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Imaginary Cards


do you mean Dr. Lovegood? that was intentional


Ignore me, I mistook those for something else. Also they have no real synergy with lovegood beyond just turning them off.


I really love the console @greyfield. It enables just the kind of shenanigans that I dreamed about when I saw Copycat but never ever got to work because Copycat is pretty bad and pressures all servers in a very Criminal I’m going to exploit you where you are most vulnerable kind of way.

I suppose if you were worried about the card making people miserable you could always make it a more vulnerable card type, but I think it is fine as is.


that is what what was intentional about the design


Beta Notes - 0
Sunny Resource - Virtual - 2 influence
Whenever the corp installs a piece of ice, you may trash Beta Notes to force the corp to Trace 4 - If unsuccessful, the runner may swap the piece of ice just installed with another installed piece of ice.


I had worth
Criminal Event • Cost: 2 • Influence: 2

Remove up to 3 tags.

Whenever the runner is about to gain one or more tags, the runner can trash I had worth and prevent up to 3 tags.

“Good ol’ days, kid, were when I had a 24/7 backdoor to their bank account – Gabriel”


With SSO coming, pondering what other kind of support cards could be out there for it.

City Hall Grid (okay, terrible name, but I can’t think of anything at the moment)
Upgrade - Region

2c rez, 4c Trash

As a additional cost to access a face-up agenda in this server, the runner must take unavoidable tags equal to the printed agenda points on the agenda (even on a run where City Hall Grid was trashed).
You can’t fight City Hall.


Packs #1 and #2 of the Mojave Cycle:

Blind Bet

Eighty Sixed


Solomon 1.0 - 2 Rez, 2 STR, 1 Inf
The runner may spend [click] to break a subroutine
->Gain 1c for each rezzed bioroid
->End the run

Solomon 2.0 - 5 Rez, 4 STR, 1 Inf
The runner may spend [click][click] to break 2 subroutines
->Gain 1c for each rezzed bioroid
->End the run
->End the run

Solomon 3.0 - 8 Rez, 6 STR, 1 Inf
The runner may spend [click][click][click] to break 3 subroutines
->Gain 1c for each rezzed bioroid
->Gain 1c for each rezzed bioroid
->End the run
->End the run
Behold, the temple

Borrowing the idea of ‘devotion’ from MTG, I wanted to make a competitive bioroid barrier and gaining credits seemed like a good way to go. The numbers might need to be tweaked a little bit, but I do like how Solomon 3.0 will give you the credits if they decide to click through it.


StarSearch Enterprises
NBN Identity - Division
At the beginning of your turn, if the Runner is tagged, gain :click:.
Your favorite everything.


ooh, I’ve got a couple-- I’ve been wanting a 40-card Anarch identity since like 2015.

Princess Space Kitten
Internet Diva
Anarch 40/12

The first time you trash one of your installed cards each turn, you may take one tag to search your stack for a card and it to your heap. Shuffle your stack.

Where’s the fun in doing something if no one watches?


Cat’s Cradle
Hardware: Consumer-grade • Cost: 2 • Influence: 3

When you install Cat’s Cradle trash the top card of the stack. The corp trashes the top card of R&D. If you trashed a copy of Cat’s Cradle you may repeat this process.

Trash: The corp trashes the top card of R&D and one additional card for each copy of Cat’s Cradle in the heap. Then remove all copies of Cat’s Cradle in the heap from the game and take one tag.

Limit 6 per deck.

“Oops.” -Princess Space Kitten


The wording on this one might be weird, since not quite sure how to word it to work properly. But, to steal a idea from Arkham…

Neutral ICE - 2 Rez Cost - 2 Influence - Barrier - Basic
Strength 1
(Before drawing your opening hand, you may search R&D for any number of cards with the Basic subtype and install them, paying install costs. Shuffle R&D afterwards.)

-End the Run
What sysop worth their salt would leave a server undefended?


Two things I have in my mind for a while:

  • what about a“Trump“-Subtype (make others pay for it): cards which have “normal“ or perhaps less than normal influence-cost, but have additional costs to play/rez/install if they are out of faction? Flavorwise Corp-only or perhaps even Weyland-only?

