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Jemison Astronautics - Agenda Rocket to Mars


Basically zero.

Pretty easy to clear them with 3 Hostile + Clones.


@higgs_bozo what list are you playing, because I have had plans destroyed by e strike and rumor. :frowning:




Jemison Astronautics: Sacrifice. Audacity. Success. (Daedalus Complex)

Agenda (12)

Asset (3)

Upgrade (3)

Operation (14)

Barrier (3)

Code Gate (5)

Sentry (7)

Multi (2)

  • 2x Orion (Order and Chaos)

15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Daedalus Complex

I think all of the times it happened I have either just scored Hostile, or immediately played Clones and gotten one Atlas token instead of two.


But can you IAA a 5/3 afterwards without sansan?


Future is now is pretty sweet. With 24/7 you can tutor and get some free tokens.



but if you have Cobra in Jemison, you can name your deck Cobra Starship


I like Jemison Starship.


Wonky but interesting list!

  • What’s your preferred scoring pattern? Do you find your ICE suite suitable enough to actually score from a remote? Or do you need the Hostile 100% in order to kickstart your scoring plan?
  • Why Scorch over Boom? No trash cost?
  • What does the singleton Kaguya do?
  • Is triple Veritas worth it? I’ve found it very low impact thus far. Same deal actually with Mausolus without 3 advancement counters.
  • With 3 Archers and 2 Orion, do you survive the early game against aggressive Runners? That’s a lot of potential dead ICE…


Oh shit! Why am I not running The Future Is Now? I used to love that shit back in my Gagarin days. It just makes so much sense here. Good call =)


Interesting to see other people’s take on Jemison, I’ve been trying to make a supermodernism style list with Midseasons and Boom work but there are quite some issues to overcome in my view. Firstly while getting a good payoff from rezzing oberth and saccing an agenda is easy (GFI, Atlas with 2 tokens are all super strong), getting to that stage is very hard. It all banks on scoring HT early, and then the BP reduces most of your ice to crap. Similarly getting an oberth to survive in your remote for one turn so you can trigger it next turn is difficult; I struggle to find a properly working ICE suite and just end up remote locked very fast. Getting a midseasons off is maybe possible, but in the few games I played I just couldn’t tax the runner enough and aaron kept them safe. All in all, it feels like the deck needs more enablers for Jemison ability and a way to win outside of having Oberth live.

Going to test the following version, which just spends all remaining inf on biotic and plays pure gearcheck. Hopefully this is enough to rush out some early points and close the game with biotic once the runner has all their breakers. You can also use biotic to install and trigger oberth in one turn, turning your 1-pointer into a GFI without the risk of the runner trashing your unrezzed Oberth. I have been somewhat impressed with false lead to rush out a GFI: just NA the GFI when the runner is missing a way into your remote, and then forfeit false lead after their 2nd click.

Jemison FA

Jemison Astronautics: Sacrifice. Audacity. Success. (Daedalus Complex)

Agenda (11)

Asset (4)

Upgrade (5)

Operation (12)

Barrier (6)

Code Gate (5)

Sentry (6)

15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Daedalus Complex

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.


You can usually get a TFIN (sometimes IA Clones TFIN, which rules) or maybe Atlas with Counter if you draw ice and not Hostiles. From there you can get Hostile, and now you’ve got all the ingredients for an Archer / Oberth remote! The only way Oberth will ever possibly live is if you rez Archer in front of it, so the deck is built around doing that. If Oberth lives for a turn after the first rez you can chain TFIN or Atlas into Clones / Hostile

Yeah, that. Lots of 1-pointers, bad pub, 2-cost upgrades kicking around in R&D. Nice to pad the deck with a few more dead accesses. I’m not married to it, though. You could go 1x Boom, 1x Consulting, 1x free slot if you want.

Veritas is exactly what you want for Temujin Archives. I use Mausolus as a token-dump when I rez Archer, so it gets advanced to 3 pretty often. That’s what the singleton Kaguya does - about once per game, I want to score a Hostile and advance a Mausolus or Orion once. Kaguya does that. It could honestly be a Beanstalk or w/e, I’m in testing mode so there are a lot of one-ofs.

Veritas and baby-Mausolus. The second Orion should probably be something else. It used to be a Bulwark, which I didn’t hate but also didn’t love. Basically the remote will need to be Archer + something else big that probably shouldn’t be Archer. And probably un-rezzed Magnet. So the ice are like random annoying ice for Temujin, gear-checks, Archer, and 2 other big ice that let me turn Jemi Tokens off Archer rez into value. Magnet is nice because it’s both a gear-check and a Magnet, and Mausolus is nice because it’s random annoying ice for Temujin that can also turn into something beefy on the remote if you need it.

Parenthetically, OAI is another thing that seems OK as a one-of.

That’s why you gotta lean on Archer. I think it’s the only ice in the Weyland card pool with a prayer at protecting an Oberth remote in a timely fashion.


