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Imaginary Cards

Spriggan: Cost 0, MU 0, Criminal, Program, Daemon, 1 Inf.

Spriggan can host any number of programs.

The memory costs of hosted programs do not count against your memory limit.

When your turn begins, lose credits equal to the total number of programs hosted on Spriggan.

Random idea I had while in the shower:

Highlander Designs, LTD
Weyland Identity - Subsidiary - 40/12

All cards in play are considered to have the Unique symbol.

Click, Discard a card from HQ: Put two advancement tokens on a card in play with the same name as the discarded card.

During a run, the Runner may lose a click and discard a icebreaker from their grip to give a installed icebreaker with the same name as the discarded icebreaker a strength bonus equal to the discarded icebreaker’s base strength.

There can be only one.