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Imaginary Cards


Tinfoil Hat
Anarch virus, 2MU, 0c, 2 inf

Prevent the first net or meat damage each turn.
Trash Tinfoil Hat if the corp purge virus counters.

I told ya


Shaper Identity
50/15, 0 link
At the start of your turn, you may draw 2 cards. If you do, shuffle 1 card from your grip into the stack.


Hi HiddenAway. I think your ID may be Over Powered. It’s far stronger than even Engineering the Future (the old HB ID that got replaced by the revised core that gave a credit for the first install each turn). ETF was so OP that nobody would play other HB IDs. Compared to ETF this ID is stronger because 1) it is guaranteed to fire, 2) a card draw is even better than a credit, 3) it gives choice about which card is drawn. The only downside is the deck limit…but with so much draw, it wouldn’t be such a downside. Plus shuffling every turn can become annoying to both players.

Can you think of a way to limit the ID or restrict it so that there might be times the runner wouldn’t or couldn’t trigger the ID?


Maybe spend a credit to fire the effect? That said, I don’t think that would deter many runners.

Alternatively, make it a click effect and restrict it to once a turn, and put the card at the bottom of the deck, but then that clashes with Mr Li


I like the built in Mr. Li by requiring a click. That does the trick for me.


Rock Guitar
Weyland upgrade, ambush, 0c, 0 trash, 4 inf

If Rock Guitar is accessed from R&D, the Runner must reveal it.
Rock Guitar can be advanced.

When the Runner accesses Rock Guitar, the Corporation may move the advancement tokens on it to another installed card that can be advanced. The Runner end the run and may draw a card. Trash Rock Guitar.

Money, get away.
– Jack Weyland in his 1969 Chevrolet ZL1 Camaro

That Jack Weyland is purely imaginary. I like to think of him like an old rocker guy, driving non-autonomous fast cars, listening 70’s rock, and generally disliking humanity enough to send it to space while he either buys or nuke the earth. Green corp, ya know.

The card have many uses. You can install it in your scoring remote with a 4/2, advance it and see what happens. You can use it to defend a central if the runner can’t get easilly in your scoring remote. It passivly defends against multi access. IAA this somewhere and use Contract killers, or Ronins, or Trick of Light. Use space ice.

But too many of these creates a problem in archives. You must defend old things you know. I don’t know, put these in a Museum of History or something, and make Virtual Tour. Or put more Space camps, or Breached Dome (and in that last case, maxx would have reasons to be mad - see what I did there winkwink).

It was made to add another weapon to the Weyland bluff arsenal (which is pretty better with vegan stuff).
It cost 4 inf because I have the feeling it can be super strong in Jinteki AG / PE, HB or NEH. Wouldn’t want to forbid this but still.

Sovereign Sight Community Review and Meta Predictions (Corp)

Safety Pin
Anarch event - 1c - 2 inf

Play only as your last click.

Put 3 cards from your heap on top of your stack.
Remove all Safety Pin from the heap before trashing it.

Whenever Safety Pin is trashed by taking net or meat damage, the Runner loses all credits in his or her credit pool.

Eh, Oh, Let’s Go

A Déjà Vu replacement. Would play 3 in any MaxX, to help her not playing 2x Larla. I don’t feel safe for it to autocombo, therefor there can only be one in the heap. This prevent huge Larla synergies too (you trash your hand, so you remove all Saefty Pin in the heap before shuffling heap in stack).

The self closed-account clause make it a hot card that the runner take quite some risks to keep through lots of turns.

This card would be fine in Criminal / Fisk seminar too : “only as a last clic” is made to break the synergy with play in clic 3 then draw and next turn Fisk again (or Mars for Marsians, etc). And it’s still callable through SOT for each time at least 7 clics to profit of ([Draw both card, install SOT] SOT in clic 3 -> play that (1c) -> next turn, draw -> play for exemple a drawer -> install SOT in clic 3 and it’s a road block to autocombo again).
You could (SOT in clic 3 -> play that (1c) -> next turn, draw -> install SOT -> SOT in clic 3 (1c)) to move 2 card on top of heap per turn, costing you LOTS of tempo there.
But at least end of stack isn’t game over for MaxX anymore, especially for non-Larla MaxX.
And MaxX can use it only gaining 1 card. Because punk. This is an exact Déjà Vu for her (minus Virus recursion but cost 1c less).

This is okay if Drug Dealer, or the car, or out-of-clic draw permit first clic events because this is a combo that is just better than Déjà Vu by 1c.

Champion Card Community Review

Not Reina
Weyland ID 45/15
1 recurring credit
Use this credit to rez ice.


<>Cecil Belton
NBN Asset-Character
Rez: 2
Trash: 3
Influence: 3
When your turn begins, “Trace 3: If successful, gain 3 credits. If unsuccessful, gain 1 credit instead.”
“Good night, New Angeles. Good night.”


Lucky Numbers - 0
NBN Operation - •
Gain 2c. If the Runner is tagged, instead gain 10c.
“That’s odd… my fortune cookie’s fortune is just my bank account number.”


Low-cost flat
Neutral event, 3c, 0 inf

Gain 2c per card installed in a remote.


Cost killer
Weyland asset, 2c, 3 inf, 3 trash

Reduce by 1c the cost of events and operations.
Events or operations are removed from the game instead of being trashed.


Anarch Program, Icebreaker, Decoder
1c, 3 inf, 1MU, str 1

2c: +2 str
1c: break 1 decoder subroutine.

Whenever the Runner have 0c, Keylogger gains “0c : +1str, 0c and trash Keylogger: break any amount of decoder subroutine.”


Too :muscle:


my attempt at a new parasite

Parasite 2.0
1c, 4 influence, 1 MU
Anarch Program, Virus

Host Parasite 2.0 on a rezzed piece of ice.

At the beginning of your turn, if Parasite 2.0 has virus counters equal to or greater than the printed strength of host ice, trash it and remove Parasite 2.0 from the game. If not, add one virus counters to Parasite 2.0.

Click, all hosted virus counters: move Parasite 2.0 to another rezzed piece of ice.


i had a thought about cards that could ‘float’ credits and potentially earn a return on the investment if you’re really creative with card abilities, inspired by cryptocurrency. here are some rough template examples

0 cost resource - shaper - 2 influence
crypto - virtual
At the beginning of your turn, lose 2c. If you do, gain 3c at the end of your turn.

0 cost resource - unique - neutral - 2 influence
crypto - virtual
Begin the game with [card name] installed.
At the beginning of your turn, lose 1c. At the end of your turn, gain 1c.

1 cost resource - criminal - 1 influence
crypto - virtual
At the beginning of your turn, lose 2c. At the end of your turn, gain 2c.


Zigzag - 3
Criminal Hardware - Console - 2 inf
+1 mem
Whenever you pass a piece of ice, you may choose to approach a piece of ice protecting a different server in the same position as the ice you just passed. You are now running on that server.
"There was a front door?"


No cost, no limit?


Well, the idea is you’re running “sideways” - you aren’t necessarily making forward progress, except by virtue of the ice you skip. So if HQ has two pieces of ice and Archives has one, you can break the Archives ice and then bounce over to approach the innermost HQ ice, and then break that. Still two pieces of ice, but it compels more even ice fortresses.


I just worry that it neuters most of the ice on the board, you effectively just break the 1 or two easiest peices over and over again. Seems way too opressive. I think the effect could make a cool one shot resource or event though.