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Imaginary Cards


Approaches happen at step 2 during a run and the runner can choose to jack out at step 2.2 since this isn’t the first piece of ice being encounter during this run right?


Underworld Cycle Pack #1: Starlight, Starbright


Some quick comments after skim reading.

. Sleeping giant seems to powerful in a shaper deck with 3x smc. Hope we see more ai hate in the set.
. Hoplite and the new Weyland id seem to weak to me, especially the id since you rez things with small cost. Make it maybe a reduction in cost?
. Kolonaki is more like a posh area with only law firms and cafeterias there. Not an area to invest in imho.

What is below the mountain… Hope we find out before pack 6!


Maybe you misread the ID, since it DOES give a reduction in cost, equal to the advancement requirement of the agenda.

Hoplite is also one of the only Sentries that can end the run, and with all 3 rezzed it becomes a 4 strength sentry, a sweet spot against things like Nano and MK.


I indeed misread the id, sorry about that. Reduction in cost with added inf seems right now, maybe still in the weak side but this will only show with playtesting.


Hellas Cycle Pack #2: Clash of Titans

Hellas Cycle Pack #3: Fire In the Sky

Hellas Cycle Pack #4: Santorini Shuffle


Some cards I like, some I don’t. Giving out cards in batch like that doesn’t really help the critics. It doesn’t help you to be read too (“hello, what about 60 news things ?”)


Hellas Cycle Pack #5: Motherlode


Hellas Cycle Pack #6: Dreams of Eternity


I was wondering about a card that raised your ID’s influence limit. Since it effectively costs negative influence, it should be weaker than a neutral card. This can range from weakly positive, literally blank, or an actual in-game downside, for example:

  • Inf-iltration: neutral event, gain 2 credits. Your influence limit is raised by 1.
  • Blank: your influence limit is raised by 1.
  • Smuggled Goods: When you draw Smuggled Goods, reveal it and take 1 tag. Your influence limit is raised by 2.

after thinking about it, I suspect the effect is just not healthy for the game. The downside of having a bad card can be best played around in already good decks like Andy or Pancakes that can just draw past them. Interested to see if anyone else played around with this idea.


<> Access Denied
Resource: virtual • Install: 2 • Influence: 2

Install Access Denied only if you made a successful run on HQ during this turn.
The first time the Corp gains credits through a card ability each turn, you must gain that amount of credit and the corp must loose that amount of credit, then trash Access Denied.
The first time the Corp draw cards through a card ability each turn, you must draw that amount of cards and the corp must discard that amount of cards, then trash Access Denied.

Sorry, what ?


I did in the past, let me find it again…

Here it is, it’s post 1820-ish, we talk about it a little with another guy that had the same idea.

For the corp, this could be also put on a blank 4/2. Or on a 3/1 that could be “super public” by being faceup everywhere:

Agenda: Expansion - SuperPublic • Adv: 3 • Score: 1 • Influence: -1
Hanabi is placed or installed faceup in any location.

You’re a genius.
– Jack Weyland


<> Jean-Michel Cravate
Asset: Executive • Rez: 0 • Trash: 0 • Influence: 1
Trash an executive and move 3 cards from heap to the runner’s grip as an additional rez cost.
[Click] Discard two cards.
Remove Jean-Michel Cravate from the game: Shuffle up to 3 cards from Archives to R&D.

It is my edutainment to ensure our consumers are the perfect creation and job for tomorrow’s companions.
I got this right, right ?

This one is inspired by irl persons I worked with :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the idea of this, but I think Solomon 1.0 needs to cost 3. The fact that the runner can’t bounce off it with impunity is a big deal, especially on a barrier.


Program • 1 MU • Install: 0 • Influence: 1

When encountering an ice that is hosting Jumper, bypass it then trash all hosted programs on it.
If Jumper is installed, you may host Jumper on an ice while passing it.

Old toys, better toys
– Gabriel

This one is a less powerful version of Crescentus, one of my favorite card that rotated.


Digital headbutt
Cost 2 . Inf 2

Pay the rez cost of a barrier to bypass it.

Look my face, buddy
– Gabriel


Jinteki - Ice - Sentry - Current - Unique - Destroyer
3c - str 5 - inf 3

Trash Aubepinae when rezzed. This card is not trashed until another current is played or an agenda is stolen.

(sub) end the run if the runner have less than 3 installed programs
(sub) trash program if the runner have more than 3 installed programs




That second permanent ability prevent trashing like a normal current :slight_smile:
(I recon the wording is baroque)


Cool! Current ICE seems a perfectly reasonable concept. Very hard to balance though, is it suppposed to work with Sol?