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Imaginary Cards

Spriggan: Cost 0, MU 0, Criminal, Program, Daemon, 1 Inf.

Spriggan can host any number of programs.

The memory costs of hosted programs do not count against your memory limit.

When your turn begins, lose credits equal to the total number of programs hosted on Spriggan.

Random idea I had while in the shower:

Highlander Designs, LTD
Weyland Identity - Subsidiary - 40/12

All cards in play are considered to have the Unique symbol.

Click, Discard a card from HQ: Put two advancement tokens on a card in play with the same name as the discarded card.

During a run, the Runner may lose a click and discard a icebreaker from their grip to give a installed icebreaker with the same name as the discarded icebreaker a strength bonus equal to the discarded icebreaker’s base strength.

There can be only one.

There’s Always More
Weyland Operation: Transaction • Cost: 0 • Influence: 5

Play only if the Runner is tagged.

Play a transaction operation from HQ (paying all costs), reducing the play cost by 1. After resolving the operation, return it to HQ instead of discarding it.

in greater quantity, amount, measure, degree, or number: “I need more money.”
additional or further: “The price is more than I thought.”

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So if I understand it correctly, you basically get to double up on a Transaction in your hand? That seems decent, but maybe not strong enough to warrant needing a tag. Also, what is the flavor? By knowing where the runner is, you… become greedier in the stock market?

Yeah, I think it’d probably be fine as a Terminal.

Mostly wanted to go in a few directions with it.
Wanted to try to reinforce Weyland as the “big sacks of cash” faction. Like, some corps might have a couple money-making schemes going at a time? Yeah, Weyland is freaking huge and can pull the trigger on one at the drop of the hat and just rake it in if they’re ever running low.
Also wanted to give BABW something fun to use, since it can get a double proc of it’s ID ability, and then get to use that transaction again the next turn. It’s also a econ card that Blue Sun might not immediately grab. Basically it’s Hedge Fund 4-6.

Mostly… I wanted to make a reference to the old Dinosaurs TV show with the title. :smiley:

I made a design in a similar vein a while back, actually, where Weyland is the corp who solve all their problems by buying them.

Wall of Accounts (X Rez) (0 STR) (Weyland, 3 Inf)
ICE - Barrier
When you rez Wall of Accounts, put X power counters on it. It has +1 STR for each hosted power counter.
When the Runner encounters Wall of Accounts, you may pay any number of credits. Wall of accounts gains that many " L> End the Run" subroutines until end of turn.

“Things just seem to work out when you have a friend in the budget department.”

The idea was to make “boostable” ICE, where the Corp can make it about money. The math works for the runner, though, as they can always choose not to break, but corp has to pay everything upfront.

Also might finally make Chief Slee playable…

Humbug: Rez 0, Trash 4, Ambush, Jinteki.

If the Runner accesses Humbug while in HQ, you may pay 1 credit to do 3 net damage.

Globalsec Auditor
(Faction -Sunny, 2 Inf)
Resource - Connection
+1 Link
The first time you make a successful run each turn, put a power counter on Globalsec Auditor.
(Click), 2 Power Counters: Expose 1 Card in a remote server.
(Click), X Hosted power counters: The Corp reveals HQ. X is the amount of cards in HQ.

2 possible flavor texts:

“You’ve got some serious security flaws here. We’re filing for a complete inspection, as is protocol…”

“Never underestimate the friendship of a well-trained bureaucrat.” -Sunny Lebeau

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Wayland asset
Rez 1, trash 2
You can advance this once per turn. When you advance this, gain 4c.
When your turn begins, lose 1c for each advancement on this.
You can only overwrite this with an agenda.

The numbers might be wrong, but there are a few interesting ways to use and abuse it.

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I think the gain for advancement would need to be at least 6c.

Really love the theme of the card on the subtle way that it makes the next agenda installed, a public agenda, a Weyland only thing.