck some havoc if it stays up for a few turns, especially while the Corp is setting up.

I could see it most useful in Credit Denial and Siphon Spam decks, forcing the corp to lose cards for trying to offset their econ into drip or rezzing Caprice, Ash, or Crisium to respond to the run-event meta.

Has anyone playtested this card in SamRS’s brilliant list, or in a Siphon Spam Criminal?

First blush, I can’t believe you trash a random card. This seems really powerful to me.

If you are playing anarch what card in your deck is this card not better than; i.e., seems like you are hurting yourself by not cutting 2, maybe 3, cards for Hacktivist Meetings. In other factions the decision is harder because of the influence cost.

edit: just thinking how to get around this, in order to score an agenda, do you need to “rez” the agenda?

‘Agendas cannot be rezzed and are only active while in a score

Taken from the core set Netrunner rulebook.


Isn’t there a spoiled agenda coming out that you gives you some bonus for exposing to the runner? I guess turning face up and rezzing are different, at least with agendas.

I’d imagine that it will say “X is installed faceup” or something like that.

I’m not buying that it’s that powerful.

Why not? Random discard is certainly a powerful effect, as Utopia Shard aptly demonstrates (edit: the on-demand nature of Utopia Shard is obviously important, so maybe a more disruptive version of Noise’s ability is the better comparison?), and meta-dominating identities like BS and RP lean moderately to heavily on rezzed assets/upgrades to generate money and scoring windows.

If the runner is going to have playable currents, this seems like a good candidate.

I’ve been testing Hactivist Meeting in Headlock Reina, and it’s been amazing for me so far in HB, RP, and asset-spam NBN match-ups. so much so that i want to get up from 2x copies to 3x – both to get it early before that first Adonis/MHC rez and also to have more copies against corps that decide to play Currents more in response. it even works against Blue Sun’s Adonis shenanigans.

against RP alone, think of every rez that’s going to force a random discard: MHC, PAD, DBS, Sundew, Jackson, Caprice, Ash, and maybe even Crisium Grid. it can be pretty brutal.


This seems extremely powerful, because…damn, it affects everything that is not ICE, upgrades, economy assets…everything. And it’s random, so you cannot really play around it with an asset-heavy deck.

If it didn’t hit upgrades it wouldn’t be worthwhile because HB can easily afford one random trahs or two to keep their Adonis going. But if it hits Ash 2X too…damn.

I’ve been running Genomics for a while now and I fear this card might hit it really hard in its best matchups :confused:

Its a good current and until the game swings back to event economy over asset taxing economy I will be including at least x2 in most of my MaxX or Reina decks.

If I can find slots, I might even be going up to x3.

I am more so curious what it will do on the corp side of things. Will asset heavy corps now run x2 of a current to wipe?

i’m already running a 2x current in my RP, but this is scary enough that i kind of want to drop in a third. probably an early overrreaction, though!

one idea i’ve heard floating around, besides HB slotting in ELPs, is giving Lag Time a chance – pretty helpful for screwing with all these players running amok with Atman-4 again.

Likewise. I don’t quite see why it’s not causing more excitment. Dan set review gave it a “it’s the best runner current, but meh”.

I see why from the runner side of the table it might feel a bit random - too much hit and miss. But from the corp side it feels totally oppresive to play against with, well pretty much anything really. It’s another push towards corps rezzing early, it’s true, but that’s not really a solution in most cases. And you bleed a lot of information as the corp when this is down about what’s in your HQ based on your rezzing decisions.

Time will tell I guess.

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It is certainly the most playable current runner side in the meta right now. Most of the more competitive decks pack assets.

Its true that there are answers to them, especially as Weyland and NBN but with fast advanced hurting already, Hacktivist meeting seems poised to do some serious work.

As someone that likes playing NEH, I think this is annoying enough that it’s worth including a couple of currents for additional answers to turn this off. Gave me another reason to play Targeted Marketing.

I think first its worth pointing out that corp already has actually good currents, so having to take some currents to turn them off is hardly the same as Pre-Hacktivist Meeting where the runner was essentially forced to take a garbage card or play around currents with no reasonable counterplay. Similarly, it can be extremely taxing to keep up with spamming new remotes, in a way that while not ‘broken’, again, didn’t have much by way of counterplay–you pissed through all your clicks and credits getting rid of them, or you didn’t. I think Hackitism brings some interesting Netrunning into the mix, since it doesn’t actually turn off NEH, Turtlebacks, or EtF, it just adds a pressure valve for rapidly rezzing those cards without pushing an agenda through first or playing your own current. And you still get to rez ICE and score agendas–it in no way protects itself the way something like ELP does, it doesn’t touch any of the cards needed to stop it, I think its 100% fair and I’m still really excited to play it, that is a hard achievement to pull off.


I’ve been playing with Hacktivist Meeting in a Headlock Reina variant, and it’s been phenomenal. It tends to give up information (such as, is the corp holding an agenda – in person, only). It’s really one of those currents that wants to be played turn 1 so that you get the most out of it. Also, it really wants to be online before the corp gets set up. Because you want it early, I think playing any less than two in a deck sort of defeats the purpose of the card. Drawing it mid-game is still good (turning off ELP is nice), but you want to keep them online as much as possible. I’ve been testing with 3x. Since corps have decent currents and recursion with Jackson, it’s important for a runner to maximize the amount they can play. If it disrupts one turn or hits one card in HQ, it seems worth it to me.

The card also wants to be in decks where you don’t have natural affinity to destroying assets (Ed Kim, MaxX, Reina). It seems redundant in Whizzard. I’m liking what FFG is doing with runner currents.

How so? now I get to trash your asset/upgrade to which you paid credits+random discard for free or near free.

You were going to trash it anyway.

I could see the corp not wanting to play and rez assets at all. What’s the point in spending your clicks and money to rez something that will get trashed right away and will also take down one card from your hand with it? It’s just that as a corp you have to always do the most efficient stuff and if it doesn’t cost anything (or almost nothing) for the runner to trash the cards you’re playing, then you might consider not installing them in the first place.

Won an SC yesterday with Headlock Reina, and the 2x Hactivist Meeting definitely did work in my HB and RP match-ups. I was convinced that I’m going to start going 3x, as corps decide to pack more currents to combat it – my roughest game was one where an RP canceled out my Hactivist Meeting with an ELP, and I couldn’t find my second copy after lots of draw. In every other match, this dominated with 7-0 wins, as corps couldn’t get any econ going (despite one corp getting all its Hedge Funds and Celebrity Gifts early).

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