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Hello Stimhack

Love the site, glad you have forums now. I’ve never seen a forum layout like this one, is it based on anything?

I think there is a lot of sub-par netrunner information out there, and nothing has really emerged as a mainstream competitive resource yet. I hope to see stimhack do for netrunner what themanadrain did for magic. Anthony, Anthony and Alex are the real deal.


Thanks Andrew we appreciate it. These forums are running off of the new discourse forum software. It’s still in beta, but they are constantly updating and refining it. It’s created by the guys who did StackOverflow, and has some cool features so we thought we would give it a try.

Sorry about your post being eaten the first time around, Shouldn’t happen again. :wink:

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Your server imp is out of virus counters?

Had to spend my whole turn on it, but purged.

Thank you for your comments. I agree that the Netrunner online community is plagued with inexperienced players posting decklists based on generally flawed ideas. I also hope that we can become the main source of competitive information out there.


Thank you for creating this site. I already thought it was fantastic when you were just talking about Netrunner draft!

The forum is different, and takes some getting used to, but seems more easier to navigate, and easier to find new and interesting posts, than the “standard folder style” forum.

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it’s nice to have a central discussion site that isn’t BGG or reddit. Thanks!

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Thanks for the initiative! The website is great so far, keep it up!

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Thank you guys for this site. I’ve always been competitive in every game i play and i am a theory addict concerning card games. I hope this site’ll become the premier source of reliable netrunner theory and decks.
I’ll make sure to mention the site to the local players once we’re done setting up our local league.

keep up the great work!

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I completely agree with the thoughts of those above me. I’d love nothing more than for this to be the premier Netrunner site, and to see these forums explode.

I was wondering, however, if it wouldn’t be a bad idea to allow user-submitted articles on the home page. Of course, they would require approval and need to be very thoughtful and thought-inducing. I’d very much like to see more user activity on these forums and I feel as though if people feel as though they have a voice, they may feel more inclined to express it. Of course, this is entirely up to those that run Stimhack.

On a somewhat related note, I’m interested in starting a series of articles myself, many of which will use statistical analysis to quantify game mechanics and strategy, much like what is done here and here (though I will drastically simplify my findings in graphical form, so as to reach a wider audience).

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Glad you guys enjoy the site, we hope to keep improving and growing the community as we develop.

We are 100% open to more user-submitted content. A few of the articles posted on StimHack are from people who have contacted us and wanted to be authors.

If anyone is interested in contributing to StimHack, either send me a PM on the forums or shoot us an email at stimhack@gmail.com.

@Lysander I would most definitely be interested in seeing articles like that Lysander, expect a PM soon.

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I’ve got a suggestion for this site, i didn’t really know where to post it so i post it here.
It could help stimhack on the way to netrunner fame.

Netrunner is pretty new and is complex, when new players like me know the basics they go looking for decklists and such on the internet but they don’t know how to play them. For example, do i run early with noise? What is the goal of fast advance and how does it play out, why are these specific cards in it, what are the card choices etc…

It would be cool to have primers for every archetype. So new players can pick up faster. I’m having that problem currently, i want to get competitive but there’s only 8 people here locally who are at the same point as me and i’m a bit stuck. I see decklists everywhere and i’d like to start building myself but i don’t always know how to pilot a certain deck and would like explanations, there’s no place to find that though.

TL;DR: We need primers to explain the archetypes and how to play them to newbies.

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I like that idea. I posted an article for Jinteki elsewhere (pending approval). I shortened it considerably for brevity, but once it’s posted there, I’ll start on a more in-depth variant here that covers all builds with considerable detail. @SneakySly, would you prefer such a post in a subforum, or as an article?

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I really like this idea. I will put some thought into how we want to go about this.

@Lysander That would be great if you did that. I would prefer an article if possible since we can always link to a forum discussion post about the article.

I’d be willing to write a primer about HB. It’ll take some time though as i only play this game a month and i’ve never written an article before. if i write something i dont eant to do it half assed.
The primers should be updatable though. Will that be possible if we submit those as articles? Its pretty crucial to primers to update them with new tech and card choices

If nothing else the forum topic linked can be updated upon each data pack, and once enough meta-changing cards are released, a new updated primer can be posted.

I think in order to ensure the best quality for each primer, it should be done as a collaboration amongst the original author and whomever SneakySly deems suited, so that each build gets the attention it needs and the perspectives are as diverse as possible. I’ve met a couple players whose insight I respect and I’d like to have them weigh in on my observations anyways. Additionally, the authors need to be extremely good at all of the opposing factions, so as to address their article from the standpoint of eliminating weaknesses.

For my Jinteki article, I intend to play 50 to 150 games with each of the four basic builds, graphing the win rates over time, and rating each build in respect to one another. Though this is dependent upon how long such a task would take, and there are variables in such an experiment (such as the meta shifting, my personal proficiency with particular builds, etc).

It’s been almost a year since this topic was posted, and I find myself blown away by how the site has evolved. This is the best designed and moderated forum I have ever seen.

Sly, keep up the good work, you’ve truely assembled a full-rig here.


IMO this is by far the BEST Netrunner site for advanced competitive play. BGG too overcrowded with a mix of newb topics and solid contributions.


This may not be the best place to ask, but is there really no way to visually distinguish threads you’ve read completely from those you’ve never read at all?