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Imaginary Cards


sounds like too much of a silver bullet ID.


Weyland Agenda

“Operation Chargeback”

5 advancement, 3 pointer

Hosted Agenda Counter & Click: Each player removes an agenda from their score areas. Shuffle one of the agendas into R&D, and install the other into a remote server. Both players must have at least one agenda in their scoring area to use this ability.


I was messing around and mostly trying to simulate a “runner” who was actually a group of really shitty runners, who have a tendency to take the hit and get themselves blown up like their idol. So each counter basically represents a person, and are ammo to be fired for one-shot effect. It might be powerful, but you only get a limited number of them per game. Debated on having a “If there are 0 power counters on this card, you are flatlined.” to represent no one being left in the organization to recruit more.

If possible, they’d probably end up having negative base link. Like maybe -1 to show how truly bad at keeping themselves safe they were.


Talon Operators
Always Alert
Weyland Identity - Division - 45/15
[click], forfeit an agenda: Do X meat damage, where X is the number of agenda points on the forfeited agenda.
Peace demands security.


Is there enough meat damage mitigation that’s playable that means that this doesn’t read. Get to 6 points to win? (and make life for the runner very awkward at 5 points)
I think it’s a cool idea, but I’m not sure the arithmetic works.


Yeah, should probably be either once-per-turn or force random discards (not damage, more like Housekeeping).


Why don’t we revise some of the weaker cards that are never used?

Salvage: Cost 4, Strength 3, Code Gate.
Whenever another piece of ice is trashed, place 1 advancement counter on Salvage. Salvage has +1 strength for each advancement counter on it.
–>End the Run.

Burke Bugs: Cost 1, Strength 0, Sentry, Destroyer, Tracer.
Whenever Burke Bugs is trashed, resolve its subroutine. Treat the trace attempt as successful if rezzed.
–>Trace 1: If successful, the runner trashes 1 hardware or program.

These ice synergize with Security Subcontract, (which is never used), and Salvage synergizes with trap ice, potentially making an ice trashing archetype in Weyland.


Another person a thousand replies upward came up with this concept:

Tripwire: Cost ?, Strength ?, Trap.
Tripwire can be advanced.
–>Install a piece of ice from HQ behind Tripwire, paying all costs, and rez it, reducing its rez cost by 2 per advancement counter on Tripwire.
–>Move all advancement counters on Tripwire to the next installed ice. Trash Tripwire.


Hercules: Cost ?, Strength ?, Icebreaker.
1 credit: +1 strength.
1 credit: Break mythic, trap, or illicit subroutine.


Bureaucratic Gridlock - 1
Weyland Asset - 3 inf
Place 3 power counters on Bureaucratic Gridlock when it is rezzed.
When your turn begins, remove 1 power counter from Bureaucratic Gridlock.
As long as Bureaucratic Gridlock has no power counters on it, it has “Put a power counter on Bureaucratic Gridlock: End the run.”
Trash: 4


Bureaucratic Gridlock looks interesting, and can be what Weyland needs for glacier.

However, it is also a end-run upgrade, which may be unbalanced as seen in Caprice Nisei. Especially multiple and with such a high rez-trash ratio.


For Talon Operators:
Click, Forfeit Agenda: The runner suffers meat damage equal to the advancement requirement. Limit 1 per turn.

I suggest to increase it to advancement requirement because sacrificing a 3/5 to do 3 meat damage seems underwhelming and impractical.

This identity occupies a similar niche to Jemison Astronautics, but with punishment instead of fast advance.
The change to advancement requirement makes it more worthwhile and pushes towards 3/1 agendas.

Although the corp could score an agenda and immediately use it to flatline the runner, especially 3/5s, the runner should be able to predict it and keep a large hand size.

An issue with using the AR is Neural EMP, which can flatline the runner if they ran last turn and you scored a 3/5. Maybe add the text “This cannot flatline the runner”.

Overall, it has a playstyle closer to the core set Weyland: Flatline if able, otherwise score out.


It’s an asset. More Sandburg than Caprice.


This thread is pretty old.
I’m going to make a new one.


There is absolutely no reason to make a new thread, though?


You should change the wording to “the runner does not lose to flatline this turn” cause with the current wording, you do the id ability first and then flatline with EMP.

However, I would prefer something to the lines of. “click, forfeit an agenda: do meat damage equal to the agenda in you score area. Use this ability only once per turn”. Offers more interesting choices for the corp imho


Click: Deal 3 Meat Damage is a messed up ability.

Click: Deal 5 Meat Damage is outright broken.


In a post-Clot world, I dreamed up this card:

Program, Virus, Crim 3 Influence, 4 Install cost
Trash Lump if the Corp purges virus counters.
Trash Ability: Remove one advancement on an installed card


Tamijo, it is once per turn and forfeits an agenda. Along the same lines, Archer would be broken.
Not to mention that it is replacing another ID ability.


Talon Operators:
Click, Forfeit Agenda: The runner suffers meat damage equal to the advancement requirement. The runner cannot be flatlined this turn.