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I make my triumphant return tonight!

Tonight. 6pm EST. twitch.tv/runnin_burr. I’ll be streaming until my throat hates me, so swing by for some fun netrunner action!


“Sadly, I am unable to stream tonight, sorry!” hmm ^^

Who? :stuck_out_tongue:

That has been updated!

Does somebody know this dude, who is it? :smiley:

Hardy har har! Hope to see you tonight, either in-chat or in-game!

my appologies, but it is too late here, and I have some plans on tommorow morning.

For all the newbloods that don’t know @running_bear, this dude rocks and you have a lot to learn from him.


@running_bear taught me everything I know about Netrunner, saved my marriage, and got me a $10,000 settlement in court when I was injured on the job.

Thank you @running_bear!


(you forgot to mentioned by how he ruined said marriage first, by being so awesome your wife couldn’t keep her hands off his pants)

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You can fuck my bitch anytime based @running_bear

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Cool. I should be in channel around 8PM EST. Hopefully you’re in this for the long haul. Don’t bitch out on me.

Awesome! I’ve missed your streams and commentary.

How many misplays was the final total? :wink:

lots and lots and lots.

My final count was 7, but I had a pretty high bar for what qualified. I’m sure there were plenty of sub-optimal choices that didn’t make the cut.

Anyway, I saved the session as a highlight, so here’s the VOD for people who couldn’t make the live show: http://www.twitch.tv/runnin_burr/c/5498675

for all the early misplays, the victory in the final game was very well structured and impressive.

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Thanks! A shame it had to be slogged through some of the worst OCTGN lag I’ve ever experienced.

was noisesiphon opponent

Wow ELP is so annoying to remember on OCTGN, I think we missed multiple ELP’s :frowning: Also the lag was actually way worse on your end than I thought, many of the times where I thought you were thinking you were just battling lag.

Also very sloppily played from both sides

Hope to play you again! :smile:

EDIT as it turns out we only missed the ELP that was solved be me trashing crypsis

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