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Imaginary Cards


Rich and famous
Event - Terminal
Anarch 0c - inf 1

[Terminal text - yeah I know it’s not runner]
Play only if you’re tagged.

Gain 8c.


Rich and famous is such a risky gamble I love it :smiley:


I could have called this Idoru or Mona Lisa :wink:


Paul “Sirrus” Chavez
Freelance Journalist
Shaper ID - Natural
0 link
You get +1 link for each agenda in either player’s score area.
"The word’s on the wind."

Nine - 2
Shaper Hardware - Console - 1 inf
+2 link
Your base memory limit is equal to the number of links you have.
Limit 1 console per player.
“It’s light as air, for when you need to run the hell away.” - Sirrus


Ooh, I really like this. Makes it worth it to run Fan Site even if you’re not going to forfeit it. Also a cool thematic reason to have extra influence, and a cheap console that you wouldn’t want on turn 1. This is really cool. :+1:


I thought i’d post my current rewrite of Clone Chip that i’m tentively thinking of including in a later version my Hack.

Clone Chip Rewrite
Shaper [ 3 Influence ]
Hardware [ $1 ]

Clone Chip can host 1 program. Trash Clone Chip if a program hosted on Clone Chip is uninstalled.

When your turn begins you may install a program from your heap ( paying the install cost ), host it on Clone Chip, and place power counters on Clone Chip equal to its install cost. Then, remove one power counter from Clone Chip or trash a program hosted on Clone Chip, if able.

Useful, if you can put up with it’s instability issues.

Key things to note:

  1. Because you need to host a program that you install from your heap using Clone Chip Rewrite on Clone Chip Rewrite, programs that need to be hosted elsewhere when they are installed can’t be targeted by Clone Chip Rewrite. Specifically this means Parasite ( and the new Terminal Directive card Egret, though i doubt i’ll do a version of my Hack that includes Terminal Directive, but i include it for standard ANR ).
  2. Because Clone Chip Rewrite hosts the program it installs and can only host 1 program, it is ‘tied up’ whilst a program it installs is still installed.
  3. Because Clone Chip Rewrite trashes as an effect and is not a cost, it means that it can be prevented from trashing by Sacrificial Construct and indefinitely by LLDS Energy Regulator. Whilst this can get pricey it does potentially provide an opportunity for Exile to get some more use out his trigger ability. ( Also, nb. Technical Writer ( x1 to 3 ). )
  4. As with Clone Chip there is no click cost to installing a program from your heap using Clone Chip Rewrite, but trigger timing has moved to the beginning of the Runner’s turn. This means that Clone Chip Rewrite is pre-emptive rather than reactive to cards and effects that the Corporation may have lying facedown in wait ( something that i very much disliked about Clone Chip. ).
  5. The wording and the power counter mechanism on Clone Chip Rewrite means that a program installed by and hosted on Clone Chip Rewrite will remain in play for as many Runner and Corporation turns as it is credits for that program’s install cost. Install cost 0 programs, with the exception of Harbinger, will be trashed before they can be used.

Other cards that install programs from the heap ( up to and including the Mumbad Cycle ) that i’ve tried to balance and ‘compliment’ ( that is, not make redundant by ) Clone Chip Rewrite with are: Test Run; Scavenge; and Retrieval Run.

( Also note that i’m giving errata to the cerberus programs. I’m still thinking on those. )

I think that that’s everything. Would be interested if anyone else spots any other synergies and anti-synergies.


So, I may have gone a bit overboard and designed a Cycle. I’ve got a theme / plotline, 60 cards for each side, 1 ID per faction and an even distribution of cards among factions. I even organized them into the standard 20 card packs that follow the plotline.

I basically did it as a fun activity / game design exercise for myself but I’d be happy to post it all here if it wouldn’t bother people. I could always use feedback in my balancing / design philosophy.

Since it is a large number of cards I was unsure of the best way to post them. I think a google drive link pack by pack would be best but I’m not positive. If there is interest, let me know what the best method would be and I’ll do that.


Sounds awesome, I’m definitely a junkie for this sort of thing. I think google drive links pack by pack are the best option for what it’s worth. Thanks!


Somehow i doubt my input on design philosophy would be that useful to you, given our different preferences, but non the less i am most interested in this. Googledrive, or whatever would be fine for me. Btw, are you aware of this: http://cardcreator.grndl.net/ ? To get all its functionality you need Chrome.