  • what about a neutral agenda, which has different abilities when scores/stolen depending on faction?
    Jack of all trades 4/2 or 5/3 neutral 1 infl.
    Scored by
    HB : gain click
    Jinteki : do 1 net for every 2 agenda points you have (including this agenda/round up)
    NBN : trace7 if succesful give the runner 1 tag
    Weyland : Gain 2 cred for each ICE with an advancement token on it
    Stolen by:
    Anarch /Apex: additional cost purge virus counter if there are some, otherwise suffer 1 brain (not realy sure what fits best here)
    Criminal / Sunny: additional cost of 4 creds
    Shaper / Adam: additional cost 1 click


Jack of all trades sounds cool. Just a lot of words though.
The trump idea has actually come up a few times though. I know I’ve raised. It would make for a fun ID with barriers though.


Pack 3 of the Mojave Cycle: Paradise Lost


Is pigeon drop text reversed?

“The Corp may pay 3 credits. If he or she does, gain 6 credits and draw one card. If he or she does not, you may force them to draw 2 cards.”


No, that’s correct. It’s supposed to be like an account siphon the corp can opt out of, but they have to draw cards.


Oh. So it might as well just be that the Runner pays 2cr to force the Corp to draw 2 cards. Not sure that’s great…see Syn Attack. I think I like it better the other way where the Corp can pay to prevent the runner from gaining credits.

Also I like the Task Manager and Minefield ICE where the subs are likely to fire and the true cost of running them is based on other strategic elements of the game.


Some weird ICE ideas I’ve been thinking about. Interested to hear y’alls’ ideas for better balancing.

Status Wall
Neutral - ICE
Barrier - Tracer
Rez 1 - Str 3 - Inf 0

↳ Trace 1 - If successful, prevent the next subroutine that would resolve this run from resolving.
↳ End the run.

“Those ones get a pass. They’re harmless.”

[This next one was based on an idea I got related to a funny Syntax card called 24/7 Pasta which was supposed to pair well with Aryabhata sauce.]

Voluntary Phishing
Sentry - Tracer
Rez 0 - Str 4 - Inf 3

Place 2 credits on Voluntary Phishing whenever a trace initiates from it. Credits on Voluntary Phishing may be spent during trace attempts.

↳ Trace 1 - If successful, the Runner may gain 1 credit and draw 1 card.
↳ Trace 2 - If successful, the Runner may remove 1 tag.

“They know how we use their data. But they keep coming anyway.”

Hole-In-Wall Game
Jinteki - ICE
Sentry - AP
Rez 1 - Str 2 - Inf 3

↳ Give the Runner 1 net damage for each card in the grip beyond the maximum hand size.
↳ Give the Runner 1 net damage for each unspent click.
↳ Give the Runner 1 net damage for every 5 credits in the Runner’s credit pool beyond 10 credits.

“And those who cannot make the fit will not advance to the next round.”

Weyland - ICE
Sentry - AP - Tracer
Rez 4 - Str 4 - Inf 4

When the Runner encounters Tailchaser do 1 meat damage if ze is tagged.

↳ Give the Runner 1 tag if ze has none.
↳ The Corp may rez another installed Tailchaser ignoring all costs.
↳ Trace 4 - If successful, the Runner must choose to encounter another rezzed Tailchaser, if able. The run continues from this new position.
↳ Derez Tailchaser.

“A new paradigm in meatworld autonomy.”

Maker Seeker
Haas-Bioroid - ICE
Cost 1 - Str 0 - Inf 1

The Runner may spend two clicks to break all subroutines on Maker Seeker.

↳ The Corp May look at the top 3 cards of R&D and reveal 1 Bioroid ICE if able. The runner must encounter the revealed ICE before continuing the run. After the encounter, trash the revealed ICE if the Runner broke at least one subroutine on it. Otherwise add it to HQ.

“Are you my mother?”


Pack #4 of The Mojave Cycle: Nightfall