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Imaginary Cards


Some Tennin/ToL-friendly ice I thought of:

Rez 3, Strength 3
Jinteki Ice: Code Gate - Destroyer
When you rez Lobotomy, place 2 advancement tokens on it. When Lobotomy has no advancement tokens on it, derez it.
-> You may remove an advancement token from Lobotomy to trash 1 program.
-> You may remove an advancement token from Lobotomy to remove a card in the heap from the game.

Rez 4, Str 1
Jinteki Ice: AP - Sentry
When the runner encounters Kennel place 1 advancement token on it. Kennel gains “-> The runner loses 1c” before all its other subroutines and “-> Do 1 net damage unless the runner pays 1c” after all its other subroutines for each advancement token on it.


Flip The Breakers
Neutral Operation-Terminal
Search R&D for a Region Upgrade. Reveal it, and add it to HQ. If you played Flip The Breakers as your first click, you may install and rez it, ignoring all costs.
She’s a beauty, ain’t she?


Project Yggdrasil
HB Agenda: 4/2
All ICE gain NEXT. The first time each turn you rez a piece of NEXT ICE, gain 2.
Limit 1 per deck.


A thought on anti-siphon/vamp ice.

Rez 3, Str 6, Trash 5
Neutral Ice: Sentry
When you rez Dispatcher, place 2 credits from the bank on Dispatcher. Use credits on Dispatcher to rez cards.
-> You may move up to 3 credits from your credit pool to Dispatcher.
-> You may rez a card, reducing the rez cost by 2c if you pay it using only credits on Dispatcher.
-> The Runner may jack out to access Dispatcher.


Zed 3.0
HB ICE- Sentry-Destroyer
Rez: 8
Strength: 6
The Runner may spend Three Clicks to break Three subroutines on Zed 3.0.
-> Trash 1 piece of Hardware and do 2 meat damage
-> If The runner has spent or lost at least 1 click during this run, Do 2 Brain Damage
-> Do 1 net damage and End The Run.
You simply can’t leave now…The fun has just begun!

Ichi 3.0
HB ICE-Sentry-Destroyer
Rez: 9
Strength: 7
The Runner may spend 3 clicks to break 3 subroutines on Ichi 3.0
-> Trash 1 Program
-> Remove 1 Program from the Game
-> Trace 4: If successful, do 2 brain damage.
We all know you have been cheating…


Zenith Memory Mgmt.
Eternal Innovation
HB ID - Division - 40/12
The first time you install an asset or upgrade from Archives each turn, you may rez it, lowering the rez cost by 3.
Looking Back, Moving Forward.


Dropped Connecti…
Neutral ICE: Barrier • Rez: 7 • Strength: 1 • Influence: 0

When you rez Dropped Connecti…, end the run.

-> end the run.

If all subroutines are broken on Dropped Connecti… during an encounter, derez Dropped Connecti…

Just pull the plug


I really dislike this card. It’s non-interactive and has no counters. Yes it’s expensive, but with two of these on a server a rich corp can score out and there’s nothing a runner can do.

I’d change it to drop the rez cost drastically and make the first clause a trace on encounter. That way a runner can use link, cash, or Hunting Grounds to avoid it, giving meaningful counterplay.


As a broader mechanic, I really like the Terminal/Triple option on Flip the Breakers. It expands the design space on terminal operations by giving you a reason to use them before your last click. In addition to tutoring, it seems like an interesting mechanic for future Tag & Bag cards, targeted destruction of installed runner cards, and fast advance.


HB ICE: Sentry - Code Gate - Barrier - NEXT - 1 Inf
Rez: 0
Str: 0
When you rez Next Wood gain 2c for each rezzed NEXT ice

:no subroutines:

“Hmm. That wasn’t so bad actually.” - John Masanori

If I could use 1.5c per NEXT Ice I would… 1 seems too weak for the click and install cost investment while 2 feels too strong. I erred on the too strong side since positional / situational ice is usually in a bad spot. I totally see an argument for 1c per ice since it also gives bonuses to other NEXT ice.


I understand that there is almost no counter play from conventional breakers, but we’ve been beyond that point for a long time. Bypass, Ice destruction, making the corp poor, and hammering other servers are all valid counters to a strategy where the corp is relying on spending 28 credits a turn between two pieces of ice. IMO, this is similar to caprice.


