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Hi All,

I’ve been releasing a short ( <20 minutes) podcast on a roughly biweekly schedule for a couple months now. Take a listen and let me know what you think!

In each episode, I usually have three segments: Deckbuilding, Executive Bootcamp (lessons I’ve learned recently), Flavor of the Week (an homage to the Running on Italics series here on Stimhack).

Install from Heap
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I just released episode 07 yesterday.


Hey! I just subscribed recently and I really enjoy the show.

I don’t know of a lot of other podcasts that have as much of a casual bent to them and I really appreciate that. I also really appreciate the relative length of the show. It’s a pretty quick listen, which is nice and kinda makes it stand out to me amongst Netrunner podcasts.

My favorite episode so far was episode 6: Find the Truth, the one with your daughter. I loved hearing about her insights and experience with Adam. I especially enjoyed her idea that Beach Party is like another directive because it also comes with one beneficial mechanic and one downside. I really liked the idea that Adam has been programed with a directive to party.

Anyway, keep it up! Thanks for your work.


Thanks! I will pass on your comments.

Episode 08 is now live.


Episode 10 is now live. Oops, missed the announcement about 9, I guess.


Always look forward to these. Thanks!

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Thanks for listening!

Episode 11 is now live. Only 5 months late!

Very happy to see this show up in my feed!

With the move, it looks like Chilo is quite the Netrunner podcast powerhouse, huh? Two very good podcasts coming out of there now.

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Thanks! The folks who meet at Dice Dojo do a podcast sometimes too, but I’m blanking on the name right now.

Episode 12 is live!

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Episode 13 is live!

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Keep up the good work, Wombat. You are the Radiolab of Netrunner Content.

One thing I think that would be neat dabbling in is the convergence of Real Life and the Runners of Netrunner. For example, is there a “modern day” Smoke? Someone who celebrates their own “crimes” while their fans are entertained by it?

Would Banksy be an example?

Perhaps someone who gained fame through illegal base jumping?

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Thanks, Anthony. What an amazing compliment! I love that idea for a segment, too. Making notes now.

Brendan / Wombat

Episode 14 is live.


Great episode! Loved the references to literature and talk about revenge.

As for the Chief Slee bits, I suggest using it in Gagarin, CtM, or IG for the innate protection of the ID’s. That being said, Jinteki does not have a ton of ICE that a smart runner will let fire with the exception of bigger ICE that catches them off guard. So speaking of ICE I would definitely consider Hive and/or Macrophage first because their subs will most likely fire, and there are a ton of them. Spiderweb could also be nice early. Data Loop, IP Block, Veritas, and Mausolus are good examples of cards that the runner will often let at least one Sub fire. And most trace ICE will likely fire so something like gutenburg sounds fun. I once encountered an effective Aryabhata Tech deck that ran Macrophages. It could be interesting to throw Slee into the mix as a closer to that shell?

Ok, I just thought of something… what about an Asset spam Gagarin deck that uses Tour Guide to gain enough subs for all the necessary Slee counters on one encounter!!! that could be cool.

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This is what I’ve come up with as a first draft jankfest for getting slee all the counters and trying to protect her at the same time… and surprisingly I just accidentally won one game with it (100% success on jnet baby!):

Gagarin Deep Space:Expanding the Horizon

Agenda (5)
1 Government Takeover
1 Helium-3 Deposit
3 Vanity Project ●​●​●​

Asset (17)
3 Chief Slee
3 Commercial Bankers Group
1 Daily Business Show ●​
1 Illegal Arms Factory
3 Launch Campaign
3 PAD Campaign
3 Turtlebacks ●​●​●​

ICE (14)
3 Hive
2 Hortum
3 Macrophage
3 Mausolus
3 Tour Guide

Operation (6)
3 Hedge Fund
3 Sub Boost

Upgrade (7)
3 Ash 2X3ZB9CY ●​●​●​●​●​●​
3 Mumbad Virtual Tour ○​○​○​○​○​○​
1 Warroid Tracker ●​●​

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This looks great! I tried a tour guide Slee a while back and it tanked, but this looks quite delightful. Perhaps the jank challenge should be a regular feature. We can call is “Hacktivist Meeting.”

I think the challenge with Tour Guide in Chief Slee is that it Slee needs the subroutines to fire, so if the first ETR happens, none of the other ETRs happen.

I think Data Ward & Macrophage are really the Chief Slee cards we need to have maximum Slee-potential.

When the card got released, I spent a good long weekend trying to get her to work; I managed one Slee Kill, which was good enough for me. I then happily shelved the deck onto the Sex Panther shelf.

My latest Jank Dream is to use Mr. Stone plus Zealous Judge to fire tag-bullets and get a flatline that way.

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Thanks so much!