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If Stimhack were to ask for donations

One of the things I would like is to be able to remove all ads from the forum and the site entirely. (And of course not operate at a month by month loss :wink: )

Appreciate the input everyone.


I’d definitely be down for some kickstarter-style swag. I’m also happy to contribute straight donations, but $50 for a hoodie that costs you $25 to get made sounds more appealing than a $25 donation.


I actually like this type of idea a lot. Mark up physical goods slightly such as Stimhack hoodies, T-Shirts, card sleeves etc. I’m not sure of the profit margins on things like this but this is something I’d like to see.


I enjoy the articles a lot and would be willing to contribute toward making them more frequent.

Stimhack premium member gear, hoodies, playmats, hats, etc…I’d pick up some swag if it looked good.

Low overhead things like training are also great. I think it will not only draw more players to the site, but is generally 100% roi. Priority one wrt fairness is to cover the month to month for operation.

The logistics could be a nightmare but stimhack members sitting on lots of ffg and other promo gear they don’t want (like me) could proxy sell it through an eBay account or something, with like a 50%+ donation to stimhack for charity/finders fee (presuming stimhack could select a community member to run the sale).

I’ve seen sites like Star Wars Minute set up an Amazon link. The site gets a small percentage of items bought through the link.


I wonder how many people would pay for a “subscription” of say, $5-10/month. Give a badge and some other benefit (a private forum where these people can talk about how awesome they are? I get that we don’t want to have a “pay for material” system, so not sure how to make that work) and I would definitely consider it.

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I’d set up a patreon asap and figure out what rewards to offer later. I echo the sentiment that I’d like there not to be a paywall. Merch is a neat idea, but only if you have the requisite design talent/associates. Coaching and videos thereof would be neat.

More articles, more streams, coaching…
The high-level content (and the professional attitude of the people in charge) is what distinguishes Stimhack from all the other Netrunner sources on the web IMO.


Mustering an elite team of brave men to run a new series of articles with the sole purpose of creating tier 1 decks out of -eventually- all the ids.

(Well if you could find even one it would be worth throwing money at you, I just cant stand the insanely boring Kate decks anymore.)

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Not a donation idea but possibly the consequence of a donation, I would like to eventually see a Stimhack store become a thing. Things like hoodies, t-shirts and especially a Stimhack playmat!!

Other than that what I would like just more postmortem videos and more streamed online tournaments with commentary. Coaching is fine to some extent but every person is extremely capable of learning by example when content like the post mortems and streamed commentary exists. Its almost no different from when somebody tells me that I misevaluated a board state when I can watch a good player make good plays on camera as I think about the game on screen in relation to my previous played games.


I feel like some kind of stretch-goal analogue may function well for this.

I wouldn’t mind donating every once in a while. You could also set up a Kickstarter/Indiegogo, though that is a lot of time and work to execute well. How many money do you assess that you will require?

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If you’re doing Alt Art promos, Stimhack would be the obvious first choice, right?

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I"m fortunate enough to have gainful employment, but I like to think I have solid grammar, spelling, and other things that are important when writing; I’m just not the right person to actually write an article. I’m willing to edit as well; consider this an open invitation to anyone who want to submit something and desires an editor.

Note also how I’ve been bringing the much-maligned semicolon back. :smile:

So obvious I didn’t even think of it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The reason why we generally stick with IDs is that you can just ask permission to use the proxy when the game starts. If you played a non-official proxy that was a card in your deck, you would need to, at the very least, tell your opponent “I’m playing a stimhack!” and show them the card and ask if it’s okay, and it might just be straight illegal in all cases because there’s no assurance the stock is of the same quality and stuff. As much as I love the idea of a vertical logo stimhack proxy, I’m not sure it’s the best use of our time because of these logistical constraints.

We could probably do 1.5 of most of them, but a new tier one deck is a pretty difficult goal to achieve even if you’re not ID-restricted. Sounds like a pretty heavy undertaking, but I’ll see if anyone in particular wants to write a series like this.

This has been on the table for a while. I’ll see if we can’t hop on the ANRPC store bandwagon and plop some stimhack gear up there, though I think it’s reasonable to keep this separate from the patreon, since it’s more of an actual purchase and I don’t think anyone wants to take responsibility for shipping. That being said, it might be somewhat feasible to just order a bunch of swag to my own address and ship it out for donations as well, (but double shipping is always a pain in the ass when there’s someone else perfectly willing to get paid to ship directly).

I’ll ask @SneakySly about this. Maybe we can partner with team cov and link to their sub service and see if they won’t cut us in.

Aside from the cost of the website, we don’t really “require” any money outside the ~$100 per month anthony pays for the domain. The only reason I want to ask for money is so that we can provide a better experience, host more tournaments with better prizes, put out higher quality streams with improved equipment and design, and fund things like up-front costs of creating stuff like shirts and promos that we would, in turn, use to incentivize authorship and other art done for us.

EDIT: jesus this forum costs anthony way more than I thought.


This is already true of the official alt art promo cards, though.

Realistically, a non-ID alt art would only risk being an issue at an official Regional or something, right? I actually can’t imagine anyone even at Worlds saying anything about it, but I certainly understand if you don’t want to risk it.

Eh? I don’t understand. If it’s an issue at a regional, why wouldn’t be an issue at Worlds?

Do you just mean that everyone at Worlds is cool enough to not care or something?

I’m saying that any tournament that’s less prestigious than a Regional (you know, 95% of the Netrunner people actually play!) will definitely not care, and even at Worlds they will PROBABLY not care.

In other words, while I appreciate the desire to not waste their time printing cards that can’t be used at some events, the number of events that would actually disallow said cards is so low that I don’t think it would make too much functional difference.

I’ve been using a white playmat for the past few months because I think the FFG ones are always way too busy, and I would rather my opponent be able to see my credits clearly at all times to keep the game moving. That being said, I would easily drop 20.00$ if not 30.00$ on a Stimhack logo playmat. Preferably a clean look with just the logo, again for clarity’s sake.

I would also be willing to buy Stimhack logo sleeves, though I have no idea what Channel Fireball and other various MTG third parties go through to mass produce sleeves at a reasonable cost. Perhaps that is a discussion for further down the road.

But yeah, playmats.