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Hemorrhage Noise: Is hemorrhage the return of Noise?

So, It’s store championship season, and there’s 11 in the dallas area. I already won one, so I decided to try out a new runner deck at today’s championship, eventually deciding on noise because I enjoyed playing him pre-howard. Siphon anarch has been decently strong lately, so I wound up with this list:

Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire (Core)

Total Cards: (45)
Event (9)
Deja Vu (Core #2) x3
Account Siphon (Core #18) x3 ■■■■
Sure Gamble (Core #50) x3

Hardware (5)
Grimoire (Core #6) x2
Plascrete Carapace (What Lies Ahead #9) x3

Program (17)
Parasite (Core #12) x3
Imp (What Lies Ahead #3) x3
Knight (Mala Tempora #43) x3
Hemorrhage (Fear and Loathing #82) x3
Gorman Drip v1 (Opening Moves #5) x3 ■
Crypsis (Core #51) x2

Resource (14)
Joshua B. (Cyber Exodus #42) x3
Data Leak Reversal (Future Proof #103) x3
Armitage Codebusting (Core #53) x3
John Masanori (Opening Moves #9) x2
Same Old Thing (Creation and Control #54) x3

Influence Values Totals -
Anarch: 55
Criminal: 15
Shaper: 0

The thought behind it being that hemorrhage and siphon (plus cheap, need to trash resources) make gorman drip extremely strong. I didn’t have much practice with the deck before the tournament though so I figured NBN FA would carry me to the top tables with noise picking up a few games along the way. What actually happened was noise carried my bog standard nbn list to the top 4, only dropping one game to the eventual winner. This is the most effective Gorman Drip list I’ve played/played against, and the fact that it can just win the game off of all three centrals makes it very hard to defend against. Between noise, DLR, and hemorrhage, 3 jacksons aren’t always enough to keep archives safe, and if you manage to trash a jackson you’re in an amazing position.

Notes on the deck:
Sit on Hemorrhage for when you can get their full hand, or 4 cards. each use in the span of one turn gets progressively better. Hemorrhaging them to one and then running hq is also acceptable.

You don’t always have control over which server you can get into, but you can normally get into at least one, make sure to be extremely annoying wherever you have access.

You have no dig, against Weyland mulligan for plascrete, against everyone else mulligan for siphon.

Masanori was useful, but too expensive considering most of your resources aren’t out long. First card to cut imo

Grimoire was nice, but expensive and not necessary. very few of your programs stay out long (crypsis, hemorrhage and sometimes knight). I went down to 2 from 3, might have been right to cut them completely, although the extra mem and counter was useful in 1 match.

If you add anything, make sure to keep it cheap (0-1 cost resources, 1-2 cost viruses are best).

I will have a couple videos of the list in action later (round 5 loss vs Grant H and semifinals win against Donesh G). unfortunately some of it’s best moments happened on the unrecorded second table


Awesome that you put this up, I’ve been working on something similar but had trouble making it work - mostly because I’m uncomfortable running without a full breaker suite. I’ll definitely be trying your approach…

One thing I’m concerned about - you seem to be extremely light on econ. All I’m seeing in the department of “money to get rolling” (if you get shut out of HQ, for instance) is 3x Sure Gamble and 3x Armitage. Did you run into problems in any of your games where the corp managed to stop you from siphoning and you didn’t get rich off of Gormans?

I’m most definitely intrigued by the list, though I’d probably cut the Masanoris for Liberated accounts (or possibly Cyberfeeders?). Could Activist Support possibly have a place here? It’s another need-to-trash resource that doesn’t really cost you anything (since you’re presumably floating tags) and the BP would definitely help fund the repeated runs to charge Hemorrhage…

edit: my version also ran one less siphon, in order to use 2x Doppelganger as its console. Seemed like a really cheap way to get more Hemorrhage tokens :stuck_out_tongue:

It needed to find siphon or armitage relatively early, although 1 emptied armitage keeps you running for a while since all your cards cost so little. That’s why I’m running the full 3 even though I’d really like to use the influence on other things, purely for consistency. My issue with liberated was that it can take a while to get to 6 from 0, dirty laundry for a little spending money might work better, although successful runs aren’t always guaranteed.

