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Imaginary Cards


“equal to the agenda in you score area”
Do you mean # of agendas?


Threader: Cost 0, MU 0, Strength 1, (Criminal, Program, Icebreaker, AI, Consumer Grade, Restricted).
When you install Threader, gain 3 credits.
3 credits: +2 strength.
3 credits: Break 2 ice subroutines.
Limit 6 per deck.

Needs a lot of balancing.
Criminal early game icebreaker. Synergizes with breaking-and-entering suite.
Cannot combine with Aesop due to restriction.


Predictive Manipulator: Cost 0, (Criminal, Resource, Virtual).
Whenever you reveal a card from HQ, gain 1 credit.

Late game synergy with all those other useless cards, like Bug, Executive Wiretaps, and Predictive Analyzer.
Can be countered with Firefox.


Yeah, number of agendas.


Rorschach - 0
HB Upgrade - Ambush - ••••
If Rorschach is accessed from R&D, the Runner must reveal it.
When the Runner accesses Rorschach, add it to the Corp’s score area as an agenda worth 1 point unless the Runner spends :click:. Ignore this ability if the Runner accesses Rorschach from Archives.
Trash: 0


1 net damage is about equal to 1 click.
However, “Shock!” costs 2 to trash and triggers in archive.
The possibility of becoming an agenda is interesting.


I like the idea of the Corp gaining it as an agenda worth positive points rather than the runner as an agenda worth negative points. Could be nice and thematic too: the corp is monitoring runner behaviour in order to teach bioroid neural networks how to creatively respond to threats.

It might struggle to actually find room in a HB deck. If it could fire from archives or had a trash cost then it could be a top tier card. As it is, it’s maybe about on a par with Space Camp.


Perhaps it can be used exclusively in click-lock combos. In that scenario, you would be gaining an agenda point instead of costing the runner a click, which is vastly superior. The # of support cards needed is concerning however.
This ambush may help create a create/support a new/weak archetype.

Here’s an idea: Instead of not triggering in archives, it doesn’t trigger under another scenario like Shi Kyu and Psychic Field.
Does not trigger if installed + high trash cost = A semi-permanent landmine to keep in HQ for safety that costs maximum hand size instead of clicks and credits via ice.


*Deerstalker - 2
Anarch Hardware - Console - 2 inf
+1 mem
Your maximum hand size is increased by 5.
Whenever you would suffer any amount of damage, instead suffer that much damage plus 1.
Limit 1 console per player.


Not a specific comment on this card (though it applies), but you always come up with such thoughtful and interesting designs, @greyfield. Thank you for posting!




Sunset Initiative: 45/15.
Whenever you rez a piece of deflector ice, end the run.

This ID would primarily be late game glacier, and use both deflector ice and ice relocation.
An example: Installs Miraju in front of HQ. Uses Tenma Line to move it to the back of the server.
Runner breaks past an Ashigaru and an Anansi, but Miraju is rezzed and ends the run.


Conversely, you can ETR with your ID and it can’t be prevented outside of Employee Strike…


It has to use sub-optimal cards, which are what most deflector ice and ice relocation are.

For example, it would have to use Sunset instead of Beanstalk, costing 3 credits in relation, or Tenma Line would have to be protected behind ice.

Then, additional ice would have to be installed to continuously use the effect, raising the install costs over time and increasing ice density.

Its ability is only proficient in the mid-to-late game, when an ice is rezzed on target server and ice relocation is both available and safe.

But then again, that is what playtesting is for, to balance.


Stock Split - 4
Criminal Event - 5 influence
Choose an agenda in the corp’s score area. Add that card to HQ. Then add Stock Split to the corp’s score area as an agenda worth 2 agenda points.
One for you, one for me.


I think Stock Split would be a frustrating card to play against: for ~8 credits you can negate an agenda’s ability and even knock them down a point. Repeatedly.


Connections: Cost X, Event, Criminal.
Reveal cards from the top of your stack equal to twice X.
Then draw, trash, install, and play any number of them.


This would reward the player for having large amounts of money, as the net gain is proportional.
In addition, this is essentially a trade of credits for clicks, providing a faster setup.
Both of which fit and compliment the criminal faction’s theme.

Some issues may result in balance, in comparison to cards like Quality Time.


Something I thought of when looking at the new Downfall scoops

Kaiju Defense Applications
Weyland Identity

Once per (run/turn?), after resolving a unbroken subroutine, you may pay 1c to resolve the subroutine a second time.
Intruders will get wrecked like Tokyo being visited by a giant lizard.

Wasn’t sure on the balance on the ability. If it was once per run, it’d be a NBN ID. The cost to trigger might end up being too cheap? I had a idea where it could be something like x credits, where X is the strength of the ICE the subroutine is from. Since stronger ICE probably has stronger effects, and low-strength ICE already had the runner enough of a chance to break.


Back to Beta - 1
Criminal Event - Run - ••••
Make a run. Ice in the attacked server lose all non-subroutine abilities for the remainder of this run.
Perhaps they shouldn’t have left passdoor-definitely-not-final-do-not-use.exe on the server.