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Hand Made Alters

A friend of mine is trying to make some money in the difficult situation now in Greece and I asked her to make some alters for me since she is an artist.

What do you think will be a good price for selling them 1 X copy and 3 X copies for cards like Parasite? Would you be interested? I am thinking something around the 10$/10 euros range or 25 for 3 copies of the same card. Do you think it is too much?

Do you think that this action will bear fruit (i.e. cash) to her. Of course, you will have to take into account that someone will have to sent his 3 cards and receive 3 other cards since i do not won infinite core sets or duplicates of data packs.

I would gladly hear any opinion/suggestion.

Than you before hand.

If I violate any rule of the forum about selling and stuff, then just post your opinions or i will gladly delete the post.

Here is my new Bling for my noise deck, the deck currently with the most alters anyway, i am targeting to an all alter deck :D.


Those look great.

I think there would be more demand for 1x of IDs since those can be legally used in tournament events. Altered cards that are part of your deck could be objectionable in a tournament. The other nice thing is that a data pack has 3x of the ID already.

Personally, I don’t want to bother mailing my cards away (especially across the ocean) and mailing away also makes it take longer to receive the card, but I would be happy to pay more than $10 for it.

I am in Canada and if I could get some altered ID for $30 each after shipping I would be very happy with that.


It might make sense for her to send some to world’s with a representative and see if people want to buy them. I think @kiv is completely right that alt-ids are probably the best, for the reasons that he listed.


Interesting idea! I’m guessing this must be a common Magic thing.

I know that altering someone else’s graffiti, crossing out their name, and then signing it yourself has been grounds for violence. Has an artist ever snapped and taken a swing at someone for one of these? I guess they’ve already been paid, though, so probably not.

Either way, I’d throw down a bit of cash if someone could make my Account Siphons look less freaking boring.

I’d love to see what could be done with the different identities. If I saw some examples of what could be done with those, I’d be interested. Account Siphon isn’t bad and I couldn’t imagine how else it would look @MondoPeregrino

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Well the thing with the IDs is that the actual work needed for them is really time consuming and moreover they are pretty full bleed art to begin with. Still i get your point.

I will try to get some more alters. I will try to get only runner cards since some people may cringe at the fact that some of their cards will be different (slight different) when the runner accesses their hand.

Thnx for all your comments, will try to get something more interesting.

What do you thing will be the best way to sell them and show them?


EDIT: Account Siphon sounds really interesting.

Edit2: Or Agendas Alt arts now that i think of it. Once you access it, you score it (usually) so no prob with slightly different art.

What do ya think of this one?

Thought that altering Agendas will not affect the game much as when you access it, you usually score it (no Harp Studios), so no problem with slightly different artwork and the runner understanding that you hold different copies of the same card in your hand.



Now very tempted for astros. Choo Choo!

Actually, is there any chance of getting three astros in time for Greek nationals?

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Sorry m8, no chance for this one since the artist has not decided yet on how to do them. These 3 babies get shipped to day to me to give them to their lucky owner in the Greek nationals (together with Parasites and mediums :).

Are you coming to nationals? We can talk there.


I think they are waiting for the fourth one to come out. :slight_smile:

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That’s a nice looking Nisei! Did you ask if she can do anything with Account Siphon? If they’re cool enough I’d pop for two sets. Deja Vu is another card I’d like to have some improved art for.

She is working on the siphon card now but se says that it is tough to come with something interesting for this card. It seems that accounting is really boring, even when it is depicted on artwork.

This weekend is the Greek Nationals. Next weekend I will visit her at Ioannina and give her more cards to experiment with. I am thinking of a Deja Vu with a “300” immortals mask or a Kabuki mask. What do ya think?

Tell her to think of the alt art datasucker, just make it a money theme.

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Nice idea, the only prob being that the text of a normal card is rather big compared to the official Alt Art ones… Still, a very good idea, especially if the siphon draws in Bitcoins :wink:

I’d pay good Bitcoins for these alters :smiley:

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Kabuki Deja Vu would be neat! Or maybe the Mask of Truth from the N64 Zelda games?

You don’t need text for asking siphon though haha, doesn’t everyone know what it does by now?

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<img src="/uploads/db0349/original/2X/4/4c38a65073e76a5d2fbcd424f89ad04f266ab266.png" width=“375”

Refractor… (heavy breathing).



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Mr Kelfecil also made a page with a gallery and the contact info of Christina, the artist of these alters. Feel free to contact her or me if you want something for you :wink:


Also check out Eurogrid.net :wink:

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