A breadth of opinions and viewpoints is helpful to consider stuff I hadn’t thought of so I would appreciate your feedback. I get tunnel vision sometimes so catching things I hadn’t even considered is vital to making a good design. Probably why FFG has full teams for it.


First three packs of the Old World cycle.

A few design notes: This was made with rotation in mind so some cards are replacements of cards that will be leaving us adjusted to be viable and hopefully not too strong in the current meta.

There are a few answers to some meta complaints at the moment, primarily asset spam and corp recursion.

I did put a strong Jackson replacement in the first pack Neutral and 0 Influence with a more limited effect to really only combat flood. I am in the camp that thinks Jackson type effects are pretty necessary to the game and have not been super thrilled with his current replacements.

I’ll be going thru and adding commentary on the Docs as I go. I have set the permissions to allow commenting by anyone without even logging into google so go for it, or reply here, up to you all.

Pack 1 - The City of Lights

Pack 2 - High Society

Pack 3 - General Winter

The remaining 3 packs to come in a second post as I format and prepare them.

Also, this cycle is set in Europe and I am from the US. I did research for some various phrases and concepts but could have horribly gotten things wrong so I apologize in advance if I did and would like to fix anything I may be ignorant on.


The remaining three packs:

Pack 4 - Valhalla
Pack 5 - On Exhibit
Pack 6 - Lost at Sea

Additional apologies for the pretty bad writing. I think I stylistically ended up somewhere between lore inserts and the pack previews that pop up on FFG’s page. Not sure if that works at all.

Anyway, thanks for looking and letting me know what you all think.


Microwave Switch - 1 Credit, Hardware
Trash - Trash all cards in your grip, remove or avoid any number of tags. Minimum 1 card.

This card’s power level is off the charts. I love innovative ideas to deal with tags, and I wonder how you could nerf this to make it viable.


One of the big things I considered is that Midseasons is going away with rotation which means tags will likely become more of a ping type effect like from CTM’s trash effect. I don’t think it’s too good if its removing 1 or two tags.

That being said, I had not considered stuff like Siphon so I think I will increase the required minimum cards in grip to perhaps 3 or 4 so it is more of a sacrifice.


I really like the flavor of these packs and there are some interesting mechanics, kudos to you for doing this. Not a huge fan of most of the replacement cards though. They just either seem like nerfed reprints or super niche cards. Just as an example we don’t need a nerfed Midseason Replacement​s reprint, we already have Hard Hitting News. I would have rather seen a different design space explored like Optimization Orders as an example of a really interesting and powerful ability that fits in the HB design space, but is just different enough.


I hear what you are saying, I mostly tried to only include remakes that were for either cards that have been important to the game or are still probably necessary (Like the Scrubber remake and the Katie Jones-esq card)

For the midseasons remake, I have always felt midseasons is too much of an instant loss card to be completely healthy so the new one is closer to what HHN is.

That being said, the biggest part of the new card is it’s 2 play cost and not requiring a trace. This means it can be used on a runner with more cash than the corp to force a huge momentum loss (Especially out of SYNC) This should allow it to be a more tactical card than a simple “I win” button like Midseasons. Useful for equalizing credit disparities for the corp or buying a free turn much like HHN.

I’m totally open to suggestions on this tho, I wanted to keep some sort of blowback for stealing an agenda but wasn’t sure on a good alternative for NBN other than tags for this aspect. The design space I played around with for NBN was mostly their deck manipulation aspects via their ID and stuff like the Fun Fact Science Hour which, unfortunately, does not fit well into agenda stealing punishment.

Thank you for the input, I will be looking into these remakes to see how I can make them more unique but still fill similar roles and editing as ideas come up.


(After rotation)

Chaos Theory: Eco-terrorist
Anarch • Identity: G-Mod • Link: 0 • Deck: 40 • Influence: 17

+1 MU

“Have you met Dinosaurus?”


Weyland ID: Amazon Industries 45/15
You may immediately res your ICE after installation.


Jun Nakamura
Gutter Queen
ID - Criminal - 45/15 - 0 link
0c: Avoid a tag. Use this ability only if you have 0 or fewer agenda points in your score area.
“Nothing to lose, everything to gain.”


Had something like this bouncing around in my head since I’ve seen DDM. Costs are just spitballing right now, could be cheaper due to all the set-up required.

Globalsec Network Node
Sunny Hardware - 3 Cost - No Influence Bar

Once per turn, when you make a successful run on HQ or R&D, you may force the Corp to trace^5. If successful, trash this card. If unsuccessful, you may access one additional card for every Link card you have installed.

Priority and trusted network access can be a beautiful thing.