Ok, weird thought:
Thomas Haas.

I don’t think anyone is actually having money problems, but…

Shattered Remains? For more shenanigans related to advancing things in a server they’re running on? (Install Remains + Oberth into the same server…)


I’m having mad money problems, actually. Hostile + a couple econ Operations only goes so far. I’m not playing Thomas Haas, though. I value my agenda points a little more highly than 4 credits.


I can speak with some authority and experience on trying to make Thomas Haas work (though not in Jemison) and I can tell you that Thomas Haas is not worth the card slot or the influence (or the agenda point).


GRNDL Refinery + Dedication Ceremony. Then you’re probably off to a Trick of Light build though.


Nice work. I made some minor modifications and went undefeated with it at a 6-person GNK last night. 2 wins with Boom!, one win via concession (was on 5 points with an HRI token, 2xBoom and an Atlas in hand, needed to get to our second game before the shop closed).

I dropped a 24/7 and an ice (Quandary? ice wall? can’t remember) for 2x Junebug, but never ended up using them.

Another player brought the deck exactly as it appeared on NRDB and lost his games primarily due to HRI being picked out of R&D. Don’t know if I got extra lucky, if he was extra unlucky, or if this is just part of what a deck with 3x 5/3’s that don’t involve food-based initiatives is like.

I’m probably going to try a variation without boom/midseasons that leans on instant-advancing traps and FA scores, but this feels like a really solid core and the agenda composition is great. I might even try adding a 3rd False Lead, that card is crazy good in Jemison and might be worth the extra density. In two games I used them to never-advance HRI and set up for the kill.


Nice! Glad it worked out for you. And yeah, the 3x 5/3 agenda comp can just lose games =( I’m considering dropping 1 for an Oaktown and another False Lead, bother because of the 5/3 scariness and because 1-pointers are the lifeblood of this thing. That said, I also love getting a 5/3 early, so who the hell knows.

I played around with a couple no-kill versions, but I found it’s way harder to win all games through just scoring. Who knows, though, maybe my no-murder deck just sucked =P I basically switched the Veritas for Ichi 1.0s (for the MIdseason’s influence), and switched out the 24/7s for Clones Aren’t People for more 1-pointers, then made the rest of the kill package into Public Supports and Corporate Towns. It was okay, but there were games where I’d just stall out where if I’d had murder available I’d at least have an out.

It might be good to just use some of that inf to make the High Risks into Foods for a safer game, but then the deck seems kinda poor again. Weyland problems =P


Interesting suggestions. I’m going to try out something like this as a vegan Jemison-- without the midseasons kill package, HRI is less important, so I replaced it with 2 GFI, 1 oaktown, and another false lead (which is so, so good in Jemison). The rest of the slots went to GLC and advanceable traps: the idea is to install a trap + oberth in a server together: you either get some serious punishment if they check it or get to start your turn with an installed oberth, both good. I found in my games monday that I could get really close to scoring out without Public Support / Clowns are not Peepholes, but that may have just been because of the kill threat. ONLY TIME WILL TELL

Vegan Jemison Ambushes

Jemison Astronautics: Sacrifice. Audacity. Success. (Daedalus Complex)

Agenda (12)

Asset (7)

Upgrade (3)

Operation (13)

Barrier (4)

Code Gate (5)

Sentry (5)

15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Daedalus Complex

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.


I want to discuss ice suite for Jemison.

Does it really make sense to play taxing ice (other than Archer, which is really a nasty ETR) in this ID if you are building a rush/FA deck? I don’t see a viable never advance build for Jemison, which is where taxing ice is usually the most helpful.

I ask because I see lots of decks including Mausolus and Veritas, which are not bad ice, but they do not seem to me to be well suited to the game that Jemison needs to play. I guess they are better if you are trying to set up a kill package. I just don’t see kill as a great strategy for Jemison. Maybe once Meteor Mining comes out it will make more sense.

I’m not convinced any of my hunches are correct here. I just wanted to extend the conversation about ice in this ID.


i agree with your point… to a point.

i think Mausolus fits here because it can be advanced (but in general i agree that it doesn’t really do much the keep the runner out unless it’s adv 3 times). i’ve played against a bunch of Jemison lately. i was hitting an HQ with 2 unadvanced Mausolus and a Veritas, and by the end of the game, i was just skipping the tag but letting them gain the credits and take the net damage, so with Gordian, i was paying my 3 bad publicity and 2 real credits to get through both of them (and 4c with Mongoose to get through Veritas, so it was p taxing actually)

Veritas actually isn’t bad because sentries are not usually meant to etr in rush/FA. that said, the original supermodernisms only really used Grim and Archers, so the main purpose for them was program trashing. so Veritas isn’t bad, but i like the sentry suites that lean more towards cobra, archer, sapper, etc.