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If Stimhack were to ask for donations

What would you like to see as rewards? Would people be interested in regular articles for featured writers? Streams? More online tournaments? Prizes for League? Coaching? Swag?

With the PSI coming up, we are going to need to ask for support from the community again, but I was wondering what sort of reciprocation people would like to see. Obviously, all of these things would be nice, but there’s only so much gas in the tank so to speak. What sort of things would make you want to help out?


Coaching is the most valuable thing there - if the coaching is recorded that could be even more valuable than recaps of games. Regular articles are a close second.

(coming from a wannabe-competitive player)



Coaching sessions being streamed or recorded could be great. Honestly though, I’m more interested in articles!

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Very much this. Be aware that, given my situation, I will be donating exactly zero to this site for the foreseeable future, so apply salt to my opinion as necessary. But I would take this ahead of anything else I can think of.

From my MTG experience I can say that the sites that offered free content were the ones that I went to (obviously) but were also the first that I spent money on. Offer premium content if you need but going full on paid content only would be pretty bad, I think.


I think this is a great idea.

Top three priorities (in order):

  1. Pay people who do a bunch of free work to keep everything running (largely you/SneakySly)
  2. Buy equipment for streams
  3. Pay people a small amount to write articles.

People are always going to mainly be doing things for the community because they enjoy it, but paying people helps people have the time to do it and also helps prevent burnout. I would happily donate to either a Stimhack or a Mediohxcore patreon (or both).

I think it’s really important for the longevity of the community that we do not rely entirely on unpaid labor.


My favorite type of content are the streams (both the post mortem video and the games with thinking process explained)


In depth card analysis, and potential plays with each and every card in the card pool and ways to drive the game in the direction you’re looking for it to go in. So basically, a whole fucking lot.

Coaching would be great, some 1v1 games or 2v2 with shoulder playing vs. some of the better players on here with Skype up and they can talk to you about mistakes and ways to get better. I know we do that sometimes just for free but I would feel better about requesting so much of people’s time if there was something tied to it. Also I personally would love some of the awesome alt art I’ve seen y’all have crated, probably at a higher donation tier because I know that stuff costs money to produce.

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As a player I’m most likely to donate real money for a physical good that looks awesome and has some potential resale value like custom alt-arts.

All the other things mentioned are cool too but I probably wouldn’t pay for them.


A reminder that he is asking what would you want as a reward, to incentivize donations. Not what content would you be willing to pay for.

Donations are great from a ‘I like what this site is trying to do, and I would love to help on that, even if its only a couple bucks’ viewpoint.

I think the goal here is to find something the community wants to see. If the site gives you more of want you want… maybe you would be pushed into that threshold of wanting to help out a site you really appreciate.

I doubt anything would be behind pay walls, though i can not 100% say that for sure, obviously.

Just throwing out my personal views. :smile:


Yeah, I don’t plan on putting anything behind paywalls.

Right now, I think we’re looking at something like this:

  • Coaching stream for top donors
  • ANRPC Fancy Material Alt Art IDs
  • Try to set up a weekly stream of articles, maybe paying people a little bit if we make enough total
  • Run some sort of free Stimhack Jinteki.net open with prizes if we make enough total
  • Forum badges for anyone who donates

As far as things that are less reward-ish but that I would like to do with money:

  • Buy myself a damn microphone
  • Pay graphic designers who do stuff for alt arts and tournament streams, and generally anyone who helps with that sort of thing
  • Start giving out some tangible prizes for league
  • Fund prizes for tournaments
  • Cover the difference between what @SneakySly pays for keeping the site up and how much he makes off those tiny ads.

Please let me know if you think I’m missing anything. The nice thing about paying people is that we’re going to be making a lot of ANRPC promos and I have the ability to buy a large chunk of them to pay people with, (both donors and those that do work for us) as they will probably end up being worth a good amount more than they cost to make.


Yeah, this is how I read the OP as well. Obviously they get that most people won’t be willing/able to chip in, but it’s always cool to be able to say “we will be able to do XYZ with more money”

As far as what XYZ should be? I love coaching or post-mortem videos; always interesting to hear decisions and plays broken down point-by-point. Paying the people who make the site so awesome to continue to do so (whether by commissioning regular articles or just compensating people for the time they already spend) is also high up on my list.

Low on my list would be online tournament/league stuff. That would probably be cool for the people in them, but my spare time doesn’t come in the kind of chunks necessary for those types of events, and when it does I prefer to use it to attend IRL events.


Only thing I’d add is potentially getting someone to edit articles. It’s not glamorous work and is less likely to be done for free, but its really nice for the quality of writing/avoiding simple errors.


I edit all of the ones I post for other people personally. I just finished editing yours, actually. However, when people have author accounts, I generally let them do their own thing at that point. I enjoy editing, especially when I actually like the article, but things like play by play tournament reports and flavor articles sort of escape me so I don’t deal with them.

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You can consider me as always, a helping hand in endeavours. Whether be coaching to play with archetypes (Valencia anyone?) or against, streamed discussions, or whatever creative thoughts you can draw from, I’ll make it happen.


Yet another community thing you do for free. You the real hero.

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Honestly, the biggest reward I would like to see for donations is that the site is not run at a loss. SneakySly has been great to cover it thus far, but for all the work he and you guys do, none of you should have to be paying out of your own pocket for running the site or for the prizes for leagues and whatnot. I’ve often been somewhat amused by the idea that if the site or ANRPC got to that point, people could just order kits from you guys that had promos and such things.

The next important thing is just helping explain the theory behind the game (or why stuff works). Either coaching streams, articles going over certain ideas in the game (like early / mid / late game), or even getting any of the excellent players on the site to just talk about deckbuilding more.

And yeah, there’s no reason to pay for editors. I am currently unemployed, and would be happy to help contribute to a site I frequent often by helping to edit / proofread articles (and so would a few other people, I’d imagine).