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Have you heard the rumors? A Rumor Mill thread


I feel like the corporation should have a method to leverage large amounts of credits into a strong server in a way that isn’t “build a taller fort.” I think Ash did a very good job with that - it was predictable, not random, and created a lot of interesting server math wars (I still think Blue Sun glacier is a fun deck to play and play against). I know folks found Caprice annoying, but, ever since Councilman and PolOp, it has been well contained. Sandburg, as has been said before, is a decent idea but with an out of wack rez/trash ratio.

This is a stupid, heavy-handed way to crush all of those interesting interactions for god knows what reason. /soapbox

And hannibalrex - I’m under the impression that the discussion was premised on a general acknowledgment that glacier got hammered. I don’t know if anyone is realistically arguing otherwise.


We won’t probably know the full reason until the end of the cycle. But there seems to be an awful lot of stuff that is keying off those cred values this cycle.

Anyway, I am withholding my sky is falling Rumor Mill gut feelings until we know more about this cycle. I think this cycle has had some of the fewest spoilers/info leaked in… possibly the life of the game.

We haven’t even had pack 4 announced yet! By now, usually we are done with cycle announcements and have almost twice as many spoilers to complain about.


If it’s true that Damon’s been bragging about cards that “everyone will freak out about” then that’s kind of worrying in itself. Interesting new cards are one thing, roller-coaster style meta-shifts imposed by hugely potent cards and reliance on the MWL to play whack-a-mole with the broken combos they enable is another.

Also, with respect to Rumour Mill generally - Corp currents and 2/1 agendas don’t seem like they’ll really help that much. You can use the card as if it’s a run event - wait for a glacier player to IA or IAA a card, play Rumour Mill click 1 and go and check it out. If it sticks around after your turn, great, but if the Corp overwrites it with a current of their own or clears it with a 2/1 then no biggie - just wait until they IAA again and re-play it either from hand or with SOT or Deja Vu or whatever. The only counterplay at the moment seems like advanceable traps but as we all know they have big problems of their own, and you’d have to run a lot to tax out all the recursion runners have access to. Maybe we’ll get some better ones later in the cycle, or maybe some other defensive upgrade will replace Ash and Caprice and give an agenda a chance to survive in a server for an entire runner turn.


Absolutely that.

I’ll neither miss them. Its not like glacier decks will be weak instantly, its like you have to adapt piloting them. Going a 0 risk lean back and build up 20 turns while cycling agendas with Jackson strategie never was any kind of fun to me.
Now you can’t do that anymore.
You will have to rush agendas early, and play some agenda that can be scored without advancing or create your scoring windows later.


Are you saying glacier is winning 100% right now?


No. Im saying some players go for score only when they see no risk losing the agenda at all. They go for a zero risk strategy.
This playstyle will lose 100℅ games against rumor mill, while it was sadly viable and could win games before.


he wasn’t ‘bragging’

he said that a card was designed, went through playtesting, and the powers that be decided that it needed to be more powerful than it was. others said ‘you have to MWL this immediately when it comes out’ (obviously not during design, since that happened way before the MWL)

his point by bringing it up was ‘it’s not my fault if people think it’s too powerful’


That’s the Joke : NBN Shouldn’t be worried about this card since they don’t really use unique upgrade for scoring and the other corps won’t pay the 3 influence. :stuck_out_tongue:


If a corp can score out behind Caprice at 0 risk the runner done fucked up at some point


That is called a current.


If there’s a way to play a current on the runner’s turn I’d be glad to hear it.


Sol can :slight_smile:


After they steal the agenda they were playing Rumor Mill to steal?


Yes, sure, but then if they call back though SOT, they need to run clic 3, SOT on table (aka no tag) and have money. Or clic 4 sot not on table.
You can tag him to death after he stole that (ex: HHN or else you wouldn’t have tried to score if he can go back) and then whatever EOI / Closed Acount you want.

Or just bait / antibait with Junebugs (same story for clot imho).

The game is changing A LOT now. It seems to me Damon want to remove a lot of old op stuff, let’s just wait for end of cycle ?

The only sad thing is Rumor’s mill is killing sysops, some of which made cute non-op exotic decks I liked to play. You can say bye to Midori, Bernice, The Twin stuff etc.

They will come back, next super-dupper-upper card will come and then Rumor’s mill should be in less blue & green decks. Orange should keep their weapon against glacier / fa, two of their long-time natural problems.

It’s trapdeck time ! :slight_smile:


i mean i just don’t think it’s as much a joke as everyone makes it out to be.

yes, even at its most ideal use it falls a bit short due to its influence and the fact that it means it’s yet another server to protect, but it’s not absolutely asinine to consider this card if Rumor Mill completely hoses your strategy


I looked back on the decks I have brought to tournaments YTD and nearly everyone contained caprice. I think this could be actually quite liberating being forced to migrate to other strategies. It is a living card game after all and we should never be scared of change.


I like having to adapt. I don’t like having an entire archetype broken.


Whether or not this card becomes as strong as can be feared in actual gameplay, I absolutely detests its design in general.


Personally, I love that they’re exploring this game space, even if this specific ability is perhaps a bit too strong. There’s not really enough ways for the runner to interact with assets as it is - ignore it or trash it, for the most part. Compare that to ice, where you can avoid/ignore it, run through it and suffer, break it, de-rez it, bypass it, or trash it. Giving the runner ways of interacting with assets that expand the options available is something I was hoping they would explore more, especially after the asset-heavy Mumbad Cycle.

I actually anticipated/thought of a card similar to Rumor Mill’s effects, though it was more like Targeted Marketing in its focus (you pick a specific asset/upgrade to blank, all named rezzed assets with that name are blank text box) in the Imaginary Cards thread. Clearly Damon thought of similar ideas!


See that would have been a much better card as it would reward understanding you’re opponents deck and could be played around by bluffing or mixing up what the upgrades were. Rumor Mill is just a blank nope.