I thought about activist support for a while, I just didn’t like it being blank against most weyland and jinteki lists. Ideally I’d like some card draw but that isn’t in the card pool without spending influence

If you want to cut Grimoire out, you could drop in a couple of Surges for extra Hemorrhage mill or quick Parasiting.

I like this, though. Noise has been performing poorly on OCTGN for the last little while, but all it takes is one person succeeding with a new Noise build to bring him back. This deck has a lot of potential.

Well, technically, it also pulls double duty as a self-tagging tool for those rare cases where they’re not running any tagging and you just can’t get into HQ to siphon.

This has most definitely been my biggest issue with Anarch for the last 6 months or so. They really need a card draw effect that isn’t Wyldside pretty badly.

(the fact that you need to spend influence to be able to turn off Wyldside if you’re running it doesn’t really alleviate the problem, either)

If that were the thing to achieve, I’d rather go with 2 Datasuckers, personally.

Are people not playing Wraparound/Swordsman in your area?

Knight gets around wraparound, and I rarely see swordsman in my meta- as far as I know, I’m the only one who has played it. Maybe that’s different in other areas, though.

swordsman never seemed to take off. i think its pretty decent though. its single-handedly won me games vs all knight/darwin/ crypsis decks and popped a few atmans. sharpshooter was kind of a bummer though.

I seem to be the only one that likes Sharpshooter, though I did hit a Janus on my last click the other day. Against all but Jinteki it’s fantastic for early aggression.

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Naw, man, I love Sharpshooter. As you say, it’s perfect for early aggression, and given the prevalence of Archer/Grim in my meta, it’s not a dead draw late game either :).

wraparound is annoying if you can’t find a knight, but knight is pretty good against it.

swordsman is very rare, dies to parasite fairly quick, and sometimes doesn’t do anything as you don’t always have a breaker out

Huh, interestingly this seems like a mixture between two different Anarch decks that I’m working on, Noise+Keyhole (Keyhole + Noise makes small archives checks consistent), and Reina+Gorman (Running a full virus suite and Djinn to get Gorman out early).

Can you explain the decision for 3x Hemorrhage? I don’t see why this shouldn’t be chanced to 3x Djinn, 1x Hemorrhage, 1x Crypsis instead of 3x Hemorrhage and 2x Crypsis. Unless you are intending multiple Hemorrhage, even then 2/2/1 seems better.

Sharpshooter is amazing.

Djinn wasn’t included because I didn’t have memory issues and it makes you much more vulnerable to facechecking a grim. normally getting a program trashed is annoying but not backbreaking, full djinn trashed usually ends the game. That being said, being able to dig for parasites would be extremely useful, it might be worth testing, it’d just require being more careful while running

I think this sort of deck will generally do well by taking cards that convert losses into wins rather than convert wins into blowouts.


I decided to run this last night at FFG’s monthly tournament. I didn’t realize it was tournament night and was initially just planning to test, but even though I lost the my test game the deck was a lot of fun. So I said what the heck, and went with it.

It’s a lot of fun to play, but I ran into some tough matchups. In the first game, I played against the same Making News played I’d just tested against, so he knew what I was up to and I knew that he was packing both Scorched and PsychoBeale, which made my tag-me game somewhat problematic. It didn’t matter, though, since even with a mull and a lot of digging, I couldn’t find a Siphon and stayed extremely poor for most of the game. I was able to pull a Beale from R&D and mill an Astro into Archives, but couldn’t stop him from scoring another Astro, 2x Breaking News, and then finally sticking some tags and Psychoing a 3-point Beale for the win.

In the second game, I played against a horizontal Jinteki PE who didn’t advance much. I milled about a half-dozen cards, but his very next draw was a Jackson that he fired on my next Archives run. All three Siphons plus one SOT were hit by net damage, as were 2 Parasites (I only got to install one parasite, on Yagura), and I couldn’t find Crypsis, which made it difficult to get into his 3-deep scoring remote. (Note: He was playing Swordsman, although I didn’t see one rezzed.) Tsurugi is an expensive break with Knight, even if you aren’t breaking all 4 subs! We were about to go to time when he drew and was able to score a Priority Req to go from 4-5 in my favour to 7-5 in his, due to an extremely timely Power Shutdown on the Gorman Drip I was about to pop. Close game; I think I could have pulled this one out if I’d just been able to hang on to a Siphon.

