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Hyperdriver - how best to leverage a 7+ click turn?

I haven’t seen much discussion about this card despite it seeming to be massively powerful. If you’re not familiar:

Program • Install: 1 • Memory: 3 • Influence: 3
When your turn begins, you may remove Hyperdriver from the game and gain [click][click][click].
“It doesn’t actually bend time. It just feels like it. That’s relativity.” -Hayley Kaplan

Shaper • Adam S. Doyle • The Underway #70

I can think of a bunch of best-case scenarios for this card, but I’m a bad card Johnny to the core. What does the groupthink think? Does this card have a place in a deck, and if so how would you use it best?


Run centrals, quest completed, notoriety, notoriety, notoriety.

Sounds like a nice turn :smiley:


Chaos theory with opus, vamp and keyhole. Leprechaun works with both these cards, you just need a way of guaranteeing a successful run. I would start with test run femme, as that also benefits from more clicks, but there might be better options. Kit springs to mind.

Save it up until you reach a crucial turn against RP and have extra clicks to hit those servers…

It is a great card. :100:%


There’s the mega-turn DLR variants ( the all-in ones have amped up splashed and all-nighters) which can setup by turn 8 or 9 usually and do a masanori enabled 14+ DLR mill (some have fall guys to keep the party going for a turn or two). Janky and counterable but makes for good post-game stories

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I think the DLR thing will be better as an intermittent mill ~6 backed up by central pressure. I’m aiming to try it in Fisk.

Au Revoir, vamp and keyhole are the best choices, but like the 10 or so anarch 6+ click decks I’ve made and seen, all the set up vs what you gain is kinda meh.

Could be good in noise to speed up his early game installs?

3 influence and a whole djinn, and you’re running djinn in your deck? I donno…

The problem with this card is that 3 MU usually isn’t worth the extra click you get for playing this over All-Nighter.

It’s 2 clicks over All-Nighter; activating Hyperdriver is clickless and activating All-Nighter is not.


I guess it is. Unless I toss it in Geist and get a card draw out of it too! Now we’re getting somewhere.

How many decks have 3 extra MU to sit on like that? Maybe something with Sage?

This. You gain clicks then have to spend them all installing stuff just to do anything!

I dunno… Hyperdriver into Monolith?!?

We don’t talk monolith in these parts boy, go on back the way ya came.


It might also work in Overmind/London Library jank. And hey, then you can toss in MemStrips, too!

My first thought is Wanton Destruction to trash everything in HQ. It’s a lot of influence, though.

Leprechaun is in faction. o_O

  • Also plays well with keyhole and other 2 mu programs… You just lose your akamatsus…
  • More clicks for Hayley maybe? Opus, another 2 mu program that likes this.

It is not as sexy as the power turn, but I think Hyperdriver will be good for big rig Shaper decks that take a while to set up. Spend a click to toss it down early and you get 3 more clicks to set up next turn. Basically, buys you half a turn for a credit, that you can use to dig and install. Can think of it as a Mass Install where you can install any three things, not just programs.

Likely be good for setting up a stealth rig as there are a lot of non-MU things to install, or perhaps Nasir where you could be installing a lot of resources and things onto the PW.


hyperdriver, pass turn, get turn, pop hyper driver, quality time, diesel, host host host host host.

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If Chameleon decks ever become a thing, I could easily see Hyperdriver fitting well. You don’t have MU taken up from turn to turn and your deck is click-hungry, a good use case for hyperdriver. Imagine:

1: Install Hyperdriver, use to gain 3 clicks (Remaining clicks: 6)
2: Install Chameleon (5)
3: Install Chameleon (4)
4: Install Chameleon (3)
5: Run central vs RP (2)
6: Run RP remote (1)
7: Run RP remote again (0)

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