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Imaginary Cards


Midseasons -> Hired Guns seems pretty good no? With stinson money it’s not even that hard.


Yeah, but Midseason Replacements won’t be around much longer. And even while it is, Midseason/Boom! is about as good against most runner decks.

EDIT: Also, you need a bigger money lead because you have 2 traces to win for the Midseasons -> Hired Guns combo.


lol trash a vehicle. Someone doesn’t like Sports Hopper.


Nah man, it’s those pesky Qianju PT’s.


That’s true while midseasons won’t be around much longer, it would be a long 5 months if this came in the next pack. As a comparison with boom (X is runner credits + link)

1: midseasons + boom: minimum 9 credits or at least X+5 credits - 7 meat damage. 3 clicks. Can’t kill through plascrete.

2: midseasons + Hired Guns: minimum 8 credits or at least 2X+Y-1 (where Y>=3 is the minimum amount of meat damage you want to do). Can potentially kill through any number of plascretes, or obelus depending on your credit lead.

So the difference in cash needed is X+Y-6. Assuming you want to at least match boom, we need X+1 credits. Given that we have an extra click in this case, we could always click for a credit (potentially doing much better, but this is hard to quantify) for X credits. I guess this is High Risk Investment’s time to shine?

EDIT: Of course, if you’re not trying to go for the kill in a single turn, I think Hired Guns will edge out boom, given that its not trashable and has a much higher ceiling for damage after you’ve built up credits again.


Instant Celebrity
NBN Agenda - 5/3
When the Runner’s turn begins, if Instant Celebrity is in the Runner’s score area, he or she loses 1c.
“Tonight at seven, our fifth interview this week with the infamous hacker Noise! We’ll be taking your questions! Don’t look away!”


Eh, it just seemed thematically appropriate to have your mercs blow up a vehicle. Considering that one of them is sort of plascrete’s replacement, it seemed a good combo choice if you go into the turn with tags in place.

As for the balance with Midseasons, @LordYismir, yeah, clearly I just kind of threw it out there without cost balancing. So, what do you think would be a fairer balance? Trying to adjust the cost, or just giving it a flat or two-tier damage value so it doesn’t really combo with Midseasons?


hey guys. i don’t normally post here, but i had some potential ideas for dealing with asset spam


3 cost 5 inf

Back Office Access Code

Event: Priority - Run

Play only as your first [click].

Make a run on a remote server. If successful, treat it as a successful run on HQ or R&D. Remove Back Office Access Code from the game instead of trashing it.

The third directive requires that bioroids have access codes to the many Haas-Bioroid update and repair facilities. Some codes take longer to cycle out, and Adam will occasionally find a code that still works.

  • rationale: works great with pretty much all of Adam’s directives and costs a decent amount, so it’s not something you’d play first turn or very often, even if there are open remotes. i felt that removing it from the game fit thematically and mechanically, since it would be pretty strong being able to play them constantly, but also once the old code was used, it’d flagged and reset, locking out that code.
    as written, you can ignore accessing the card in the remote if you don’t want to trash it with Neutralize All Threats, can trigger Find the Truth first before you decide which central to access, and if you hit HQ, you can see an extra card with NAT. and if the corp single ices up their remotes, you can break in super easily with Always Be Running + e3
    5 influence because it’s really strong, synergises with adam so well, and uses his own access codes.

i waffled between 3 and 4 credits for it, but i’m unsure where to land really. i feel the cost should be decently high though, since you’re basically bypassing all of the ice on HQ or R&D, get to see if there’s an agenda on R&D before you decide, and get to choose any remote server to target


3 cost 4 inf
Too Big to Fail

Event: Quadruple

As an additional cost to play Too Big to Fail, spend [click][click][click].

Give the corp up to 5 bad publicity, 1 for each remote server with a card installed in it.
The corp may spend any number of credits to prevent 1 bad publicity for every 2[credit] spent.

If a corp is too big to fail; it’s too big to exist.

  • rationale: one of the things in anarch’s colour pie seems to be bad pub, and this is a good way to leverage it against the corp if they’re being super asset spammy. requires an entire turn, but can end up paying off a lot in the long run or bankrupting the corp a fair bit in the short term
    doesn’t work too well against corps with low server counts since the return is potentially pretty small, or if just forcing bad pub on the corp is your goal, it’s pretty expensive to land

i’m not sure about the final numbers. i tried a few different things, like 1 bad pub for every 5 servers with a much higher buyout cost for the corp (or no buyout at all)
i considered ‘if the corp has at least x remote servers, then’ but i wanted to build into the card that wasn’t cost-effective to use on a low remote count

it could also be a resource similar to Investigative Journalism (costs 4 clicks to use and telegraphs with the install, not that the corp can do much about it aside from make less remotes, but it could be interesting to play and just force the corp to stop spamming so many remotes).

already has one!


1 cost 2 inf
Grand Tour


Play only if you made a successful run on at least 3 separate remote servers this turn. Gain 1[credit] for each remote server with a card installed in it.

Come see the sights! Vid one of our vacation specialists today!

  • rationale: crims love running and making runs and checking dem remotes. it has anti-syngergy with the crim who are able to run and trash and keep on top of the corp assets, while helping the crim who’s falling behind, even with all the extra runs.


3c 3 inf


Event: Run

Make a run on R&D. If successful, instead of accessing cards, for each central server, you may move its innermost piece of ice to a remote server that has no ice protecting it.

