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Have you heard the rumors? A Rumor Mill thread


That’s truly the biggest disappointment. There’s space for cards to be made that fit into the non-unique and region categories, but I’d like to have seen them before Rumor Mill came out, rather than after. I’m hoping there’s some good stuff in this vein later in the cycle.


You say that now. :wink:


One only has to compare it to Political Operative. That card is fun! I like playing both with it and against it and there’s a lot of subtle counterplay involved.

I just think…did we need a Political Operative that is ten times as powerful and ten times less interactive?


The problem for me is that Anarch already plays 3x Deja and some amount of SOT so they can just recur this stupid card forever.


Yep. Gotta run Chronos now. I don’t see any other solution.


I doubt that helps. First, you need to score it at the right time, and second, they can just run 2+ copies of rumor mill, which they are probably doing anyway in order to see it when they want it.


Well, it also forces them to run the server or threaten a never advance score.

It means Anarch cannot rely upon levy and sot/deja vu.

It might just lock out the rumor mill.

And it is a low opportunity cost to wipe a current and get you a point.


I played without Caprice / Ash / Sansan for two years before that one. There’s life outside those cards. I know people who did like me and I’m happy they would be back on top again.
I even know a player who refuse jackson howard. I guess he’s very happy about that current.

I know why people refuse change : there’s a lot of tricks there they never looked for.

Come on guys, in 2/3 datapack something like that, there’s a new toy every runner want in their decks. Look what is happening to Shaper / Crim’s Clot…


I know Terminal cards are supposed to be a Corp thing, but honestly that seems like the best mechanic to keep Rumor Mill in line as far as it’s power level goes without completely changing the card. A terminal Current doesn’t really make much sense though…


Does anyone think RM will leave Anarch? Also, it is competing with Employee Strike at least.


Yes. Caprice was game poison. Medicine tastes bitter, but you have to swallow it.


Caprice is a great card and I will fight anyone who says otherwise


I never liked this kind of playstyle so it’s not like it’s something new.


Degenerate CTM decks are okay though?


Maybe Rumor Mill is a very clever flavor card. The whole cycle is supposed to be themed on this one major event that wiped out the currency metric, and now all havoc is raining down. What is one thing that Rumor Mill does? It makes it harder for the Corp to leverage a huge cash advantage. Which could be considered what happens when the currency system collapses. Wealth will no longer buy security/happiness. Now you have to use your money in ways that the new chaos allows, things such as blowing up hackers with cruise missles. No island in the sky anymore. Have to get down into the gutter and find/kill the pests.


Yeah, I bet that is intentional. They’ve always been good at flavoring this game - one of the reasons I love it. But I did just had a proxy game where it blanked a Sandburg for the game point.

“Have you heard - Weyland has this epic AI where it just makes their ICE unfathomably complicated. They just pour resources into it and bam, you’re screwed.”
"Oh yeah, well Sandy is a slut."
Sandburg sniffles and goes home.


Caprice is a card, i second that. Great card, not so much to me. Especially the interaction with Nisai MK II made it a really frustrating card to play against, before PolOp.


From what I seen till now, CtM seems like a very Interactive game for both sides.
Its to early to say if it’s too good, since I for myself dont have enough playing experience against it.


Ah, fair enough. I misunderstood. Though to be honest I’m not sure it’s any more reassuring if Damon’s bosses are telling him to buff cards that have already been through play-testing.


Strong defensive upgrades are good for the game IMHO, any good runner can bust down a server when they really have to, and Caprice does have counterplay in the form of economic pressure on the Corp.