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Imaginary Cards


Ah right, maybe something like, “When the runner decides to continue the run after approaching this server” ? I think that would hit right at step 4.3, which is when you would want to use this card.


You could always just leave the trash ability as an always-there thing and add something like “Use this ability only during a successful run” after it.


Yeah, it may be best worded as: When there is a successful run on this server, you may “yada yada yada.” So then you let them declare access at 4.3, and then it will trigger at 4.4 without you having to use a paid ability. Also, the “you may” portion would allow you do comical things like rez Ash and this. “Oh so you beat the trace, congrats! KABOOM!” Of course, it would have to be rezzed at this point so no huge surprise, but still fun.


A very blunt card but i Think that it can be used as an idea for future cards.

Between a rock and a hard place

Cost 4

Criminal. Inf 1

Event Run.

Then corp chooses one of the following. The Runner gains 9 credits or the runner can initiate a run on any server. The runner accesses 2 aditional cards during this run.


Weyland Operation-BlackOps
Cost: 4
Influence: 4
Trace 5: If successful, give the runner 1 tag and do 1 meat damage. This tag cannot be avoided or removed on the Corps turn.
shoot first, don’t bother with questions.-Chief Slee

The Whole 9 Yards
Neutral Agenda-4/2
The first time there is a successful run each turn, “Trace 2: If successful, trash 1 resource.”

NAPD Tip-Off
Rez: 0
Trash: 2
When the runner accesses NAPD Tip-Off, you may pay 2 to give the runner 1 tag and lose 1 click.

Street Couriers
Neutral Resource-Connection
Install: 1
(Trash): Remove 1 Tag or gain "You are not considered to have stolen an agenda last turn"
No data is safe, but it is a lot safer when it’s jumping through the rooftops.

Due Process
Neutral Operation
Play: 2
Play only if the runner is tagged. The runner 10 credits. If there is a copy of Due Process faceup in your archives, then they lose all credits in their credit pool and skips their next turn.
You have the right to shut up!


Sell Out - 2c
Neutral Event: Priority
Play only as your first [click].
Gain 10c. Add Sell Out to your score area as an agenda worth -1 agenda point that reads “You cannot forfeit Sell Out while an Agenda not named Sell Out is in your score area.”


The Great Deletion
Neutral Operation-Terminal
Play: 3
Remove all Viruses in the heap from the game. If you played this operation on your first click, you may then trash all installed viruses.


Dreaming in Data
Anarch ID - AI
45/15, 0 Link
3 recurring credits
Use these credits during runs on Archives.
“run zork.exe y/n?”


ID – Shaper – 45/15 – 1 link

When your turn begins, you may trash the top 2 cards of the stack. If you do, the first time you play an event this turn, gain [click].


Dr. Merdanski
HB Upgrade-Executive
Rez: 3
Trash: 3
When the runner takes any amount of Brain Damage, remove cards trashed from the game.


Weyland ICE
Rez: 6
Strength: 4
Influence: 2
-> The Runner Loses 4
-> The Corp gains 4
-> Give the Runner 1 Tag.
Justice hurts more.

Quarterly Report
Weyland Agenda
When you score Quarterly Report, gain 3 for each agenda in your score area.
Limit 1 per deck.

Keep Out
NBN Asset
Rez: 1
Trash: 4
The runner may not install Ritzy resources. Gain 1 whenever the runner installs a Seedy resource.

Literal Assassination
Weyland Agenda: 4/2
When you score this agenda, trash an installed connection. The runner may prevent this by taking meat damage equal to its install cost.

“The thing about journalism is there’s always a better story around the corner. Soon, they smelled blood-BLAM.” -The Professor


Talk about bad pub in another thread got me thinking. These are probably dumb, but I just want to spit it out in text to see how dumb.

External Audits
2 cost Sunny Resource - Job

  • Influence

Whenever you make a successful run on a server, put a power counter on this card.

Click, 4 hosted power counters: Give the Corp 1 bad publicity.

After the mess of the Flashpoint and 23 Seconds incident, the corporations wanted answers and solutions to keep it from happening again. Time to go to work.

Deliver the Payload
3 cost Sunny Run Event

  • Influence

Make a run on HQ. If successful, add Deliver the Payload to your score area as an agenda worth 1 agenda point for every two Bad Publicity the Corp currently has.
Expecting a earth-shattering kaboom? Just wait until the shareholder’s meeting tomorrow morning.

Not sure if Deliver should have a harder clause, but getting multiple Bad Pub on someone was always tricky as-is. Maybe a Yahtzee event for running all the centrals? Or a big trace? Or a Terminal?

The Angrydome
2 Cost Unique Neutral Resource - Link
+1 Link
+1 Link for every bad publicity the Corp has
You’d be surprised how much interference a internet forum can run for you if their current rage target is also yours.


Might be pushing it too far, but…

Locus International
Synergy and Progress
Weyland ID - Corp
Whenever you score an agenda, gain [click].
Tomorrow begins today.


Well this actually make aggressive negotiations playable so that’s gotta count for something! This may be too good in combination with Accelerated Diagnostics though? I’d have to think about what sort of combos you’d be able to do with an extra click each time you score and agenda.


It wouldn’t be any better than CI; You might be able to pull off something with Hasty, but Efcom gives you those clicks up front, and you don’t have the handsize to pull off a 7 point combo properly, and I’m pretty sure it’s actually really balanced!

I also love that it makes Aggressive Negotiations playable… :slight_smile:


Plant Evidence - 3c
Neutral Event: Terminal
[Terminal Text]
Install Plant Evidence face-up in a remote server containing no agendas, assets, or face-down cards as an agenda with an advancement cost of 2, a point value of 0, and a text box that reads “If this agenda leaves play except by being scored, add it to the Runner’s score area. This agenda is worth 1 additional agenda point while in the Runner’s score area.”


Let me know your opinions about this card I wish existed:

Jinteki ID 45/19 : “Each turn the first time the runner trash a rezzed ice you may put 2 advancments on a card that can be advanced”

I think that 19 influence point make it balanced in match-up with runner’s decks that does not have a way to trash ice hence never triggering this ID. What do you think?.


I sse it more like:

Jinteki Genetic Security: ID 40/15 : “The first time each turn the runner trash, derezz or change the position an ice, you may do two net damage”


Brain Blend
HB Operation-Black Ops
Play: 3
Influence: 5
Play only if the runner is tagged. Do 1 brain damage or 3 net damage.

Sorry about the mess.-Agent Valkyrie


Program - Virus
Anarch 2c - inf 2

When the corp purge virus counters, trash rootkit and you may install a program from your stack, ignoring all costs.