  • not really sure about the templating on this, but again, it’s great for corps with multiple unprotected servers. if they don’t have any unprotected servers, it’s completely useless. also great against the political assets.
    templating and cost mostly based on Escher (but less inf made sense). i considered simply making it a priority event first, but i think the runner kinda has to work for it a bit.


2 cost 1 inf

[unique] Globalsec Funding

Resource: Virtual

X[recurring credit]

Use these credits to pay for using cloud icebreakers. X is the number of remote servers without a piece of ice protecting it.

  • rationale: this originally started as a sort of sunny stimhack, but Net Chip kind of fills that role already, and i realised all of the cards i designed were events. i based this a bit on Khondi Plaza, but i think it’s a bit better here, since you only rez ice so many times, but sunny’s breakers get used a lot, and, although they are ‘efficient,’ they can be quite expensive at times for low-sub ice and ice at certain strengths.

i wanted the clause for servers the corp hasn’t iced up so they can spend the time to secure their servers, making it easier for sunny to get into centrals. this is basically thematically globalsec taxing or fining a corp for having undefended assets and having to step in to try to stop cyber attacks. or it could be seen as a discount for investing in their own security
again, good against the political assets.

alternatively, it could be used as a replacement for UWC when it rotates out by making it require 2 link, but would probably open up the ability to use it on all icebreakers or all cloud programs (if and when are there are non-icebreaker cloud programs)


I’m sorry if my tone came off as confrontational, I didn’t intend it that way!

Since its a terminal, I think it should still be pretty powerful… I would change the second option to something like “Do 3 meat damage if the runner is tagged, plus (2/3?) meat damage if the runner stole an agenda last turn.”


Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I just saw that you put more thought into the numbers than I did. I’m realizing that Midseasons makes it very difficult to try to balance a card that deals damage based on the number of tags; it needs to be effective without the combo, but not overpowered with it. I think it (Midseasons) is one of those cards that seriously restricts the design space.

I do like your suggestion on separate conditions for the damage. I also think the last sub I included is, frankly not worth it. Revised, I’m thinking something like this:

Hired Guns - 4c
Operation: Black Ops - Terminal
After you resolve this action, end your action phase.
Trace 3 – If successful resolve one of the following. If you played Hired Guns as your first click, instead resolve two of the following in any order:

  • Give the Runner 2 tags if he or she made a successful run during his or her last turn.
  • Do 2 meat damage. Do 2 meat damage if the Runner is tagged. Do 2 meat damage if the Runner stole an agenda during his or her last turn.
  • Trash 1 installed connection or vehicle.

Neutral – 3 influence


<>The Men With The Red Ties
Weyland Asset-Illicit
Rez: 3
Trash: 5
Influence: 4
When you rez TMWTRT, take 1 Bad Publicity
Whenever you take a Bad Publicity, do 1 meat damage.
Faceless, Nameless, And they want you dead.-A Helpful Guide on How not to Die


@nulloperative : Yeah I like this version a lot more, and I don’t think its even necessarily better in yellow. :smiley:

@ItsJustBusiness : I think this should probably be unique and even then I’m not sure how well this plays with Quarantine System.

Assume you’re playing an all illict ice deck: click 1 install and rez TMWTRT, click 2 install and rez TMWTRT, click 3 install and rez Quarantine System and then at paid ability speed, do 2 meat damage per piece of illicit ice rezzed. With 3 ice and one agenda, this is 9 damage; with 6 ice and 2 agendas, 15 damage!


That combo is just plausible enough for me to make a tier garbage deck about it. Regarding the uniqueness though, I agree.


Lottery - 4c
Neutral Operation: Terminal - Transaction
After you resolve this action, end your action phase.
Gain 9c. For each [click] you have remaining, gain 2c or pay 1c to remove 1 bad publicity.
“Whoever wins, we win.”


Weyland GreyOps-Transaction
Play: 0
2 Influence
Gain 1 for every installed seedy or connection resource. If you played Racketeering on your first click, also gain 1 for every gear and vehicle Hardware.


Since we’re going to lose Off the Grid, a conceptual update:

Thirteenth Floor - 3
Weyland Asset - •••
Thirteenth Floor may host an agenda face-up.
The Runner may not run on this server.
Whenever the Runner makes a successful run on HQ, he or she may treat it as a successful run on this server instead.
Trash: 5
Did you check between twelve and fourteen?


Weyland Operation-Condition
Play: 0
Influence: 4
Host Relentless on a rezzed Character, Executive, or Sysop. That card has +1 trash cost. If that card were to be trashed, instead shuffle it into R&D.


The Board will be… INVINCIBLE!


Rehashing an idea I had a while back, now with the numbers tweaked:

Hannah “PSK” McMillian
1 Link
Before drawing your starting hand, search through your stack for 10 cards and remove them from the game. Then shuffle your deck.
"Ain’t no kitten like the OG kitten."

I always pictured Princess Space Kitten as a shaper: she hacks because it’s fun. And she evidently has too much stuff than she can handle (Memstrips flavor text par example). So I wanted to make an ID with the simple ability of “you have more deckslots”.
Especially Shapers need this thing, as they have all the fun toys you can’t include because they’re “too situational”, like Net Shield, Sharpshooter or Clot (yes, Clot is a Shaper card). Include moar stuff in your decks!

I decided to make the 10 cards non-optional to remove, so you’re forced to include stuff in your deck that you would be ok with removing.


Winchester & Darke LTD.
Weyland ID-Subsidiary
Whenever the runner accesses an Ambush, you may pay 2 to give the runner 1 tag.