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Heartland of America Circuit (HAC) (Updated!)

From September until November 15th, we will be holding qualifiers for the Heartland American Circuit (HAC), part of the ANR Pro Circuit. Top 4 at each qualifier will receive an invitation to the finals at the esteem Team Covenant store in Tulsa, Oklahoma on December 5th. Also up for grabs at each event are four of our very own custom playmats:


Locations running events include
Petries Family Games, Colorado Springs, CO, September 12th

The Covenant Store, Tulsa, OK, October 3rd

Dragon’s Lair, Austin, TX, October 10th

Dragon’s Lair, San Antonio, TX, October 17th

Tabletop Game and Hobby, Overland Park, KS, October 17th

Games Headquarters, Oklahoma City, OK, October 24th

Roll2Play, Coppell, TX, November 1st

Collected Games, Fort Worth, TX, November 14th


If you are interested in running an event, and your city is within driving distance of Tulsa, send me a PM and we’ll work something out.

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Looks good!


Ugh. Was really hoping to be back stateside by the time this one got put together. Hope it’s a blast regardless. Maybe next year…

Was sooo looking forward to something nearby, I the Mat looks great, and I can’t wait to get this thing kicked off!

I’ll be listening closely for word on the Kansas City event! Also that image looks sick @SamRS.

Rise! Rise! Another circuit is born!

Congrats guys. Looking good.

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What a wicked graphic for the circuit/playmat. Glad to see more circuits open up!

Well I’ll be going to at least at least a couple of these…

This appears to be the source, plenty of other cool content:


Gumshoe @gumOnShoe, Super Sleuth.

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Secrets unveiled:


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Magic times we live in.

Netrunner times we live in. Imagine snapping a picture of someone on the street, putting the image into google and finding their facebook provile (meant profile, but that’s hilarious).

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I feel like “Red River Circuit” was a missed opportunity here…

“Dust Bowl Series” was my personal favorite, to get back to the Netrunner acronyms. But it seems I was voted down by a bunch of HACks in a democratic fashion. :smile:


You missed one of the early mockups. Wasn’t too nice to yours truly.


Yeah, we actually almost bought the second image instead of the one we used.


I’m just glad to hear you bought rights to it. :smiley:

But, yeah, this artist’s stuff looks great.

Minor update as we had to reschedule a couple of events.