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Is Beth Kilrain-Chang a Shaper autoinclude?

Honest question. Now that the card is out and has been tested, is there a reason not to play this card in every single Shaper deck in existence? At worst it’s a link-less Underworld Contacts which, at best, it gives you five clicks the whole game because the Corp made the mistake of playing Adonis Campaign or Restructure.



The only question when it comes to playing Beth is: “one or two copies?”

It’s an easy one of if you’re putting together good stuff. I’m running a professor deck that doesn’t want to run it, but that’s cause of jank. Even then, it’s such a good card, I’m wondering if I’m being silly for not including it. As an Irish Chinaman myself, I approve of Beth wholeheartedly.

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I’ve been playing with 2 in my Magnum decks and it’s so insanely good that I’m considering playing 3 and just dealing with it. Mopus -> Beth turn 1 is so crazy good.


I am working on a Siphon Smoke build and I think it will even be good there. Obviously Beth is anti-synergistic with Siphon but I just need it for the early game because once I am setup I should be too busy twisting the knife to worry about Beth not giving me anything. This deck only exists in theory so in practice it might not work that way but it makes sense in my head.

At least 1x in almost all Shaper builds. She’s all upside.

As a proponent of The Keeper of Knowledge myself, I’m testing Beth in my build. So far she’s amazing, as I run an Opus economy.

You mind sharing your list? I’m working to make Prof competitive.

I run two in my Kit deck since Beth arrived on the scene. Crazy good card. Love it.

There’s also my, erm, Beth/Fan Site/Liberated Chela/Eater/Notoriety deck which is, uh, less successful :grin:

I want a Polish-Little Brittany card, I’m so jealous !
Gwenaëlle Kovacek or Felka Pontiec asap !

Something that ends with “ec/ek” would do the job :slight_smile:

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Yeah, the question is one or two. But every Shaper deck wants Beth.

Slightly, but not completely off topic: So this pack has ‘autoincludes’ for all 3 runner factions. (And rumour mill - which is a serious consideration for every runner deck). Is that ok?

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I don’t really like it. The new cards seem a little too strong.


Beth is the bomb. Even in a Siphon spam deck where I normally float tags, I run her out just for value.

We’ll see how she looks by the end of the cycle. With credit pool manipulation a pretty major theme; I’m expecting more and better Sealed-Vault-style options than CI Fund

at least 1 yes. never 3 though imo.

but yes. at least one. shes too high value for 2 creds.

Guys, the answer is two, minimum. Prepaid Kate is super good with this card. Just like every other green deck.

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And is that really a bad thing? I’m tired of getting playset after playset of cards that fit the “hold on I can make this work” tier 3 deck. I want more Beths and less Harvesters. And as long as the power is spread as evenly as possible, this can only benefit the game.


Not sure if this is accidental or some seriously next-level flavor/theme planning, but I think it’s been interesting how the first 2 packs in this cycle have both been really high-impact. The release schedule as well has made it so that it really does feel like there is a lot of flux in the game right now, which is thematically great for a cycle themed around “financial crisis throws the world into upheaval.”



Drops microphone


This credit vault stuff feels very Weyland-y. It’s a great way to shoot yourself in the foot (bad pub, advanceable ice, bad agendas, trash your own cards for no reason, and now “pile all your money onto an asset in a poorly-defended remote.” What. Could. Go. Wrong.

(Weyland fan btw.)

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