The third game was also Jinteki PE, against a skilled player who works for FFG on X-Wing. He hit a first-turn Celebrity Gift for 12c, showing me 2x Snare, Profiteering, EMP, Data Mine, and something else. He installed some stuff and scored the Profiteering a few turns later. However, he didn’t protect HQ, so I proceeded to Siphon him four times, go all the way up to 30c, and make Hemorrhage runs all over the place. Eventually I had HQ so locked down that if he didn’t immediately play or install the cards he drew on his turn, I would simply trash them on mine. He had a 3-deep scoring remote that concerned me as he’d hit all of my Knights with net damage and I knew he was playing Swordsman, but a timely Deja Vu got me a Knight back, and then I drew a Crypsis. With Grimoire out, it was easy to click Crypsis up enough to get into the scoring remote and pull the winning agenda. Final score was 7-5 for me.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with the deck and I think it has serious potential, but the lack of draw/tutor makes it somewhat vulnerable to variance. That said, I did have some bad luck as well.

Masanori was an all-star against Jinteki. Their ice is porous enough that they can’t keep you out with just one, and running through one isn’t a huge deal if you draw up first and then draw another card when the run succeeds.

Grimoire was useful, but with Crypsis it became clutch. That one saved click gives you a very nice margin to work with Crypsis.

I might tinker with Djinn variants of this, but the problem there is that you reveal what you’re tutoring, which means you can’t install Hemorrhage and immediately run 2-3 times. I need to play it a bit more as-is first.

Oh, and in the tournament, TWIY* FA carried me to the top tables 3-0. There were a lot of people at 4-2, so I ended up 7th of 20+ on strong side wins, netting my third alt Wyldside. :slight_smile:


Just wanted to pop in and say I’m 5-0 with a minor variant of this deck (-Masanori, +Liberated Accounts), despite only being able to find a Hemorrhage in one game. It feels better protected than my (somewhat beloved if less effective nowadays) Sahasrara build: it runs less but has cash for days and once you turn on the five-click turns with Joshua B. and DLR milling… wow. It can close a game out in a hurry.

I’ve yet to face any of the more patient/glacier style builds though. Those might still be a weak spot :).

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I’ve run into some really peculiar issues when testing this against Jinteki. Shocks essentially mean you can’t check archives nearly as much as you’d like, which in turn means Jackson becomes more of a problem. That also allows them to leave archives unprotected. If they also run the Shadows/Closed Accounts package, you can’t reasonably float tags without letting them open a scoring window when they can CA your sorry ass. This only has to happen once, maybe twice in a game and you’re done - the combination of having to draw up from random net damage and getting your money taken away is extremely problematic. Also, the inability to facecheck aggressively (unless you actually draw into a Crypsis) without possibly incurring a rather large tempo hit turned out to be quite problematic for me.

God help you if you’re against an asset-based RP variant that actually runs Interns. Since you can’t check the archives often enough for agendas, Interns become a huge pain since they just install the agenda you milled, and problems ensue.

Wow, I’m 1-3 with it. I find I often don’t get Knight/Crypsis until ~5 turns after I decided I wanted a breaker. The NBN matchup is rough with Closed Accounts as soon as you get any money.

I love the concept, and plan to keep testing it, but I’ve got to figure out how to work in some draw. And I don’t think I’ll be running it in my next Store Championship, I’ll probably go with either Keyhole Andy or Gabriel Knight.

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I have actually had no problems wiping out 3 NBNs (2FA, 1 multi-SE) with it.

n=5 is a small sample size, for sure :). I could just be drawing well with it (unlike all my efforts to build non-Exile shaper decks, grumble grumble)!

I haven’t been hit with Closed Accounts (managed to imp/mill it). I usually try to spend my money quickly to minimize the risk, though.
I haven’t actually gotten any use out of Hemorrhage (the one game I played it I drew into it late).
Most wins have been through breaking the corp, then applying a combination of hand pressure (siphon/then access with Imp ready) with the backup DLR/Josh B threat.

The deck definitely has some theorycraft weaknesses I can see.

I do think I’m playing a little suboptimally. I think I should be facechecking even MORE aggressively than I already am. But I also think the deck needs a little tweaking to push it over the top – I just need more plays with it to figure out what to do.