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Jens 2013 Worlds Card

It’s here. I like it


Gorgeous card, strong but not game breaking effect. Thumbs up Jens!

The worst news is March 10th release date.


Nice. Gives Criminals another option against Scorch kill and Biotic fast-advance tactics. I like it!

Freaking finally, the turnaround time on these is absurd.

Anyway, that effect is INTERESTING. It could give you a lot of setup time that you may not normally have. Also puts the boots to CI in a hilarious way.


CBI Raid into Indexing, heck yeah

Holding onto one until the FA / Murder-Party deck Jackson / double draw / double draw seems pretty effective. Assuming it resulted in good cards in hand, it would force the Jackson pop (otherwise, run Jackson after and the corporation loses everything in the shuffle) and really slow everything down.


It seems great with Apocalypse - it will keep you safe from SeaScorch and really slows down the corp’s recovery.


Oooh, that’s brutal. The best play against Apoc is to keep a few ICE in hand. CBI -> Keyhole -> Archives -> Apoc is a hell of a tempo swing.

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“Okay, first click CBI Raid.”
"Ugh, really. Fine. "
“Second click indexing.”
“Well, this isn’t good.”
"Third click archives. "
Table flip.


More ok run events dependent on being successful on HQ are not what crim needs right now.


New Angeles Sol headquarters raid; burglar cleaned and stacked everything?

“I guess you could say we have to sort this out.” - NAPD

Seriously though it’s an interesting card. It’s either an early game time lock or a combo staller, and of course the obvious Keyhole synergy. Not everything has to be the savior of blue.

I think it’s too expensive to be run other than with Ken, Gabe, or purposeful intent with Keyhole. 1 of at max.


While true, it hardly seems fair to pin any expectation of fixing the 2016 meta on a card where design began in 2013.


I guess more than anything I’m just saying that I really don’t get the hype here - I can’t see it being slotted anywhere tbh.


Yeah the only archetype it fits into cleanly is eater criminal but that’s not a huge deal right now.

Have to agree, sadly. Without some effect to shuffle the corp’s hand away, 3 creds + cost of running HQ seems likely to set the runner further back than the corp is set back by having to redraw their hand.

But it is fairly flexible and can do a number of jobs, so maybe I’m underestimating it. We’ll see how it plays.

“Unfortunately, we failed to realize that everything was stacked in a perfect domino fall pattern. When the janitor opened the supply closet the result was apocalyptic.”

All kidding aside, there is the awkward question of, “Why not just legwork?” So if you are hitting it in effort to stall a murder or combo party, then you’ve only bought yourself a turn, at most, at a non-trivial cost. So you need a shuffle effect, which is… Uh… Keyhole, Analog Dreamers, and, uh, that’s it?

It is only two influence, so I’m guessing that it’ll see more play in gross keyhole decks than criminal.

The value of this card is always going to be in direct proportion to its likelihood of ruining a combo - Midseasons, Scorched, Agendas + Biotic, etc.

I think this into anything that shuffles RnD is pretty solid if someone’s HQ has been static for a while; I guess YMMV depending on how often decks like this turn up in your meta.

In mine for instance this into Keyhole is almost always going to ruin the Corp’s day. (We’re murder-happy.)

EDIT: Also it occurs to me that anyone who’s been lovingly building an IQ and Ashigaru deck is now very very sad. :smiley:

@CJFM brought up in our local Netrunner Facebook group that it slots nicely right into Eater MaxX as a Siphon replacement. Sure, it doesn’t keep the corps credits down, but it combos excellent with Keyhole and Apoc.

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finally found a card that makes Fisk Investment Seminar good! not as bad! umm… more annoying for the corp?

just play FIS first click
dump the corp’s hand with CBI next click
PROFIT! wish you had the influence for a Diesel instead!