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Imaginary Cards


Public Beta
Weyland - Agenda, Public

Install Public Beta face up.

Public Beta cannot be scored the same turn it is installed.

2c: Add Public Beta to HQ


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Warning: Annoying Spelling Errors Everywhere


I can’t imagine why I’d be thinking of something like this right about now.

Maxim 64
Operation: Black Ops - 1 Cost - 5 Weyland Influence

Play only if the Runner is tagged.

Do 1 unpreventable meat damage for every two tags the Runner has.

“An ounce of sniper is worth a pound of suppressing fire.” - The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries


Cool cards, really love the Weyland ID.


Malta Quan - 0
Criminal Resource - Connection - 3 inf
Forfeit an agenda: Bypass a piece of ice currently being encountered.
“You’re too valuable to let die. Right now.”


Barrier - Tracer
Rez 2 - Str 2 - Inf 2
1c recursive.
Use this credit during trace attempts.
=> Trace 2 : If successful, you may replace 1 spent recurring credit.
=> Trace 2 : If successful, end the run.

Community Design Exercise - Ep.1 Green Dog

Anarch ID 45/15
Whenever the corp purges virus counters, you may draw two cards.


I think you could get this to fire a several times a game. It might make a lot of bad/marginal viruses much better, like Chakana. I’d love to see more diversity of virus programs. On the other hand, I don’t think this is going to be much of a boost early game…where the best ID’s really shine.


Metal Friends - $1
Hardware (neutral 0 inf.)
As long as you’re not tagged, all your resources are hardware instead, even if they’re not installed.


Able Archer
Weyland Agenda - Initiative - 5/3
Whenever the Runner access Able Archer, give the runner 1 tag and do 1 meat damage for each advancement token on Able Archer.
Heads? A ruse. Tails? You lose.


Mushin that and you get three points for free in the worst case


I’ve been thinking DaVinci’s trash ability would make a great ID ability. Interrupting with Clot, The Source, or the Black File would be a great way to play. But I’d like to have a power counter placement mechanic that the Corp has a little more control over.


Good Publicity
Neutral Agenda 3/1
Place 2 agenda counters on Good Publicity when you score it.
Hosted agenda counter: Avoid receiving 1 bad publicity.


Crminal Hardware - Console - 4 creds - 4 inf.

+1 MU
Whenever you make a successful run on a server, place a power counter on Phant0m.

X Hosted Power Counters : Bypass a piece of ice currently being encountered where X is the strength of the ice currently being encountered.

Like a ghost in the night


The Consortium
Weyland Agenda - Merger

When you score The Consortium, you may host a Weyland ID on it. Gain the text box of that ID in addition to your existing ID.


I thought this sounded OP for a 5/3 at first, then I reminded myself what IDs Weyland has. :cry:


Riders on the storm
Event: current - 1c - Inf 2

This card is not trashed until another current is played or an agenda is scored.
When you access cards from HQ or R&D, you may trash 1 program to access 1 additional card.


Add something like “while in his/her score area, the runner can use that too” and you’ve got a funny Skorpios agenda :slight_smile:


Your first click each turn must be spent to advance or draw a card, if able.
All ice has +1 strength.

Not sure which faction this should be


Père Hébert ASCII Artist
Identity: G-Mod

Whenever you access an installed Agenda you must immediately trash it.

If any cards are removed from Archives during a turn, you may look at the top card of R&D when that turn ends.

“One man’s art is the trash of another’s.”