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Jemison Astronautics - Agenda Rocket to Mars


I think Jemison’s current reliance on the bad publicity granting Hostile Takeover mean glaciering out your opponent is a tall order. So I agree with you generally about what the ice is supposed to be doing in this deck. Regardless, you are still going to want to slow down a runner on R&D and possibly HQ, and taxing ice is a bit more effective at doing that than gear check ICE.

I think an ICE suite like @internet_potato’s above looks quite nice to me: mostly gear check, but Mausolus can apply breaks to the runner if necessary.


Good questions. Here’s my poorly-founded opinions.

  1. Kill with High-Risk Investment + Midseasons is pretty reasonable, but using HRI to guarantee a big credit advantage going into the trace makes taxing the runner kind of a moot point.

  2. Mausolus is important because Weyland needs punishing face-checks. Since the ID doesn’t give you an inherent econ boost and since early scores rely on gear-check ICE, being able to deter the runner without spending money rezzing ICE they will be able to break in a turn or two is very helpful.

  3. Never-advance works pretty well in Jemison if you can get a False Lead scored early. If the runner doesn’t run your NA’ed 5/3 on click 1 or 2, you can end their turn and AAA next turn (no Oberth necessary). It would be interesting to expand on this and build a deck with high-value assets like Corporate Town, but I’m not seeing a clear way that you can leverage the rez of Corporate Town to improve your scoring chances. I’ve been playing a lot of AoT where I often will build two small remotes with 1-2 taxing ICE that give me ID triggers and let me get sneaky NA scores (install adonis into one, 3/2 in another), but I don’t think that would work nearly as well with non-HB-level econ.

The 2/0 and “Success” that are coming out in the 4th pack this cycle should really open up the ID’s options, giving you both more free advancements and the ability to NA some seriously beefy agendas.


what “forfeit an agenda cards” are you guys using? Archer’s a given, but i wondering about others. Namely, I’m debating between Corporate Town, Ibrahim Salem, and Quarantine System. Right now, I’m using a one-of Salem, simply because I think he’s a cool card with a nice effect. Thoughts?


For the record, here’s a search for corp cards that feature forfeiting.

One interesting (not necessarily good) play would be to use 24/7 to forfeit a scored 1-pointer to resolve a scored Posted Bounty (which you would forfeit for the tag + bad pub). 4 advancements!


Well, if you somehow had a tag sitting on them already, that could cover your Meteor Mining kill combo.


Or if you have a zealous judge on the table?

It’s like the very, very, very poor man’s version of 24/7 breaking news!


I run Oberth and Quarentine System. I don’t use Archer in my version at all.


How are you finding Quarantine System? It seems like it might be a decent econ option for slowing down the runner-- especially since rezzing archer feels bad with all the ice destruction in the meta.

w.r.t @FightingWalloon’s questions about ice composition, maybe QS could help out with a more-taxing, less-binary suite (at a minimum, to put the brakes on R&D lock)?


I have found it to be strong. Stops econ denial from having free reign, stops DDoS decks, allows for instant speed Junebug counters to kill.


My experience is that Quarantine System is great. You really benefit from being able to sacrifice any and as many agendas as you want to at instant speed and rezzing three pieces of ICE for “free” comes very handy, when it comes to rushing.

Some Jemison thoughts:

  1. Fast-Track is a fantastic inclusion. It finds the Hostile, the High-Risk or the Vanity, if you play it.
  2. You need a couple currents and I think Paywall Implementation is that current: It pays off very quickly, is always useful and unlike Targeted Marketing, it has no influence cost.
  3. Weyland’s rather poor ICE is a problem. It’s not a problem exclusive to Jemison, sure, but it hurts. If I could play the Data Ward/Data Raven/IP Block suite, this deck would be superstrong. But alas, we only have Mausolus to pull through.


On Weyland ice:

After a lot of testing and changes, this is the ice suite I’m on for my Jemison and also for my Titan (which is very similar).

3 Meru Mati
3 Spider Web
3 Veritas
2 Sapper
1 IP Block
2 Enigma
2 Mausolus

They are listed in order of how sure I am of them in the suite. The biggest finding was really how much better Meru Mati was compared to Ice Wall / Vanilla. At this point, it might the best ice in Weyland.

There is enough cheap EtR to be able to rush, a decent amount of face check penalty and good tax for Paperclip, Faust and Mongoose primarily which stalls the mid game out a bit.

I play all my Weyland FA with Midseasons now and I think it is one of the few selling points that Weyland have over better FA decks currently. With that style, tax becomes important all game since you don’t need to be a lot richer than the runner to Midseasons into two tags for Boom, so it makes sense to play reasonable taxing ice, even though the Hostile Takeovers nullify some of it.


i don’t know if i’d have 3, but i almost always include 1x Meru Mati in Weyland because it’s so good on HQ and not too bad in a pinch (just 1 more rez over ice wall) elsewhere

i also agree with your rankings. Mausolus seemed really awesome when it was first spoiled, but in testing, it’s almost never advanced, so it’s just really pourus. when TD releases, Hortum will likely be a solid replacement for it though if you need a hard etr

also with TD, i know we’ll be getting Colossus, but i’m sure there’s a few more that are p good. Bloodletter seems cool, but i’m not sure how necessary it is (more later). we know there’s at least 1 more alphabetically between Colossus and Hortum since they are TD 48 and 50, respectively.

also totally with you on 3x Veritas and 2x Sapper. they’ve both done a lot of work for me whenever i’ve used them. really great pieces of ice imo. Sapper is the most playable of the trashable ice from flashpoint


You know, with both Jemison and all the triples coming in this cycle, I wonder if there’s going to be some sort of Weyland Triple support to go along with them. Like, say, a asset that lets you click it and forfeit a agenda to play a operation from HQ ignoring additional costs?


Maybe. If not biotic is pretty much mandatory.


I have finally tried out Jemison, going for the FA route. It has been fun. I see the Titan FA talk, which is cool, but Titan isn’t scoring a 5/3 from hand as easily.


Are you splashing for biotic/sansan? Or relying on Jemison and Oberth for the entirety of your FA?

I had good success a few months back with a Titan rush + FA deck where the agendas drive your econ and keep your tempo up until your ice became worthless (then FA for the remaining 3 or 4 points). I’m going to try shifting the agenda composition to favor finishing the game on FA’ed foods, and adjusting the ice so that Quarantine System can pull double duty as econ and fast advance tool. I found that to make FA reliable enough in my Titan deck, I had to spend basically all of my influence on a mix of Biotic and SanSans (no jackson), which made some games quick losses due to flooding. Being able to cut down on the splashes and use weyland tools is mighty appealing.


Latest attempt:

Jemison Astronautics: Sacrifice. Audacity. Success. (Daedalus Complex)

Agenda (10)

Asset (3)

Upgrade (9)

Operation (11)

Barrier (6)

Code Gate (5)

Sentry (5)

13 influence spent (max 15-2★=13, available 0)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Daedalus Complex

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.


Consider Corporate War over Oaktown. When you FA out the Oaktown you aren’t getting any money, but Corporate War can give you a fair chunk.


On a side tangent, how exactly does Success work with the public agendas rules-wise? Since it’s doing actual advances instead of placing, do you just resolve the advance effect one at a time?


Jemison just places tokens like everything else. (Oops, wrong card :slight_smile: – not up on my scoops.)