Jnet Development Thread

The only issue I have is that it keeps losing or not downloading images so at least a handful of cards don’t have the art, which is kind of annoying and I don’t know what’s causing the issue (if it’s something on my end or something with the app).

From my point of view, NRDB is the main hub and I would be interested in an app connecting to NRDB and would love a connection from NRDB to JNet so I can build there and use them directly on JNet.
Sorry a bit of topic, but I don’t see me creating decks only on an app and using them on JNet. When I want to build online, I do this on NRDB, it’s inconvenient, but still better then having two places where I build decks and trying to keep them synced.

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That’s our thought too: NRDB is established and fully-functional, so we should look to integrate with it as the central hub. The only issue currently is developer time and priorities. It’s hard to know where to focus energy when there are so many things to work on!

Thanks for listening to, and working on, all of these ideas!
My only real issue is the timing of all of it. I’d have gladly waited an extra month or two for the rotation/syscore announcement to rollout simultaneously with jinteki and NRDB, or closer to it. I’m worried we’re losing more folks through confusion than we might’ve lost by having a stagnant cardpool a bit longer. It would seem future updates will be more streamlined once the ball is rolling. Forgive me, I definitely don’t mean to seem ungrateful or impatient, just suggesting that future updates are a bit more synchronous if that’s possible! I have the best handle on it of the few people in my small playgroup, and i’m still a little overwhelmed with all these tabs open trying to reference what is actually legal. Been too spoiled with the ease of NRDB for too long, for sure. Above all else, thanks for volunteering your time to do all this for us! I’m more than happy to wait as long as it takes, my comments are more geared toward growing/maintaining the scene.

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As for miscellaneous JNET development pipe dreams, I hunger for a meatier stat sheet to pore over. I’d love to have any and all available stats. Personally, id really like to be able to see my history versus other players i’ve played, but I understand thats somewhat contentious of an idea. I’m referring more to a private ability to see how i have performed against certain players in the past, how my all-time record against a friendly rival is shaping up, and who always rage quits on me, things like that, as opposed to a globally viewable ranking sheet or something. Perhaps one might even have to opt-in for this function? friends list only kinda thing? i dunno, im spitballin here…
But sortable stats on all of the current ID’s being played in each format, general stats about the jinteki meta, would be amazing! I’d also love a more hashed out end of game/per game stat sheet so i can better analyze both my individual games and my overarching tendencies, ala kevin tames excel doc, but integrated!
Not sure if any of this is doable, desirable, or already in the pipeline, thats just my coupla pennies…

I dream of a little pie chart by everyone’s avatar that represents faction tendencies, lol.

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I’m wondering if it might be useful to list all those things that could be worked on somewhere and let the community, say, vote on which would be most beneficial for gameplay. Then, as devs, you could evaluate the perceived benefit versus the effort required.

I think the key problem here is that the “owner” of the Jnet codebase has been basically AWOL since 2016 but still managing the Git repository and paying for hosting (and taking donations for it).

Shit or get off the pot Minh.

i like that suggestion! pretty sure theres even a site that lets people post bounties on certain programming tasks to allow people to incentivize things. not sure thats appropriate here, but i wanna support the devs and seems one way i could place my vote if we went that route.

“Bounties” leads to a state where features are implemented incoherently and priorities are skewed. Anybody who thinks they can accomplish the task might try to do so, but there’s no accountability to the end user who needs to, y’know, use the thing.

What the Netrunner/Nisei communities need to do is come together and establish what their main objectives are to maintain the health of online play longterm. This needs to get checked out, discussed with the player base, then presented to the Jnet dev community.

Jnet devs shouldn’t be put in a position of implementing features on their own without the backing and design work of the community. It’s unfair.

yeah, wasnt really seriously suggesting that for use in this situation, more just rambling as it seemed somewhat relevant. i absolutely agree with everything you’ve stated :slight_smile: I still would love a viable, regular way to support the devs, and incentivize doing so. i understand the nebulous legal gray area in which we exist makes that potentially difficult, but hoping they find a way to put a patreon together or something.

All the NISEI changes don’t take any effect “officially” until 12/21, so all the various sites are way ahead of schedule. The whole point of announcing it so far in advance is for players to have enough time to adapt to it. If they did keep everything under wraps and turned it all on on 12/21, then everyone would complain that they have to rebuild all their decks that day and that they should have known ahead of time. Even if they waited a week or two to get all the sites synced, I think most people would prefer to have the new rotation/MWL lists 2 weeks ago (as it was announced) and not have to wait. I know I would, even if there’s a bit of confusion on formats.

I think the only slight complaint is that the new formats were not as clearly explained as they could have been on the Jnet platform (which the developers already admitted). It would have been completely smooth if every player knew they that the format they used to play the week before is called Snapshot (Plus), and to continue to play with that format if they want the same experience.

Great job developers. Great job NISEI. I appreciate all the transparency and lead time.


Loving Jnet atm, really like the new start of game and close of game boxes (maybe they’ve been there for a while).

Would it be possible to have the deck selector menu only show decks that are valid for the format you are playing? Or in the case of eternal, to put decks that are only valid in eternal at the top of the list? Small point, but it would obviate some annoying scrolling for people with a lot of decks.

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It doesn’t do any sorting, but it should show deck validity in the selector for the chosen format of the game.

See how I chose Eternal in the new game screen, and then each deck said whether it was legal for Eternal or not? If that’s not working for you, that’s a bug!

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No, it does do that. I just have a load of decks, and it would be nice for it not to show all my eternal decks when I’m trying to queue standard. Kinda a fussy point I know.


Okay, cool. I’ll look into sorting the decks by validity as well, that could be very helpful.



I have a PR up for this request: Add sort by deck status after desc date in Game Lobby by NoahTheDuke · Pull Request #3961 · mtgred/netrunner · GitHub


I’ve started to expose a deck api for jnet. See GitHub PR here: [WIP] Deck API by jwarwick · Pull Request #3968 · mtgred/netrunner · GitHub

It would be great to get feedback on how it should work.


I don’t know if this is the right place to report bugs, but I think maybe you may want to know.

The first bug involves Apocalypse, and maybe the ID.
It was in Cybernetics Division against Val. Runner apocd and when they accessed HQ (which was empty) they kept getting flatlined for no reason.

Not sure what triggered the second bug.
It was in Gnat against NBN (I don’t remember the ID). I don’t remember the course of actions, but at a certain point it was like we switched side. Corp got its HQ cards reversed and Runner got an install prompt for a Degree Mill (the card corp was installing). The prompt Runner got however had the graphic with yellow buttons, not the graphic you got in the proper install prompt.

Both bugs happened today.

Anyway, could you guys tell me if there is an official place to report jnet bugs and a way to get match logs? So next time I’ll report there.