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Imaginary Cards


How often have runners crossed over from factions in flavor text though? PSK is featured in two Anarch cards already.

That being said, regardless of the faction, that ability is rad as all hell, and I would definitely run it.


Even in R&D? Bold move


Bait Station - 0c
Asset: Ambush
If Bait Station is accessed from R&D, the Runner must reveal it.
If the Runner accesses Bait Station, he or she must trash it, if able.
If Bait Station is trashed while being accessed, add it to your score area as an agenda worth 0 agenda points.
Trash cost: 2c
Weyland - 3 influence.

Theme: A monitored pseudo-agenda file that the corp uses to test system vulnerabilities. Evidence of access is used as justification to authorize deploying major countermeasures like Archer, or becomes a headline for 24/7 News coverage.


Centurion - 4
Criminal Program - Icebreaker - Killer - ••••
Centurion gets +1 strength for each remote server.
2c: +3 strength.
1c: Break sentry subroutine.
Str: 1
Veni vidi vici.


Assuming there’s even one remote, that’s strictly better than Garrote. But Garrote is too weak to see play, so that’s not a big deal.

I know this looks like it’s meant to be an anti-asset spam card, but I do think you have to price this on the assumption that there will usually be at least 1 or 2 remotes, so this will be at least a base strength of 2 except against a handful of decks. In many cases it will be a pumpable super-Mimic with 1c more cost and no influence cost for Criminals.


Yeah, looking back, it should really be 2 creds for 1 strength, a la Femme.


Hmm… I don’t know if it needs to be that inefficient, because that makes it really weak against Glacier. Looking at other breakers, I see that dropping it to a base Strength of 0 makes this Golden Lite (with more efficient sub breaking) against single-remote Corp decks. Against Asset Spam, honestly, there’s probably not a huge difference between a base 3 Strength breaker and a base 9 Strength breaker, so I don’t think the boost needs to be priced for those cases.


What if it were fixed strength?


Selective Throttling
NBN Agenda
At the end of the Runner’s turn, if he or she has no cards in his or her grip, he or she loses the game.
"I personally prefer the term ‘cost of living adjustment.’" - Victoria Jenkins


Isn’t this card, like SUPER-Jinteki?


Eh, Jinteki already has it, it’s called Bio-Ethics Committee. Besides, I wanted a card that could really synergize with Waiver, a card that never did anything. Non-damage discarding is putatively NBN’s purview - Waiver, the two Salem cards, Invasion of Privacy, Snoop.


I can see that. However, I will argue against the “Waiver never does anything” remark. I play the thing in my Making News Door to Door-deck. It’s a more painful facecheck than Architect…


Anarch Program-Bomb
1 MU
Install: 1
Influence: 4
(Trash) Trash all cards in and protecting a remote server. Use this only during a run on that server after you have broken all subroutines on all ice protecting that server. Take 1 tag, then take 1 net damage for each card protecting that server.


Weird thought on a 3/2 with a combination self-defending drawback/bonus. Probably bad.

Fact-Finding Investigation
3/2 Agenda (Weyland, or Neutral w/ Influence)
While Fact-Finding Investigation is in either player’s score area, it is worth 1 less agenda point for each power counter on it (to a minimum of 0), and each ID gains “[click], trash a card from your HQ or grip: Place 1 power counter on, or remove 1 power counter from, each copy of Fact-Finding Investigation in either player’s score area. Use this ability no more than once per turn”. An ID only gains this ability once, even if there are multiple copies of Fact-Finding Investigation in score areas.

Mechanically, the idea is to have a 3/2 (strong) that either player can, with effort, invalidate, but the other player can work against it. Furthermore, they’re linked, so if one is scored and another is stolen, you hurt yourself by using the ability, too. The original idea was to make it cost 2 clicks, but that gives the Runner an advantage, so I figured a click and a card would put Runner and Corp on more even footing.

Thematically, I wasn’t really sure where to go with it. It needs something where devaluing its value to the Corp also makes it less damning to them, and controlling the damage if it gets out likewise means making it less useful. Some sort of evidence or investigation was the main thing that popped into my mind, with a coverup rendering some of the findings less valuable because there are holes in the story. There are probably better ideas, though.


Beanstalk Manifest
2/1 Agenda - Weyland

Forfeit Beanstalk Manifest: Gain 3c for each card that has been removed from the game.

Limit 1 per deck


Pin The Blame
Weyland Operation-Grey Ops
Play: 1
Influence: 2
Play only if the runner is tagged.
Remove all Bad Publicity, then the runner loses 2 credits for each Bad Publicity removed this way.

Hit Order
Weyland Operation-Black Ops-Terminal
Play: X
Influence: 3
Host this card as a condition counter on an installed connection. X is equal to the install cost of that card. Host resource gains "When The Runner’s Turn begins, The Corp does 1 meat damage. The corp chooses the card trashed this way."
Click, take 2 meat damage: Trash this condition counter.


Jinteki ICE-Sentry
While Kuraokami is rezzed, you may score agendas in this server on the runner’s turn.
Rez: 4
Strength: 3
-> Place an advancement token on a card in this server
-> Place an advancement token on a card in this server
-> Place an advancement token on a card in this server


A neutral defensive upgrade, might combo well with the executives?

Hook, Line, and Sinker
Neutral Upgrade

Hook, Line, and Sinker can be advanced. Whenever there is a successful run on this server, Hook, Line, and Sinker! gains:

[Trash] : Trash a number of cards in this server up to the number of advancement tokens on Hook, Line, and Sinker. Do 1 meat and 1 net damage for each card trashed in this way.

Derivative Trading
Weyland Operation - Transaction - Play 6 - Influence 2

Gain 14 credits. While Derivative Trading is face up in archives, it gains:

At the beginning of your turn, lose 1 credit.


You probably have to tinker with Hook, Line and Sinker to get it to work. It’s gaining its ability on a successful run, but that ability can no longer be triggered after that point in the run.


I like Derivative Trading though…neat idea