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Janky ideas

Utopia Fragment Scored, a 1 point agenda over scored in the open as mid seasons bait.


CI, panic button, reuse, rince and repeat

labrythine servers, cell portal, architect, akitaro / overscored brain trust. Install the whole deck.

edit: or whirlpool durp


Needs more ashigaru.

Speaking of, whirlpool into chum into ashigaru with midway station grid! With a cell portal at the end, of course. This thread could get flooded with whirlpool combos…

Making News, Troll, Heinlein Grid, Red Herrings.


Blue Sun, Panic Button, IQ


Hourglass, Janus, The Twins

Blackmail, false echo, clone chip.

If only this was the common clone chip usage.

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Just. NO

Alpha + crescentus + false echo + clone chip?

Holy crap I have to make this deck. Such an obscene waste of clone chips, better make that an account siphon run to do it again on r&d after you recover

Hailey Kaplan, Comet, knived, spooned, forked, quest completed, notoriety. Throw in your multi access card of choice just for an extra good golly miss molly fuck you corp moment.

mass install tripple medium +grimoire,incubator+that new virus which gives a zillion tokens

whirlpool + chum + neural katana + heinlein grid
forfeit false lead

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This combo is actually a nice kill condition out of HBFA (though using Shinobi instead of Whirlpool/Chum/Katana to set up the flatline).

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Savoir Faire + Autoscripter + ???

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I went (corp) undefeated at a GNK tourney running dead coats in custom biotics with accelerated diagnostics as the finisher. It means your punitives are almost always triple punitives, and if you have the jackson on the table you can actually quad punitive (1 from the hand then 3 from the combo). 4 flatlines, 3 from diagnostics :D.


Nisei Dvision, Heinlin Grid, False Lead, One Errand Boy, Three Bull Frogs! One Cell Portal.

User runs server with Heinlin, make them lose all of their money with false lead.

Server 1: Bull Frog > Bull Frog > Bull Frog > Errand Boy > Cell Portal (Heinlin)

Spend 0, Runner must spend 0, Nisei +1
Spend 0, Runner must spend 0, Nisei +1
Spend 0, Runner must spend 0, Nisei +1
Errand Boy +3
Rez & Loop. Infinite Money.


Exile -> faerie -> clone chip -> faerie now you can’t afford to rez your cell portal, and I have two more cards. Suuuuuuck it.

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Needs more whirlpool or labyrinthine servers, but if this went on, I’d just put my credits at 99 in octgn and say come at me, like a bro