NEXT Brass
HB Ice: Code Gate - NEXT
Rez 3, Str 5
X is the number of rezzed NEXT ice.
-> Draw X cards. Trash X cards from HQ.
-> Shuffle up to X cards from Archives into R&D.

[edit for cost:power level]
NEXT Sodium
HB Ice: AP - NEXT - Trap
Rez 1, Str 0
When you rez NEXT Sodium, you must pay Xc or derez NEXT Sodium.
X is the number of rezzed NEXT ice.
-> Do X net damage. Trash NEXT Sodium.


Hook me up with some NEXT Chlorine 'cus NEXT Sodium would make people salty.


Ok while we’re at it…

Next Fools Gold
HB Ice: Trap - AP - Destroyer - NEXT
Rez 2, Str 4

When you rez NEXT Fools Gold, you may announce it as a NEXT Gold. If the runner doesn’t notice you’re lying before they encounter it, Next Fools Gold gains the following subroutines:

X is the number of rezzed NEXT ice.
->Do X net damage.
-> Trash X programs.

Godamnit… - John Masanori


Next Brass can be hilarious if you only break the second sub.
Run next Brass, draw 8 trash 8
Check archives.

Seems fun but risky

Next Sodium might be too hard as a trap ICE.


That’s intentional for NEXT Brass. You need big brass ones to play it when it can let the runner the fill Archives with agendas or deck you, but if it works then you can get exactly the cards you need.

NEXT Sodium was almost an afterthought, thinking of less-represented metals for the suite. Any trap that can potentially do enough damage to kill on its own is a huge risk, and just setting strength to 0 might not be enough. I was just thinking, though, you could still get some of that “explosion” feel if it was “-> Trash an installed runner card with a cost no greater than X. Trash NEXT Sodium”, right? That’s still strong, but it’s not going to win the game by itself if you have a bunch of rezzed NEXT ice, and you could more easily balance it with cost.


Something I’ve been thinking about is “neat cards that time seems to have forgotten that could be relevant again with a minor tweak.”

For instance:

Aggressive Negotiation (Remember this? It was a Core card.)
Weyland Consortium Operation • Cost: 1 • Influence: 1
Play only if you scored an agenda this turn or if the runner stole a agenda on his or her last turn.
Search R&D for 1 card and add it to HQ. Shuffle R&D.


I think that’s probably way too good. It allows you to feed the runner a 1 pt agenda, then on your next turn pull out and play a Midseason Replacements. Also, it suffers from the classic Weyland issue of in-faction cards boosting other factions too much, so the influence should go way up. Tutoring and agenda punishment are both very Weylandish things. I would be open to:

Aggressive Negotiation
Weyland Consortium Operation - Terminal • Cost: 1 • Influence: 4
Play only if you scored an agenda this turn or if the runner stole an agenda on his or her last turn.
After you resolve this operation, end your action phase.
Search R&D for 1 card and add it to HQ. Shuffle R&D.


Locust Company
Weyland Asset: 4 Influence
Rez: 3
Trash: 3
(Trash) Do 3 Meat Damage. Use this ability only if the runner is tagged and during a run.
Locust Company is Argus’ premier “tactical discretion squad.” Basically, a bunch of gun-toting lunatics. -A Helpful Guide on How Not To Die

<>The Hound
NBN ICE- 4 influence-Sentry-Tracer
Rez: 5
Strength: 5

-> Trace 6: give The Runner 1 Tag
-> End The Run and give the Runner 1 tag.
Run. -A Helpful Guide on How Not To Die


A thought on the Terminal/Triple thing:

Hired Guns - 3c
Operation: Black Ops - Terminal
After you resolve this action, end your action phase.
Trace 3 – If successful resolve one of the following. If you played Hired Guns as your first click, instead resolve two of the following in any order:

  • Give the Runner 2 tags if he or she made a successful run during his or her last turn.
  • Do 2 meat damage if the Runner is tagged, plus 1 meat damage for each tag the runner has.
  • Trash 1 installed connection or vehicle.
  • Gain credits equal to the amount by which your trace strength exceeded the Runner’s link strength.
    Neutral – 3 influence